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appId : '179692745920433', Living heritage is the foundation of all communities and an essential source of identity and continuity. Countries where guns speak louder than words. The day focuses attention on the barriers African children face in order to receive a quality education. A united and prosperous Africa also requires respect for democratic governance, rule of law and dignity of its citizens. All Rights Reserved, [Photos] President Cyril Ramaphosa virtually addresses 2020 Heritage Day, [Speech] President Cyril Ramaphosa virtually addresses 2020 Heritage Day, [Facebook Live] President Cyril Ramaphosa virtually addresses 2020, [Twitter Live] President Cyril Ramaphosa virtually addresses 2020. In May 2020, at least 300 people were killed in a “fresh wave of intercommunal fighting in South Sudan”, in Jonglei state. Heritage Day is a public holiday in South Africa. The day harkens back to the Soweto uprising in South Africa in 1971, when students took to the streets to protest discriminatory education policies by the South African government. if(window.fbl_started) The militants also killed government soldiers before retreating into the bush.”. Throughout most of the world, free and public education is seen as a basic human right. International Day of the African Child encourages governments throughout the continent to provide quality education for children. Mark Heywood is editor of Maverick Citizen. South Africans celebrate the day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. The current stranglehold on the opposition, including arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances and abductions, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, extra-judicial killings, resource and economic asphyxiation, politicisation of humanitarian support and weaponisation of the law all point in a direction towards a one-party state and an anti-democracy development. In South Africa the term “intangible cultural heritage” is used interchangeably with the term “living heritage”. African Unity Day, also known as Africa day is celebrated annually on May 25th.

Books for Africa is the world's largest shipper of books to Africa. The day focuses attention on the barriers African children face in order to receive a quality education. Consider writing a check. Civil society welcomes the dream of “silencing the guns”. Every year, the African Union (AU), besides electing a new Chairperson, adopts a theme for the year. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); AFRICA DAY 2020 AND PARLIAMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA The AU has embraced the theme: Silencing the guns: creating conducive conditions for Africa’s development to achieve the goal of a conflict-free Africa. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) deployed a Commission of Inquiry under the leadership of Judge Mpaphi Phumaphi that produced a set of recommendations that have not been fully implemented. If guns are to be silenced, there is the need for the AU to be true to itself by acknowledging its glaring shortcomings rather than engaging in self-praise. Amid this prolific intra-state fighting, South Sudan is not spared the ravages of Covid-19: Vice-President of South Sudan, Riek Machar, and several other members of the South Sudan Covid-19 task force have tested positive. The pandemic has exposed many realities in our country such as poverty, inequality, unemployment and gender-based violence (GBV). The United Nations calls for universal, public primary eduction for every child in Africa. During Heritage Month we will work to create awareness around GBV, and how we can fight it by inculcating positive societal values. The overly optimistic mood of the chairperson of the AU on Africa Day 2020 sounded fake. This mismatch between adopted standards and their implementation has led to the post-independence African states being unable to adequately transform and improve the lives of African people and the African continent. Holiday survey data is powered by TOP Agency, [fbl_login_button redirect="/email-confirmed/?signup=fb" hide_if_logged="" size="large" type="login_with" show_face="true" onlogin="fbl_loginCheck" scope="email,public_profile" use-continue-as="true" auto-logout-link="false"],
(Photos: Gallo Images / Media24 / Deaan Vivier | African Union Flag / Wikipedia)  Less. In this article, we analyse how well Africa has performed in efforts at Silencing the Guns, taking into account the context of the fight against Covid-19. Silencing the Guns: Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa's Development and Intensifying the Fight against COVID-19 … In March 2020, the New York Times reported that in the Sahel region “the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, a potent armed group with loose ties to the Islamic State, has been conducting sophisticated attacks in the border regions of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. Now a public holiday in South Africa, referred to as Youth Day, it’s also recognized as International Day of the African Child throughout the world. Objectives: 1. Africa Day is intended to celebrate and acknowledge the successes of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU now the AU) from its creation on May 25, 1963, in the fight against colonialism and apartheid, as well as the progress that Africa has … Libya has the world’s largest uncontrolled ammunition stockpile, with an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes of uncontrolled munitions across the country, meaning there is little hope that guns will be silenced any time soon.

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