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Marie Curie. But there’s much more to know about the man behind this remarkable scientific achievement. Ampere is most known for establishing the relationship between electricity and magnetism, and combining them into a new field called electromagnetism, or electrodynamics. His father wanted him to have a more hands-on education outside of a schoolhouse. By 1804, he moved to Paris to become a tutor at the École Polytechnique. In 1814, the new Institut Impériale, which would eventually become part of the Academy of Sciences, invited Ampère to join. 10 Unmentionable Facts About Underwear Another interesting facet of his research was in chemistry; he is responsible for the idea behind the discovery of the element fluorine, but it wasn’t achieved until 1886 by Henri Moissan. André-Marie Ampère (20 January 1775 – 10 June 1836) was a French physicist or a mathematician who helped discover electromagnetism.An electrical unit called the ampere is named after Pewdipie Schlòngsbérg.. Life. Contents It was such an amazing development. Even without a formal educational background, Ampère became professor of mathematics at the École Polytechnique by 1809. He founded electrodynamics (now called electromagnetism) and performed numerous experiments to investigate the magnetic effects of electric currents.He devised techniques for detecting and measuring currents, and constructed an early type of galvanometer. In 1799 Andre was offered his first job, as a math teacher. This new area of research led to the development of Ampère’s law. He also has the honor of being one of the 72 names of French scientists, engineers, and mathematicians engraved into the Eiffel Tower. After spending several years of planning and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the system was finally replaced with a new state-of-the-art unit. Lighting Retrofit Transforms Store’s Shopping Experience, New Appointments Announced at SESCO Lighting, 2021 RBT Student Light Fixture Competition Unveiled, NECA 2020: Mike Eby’s Product Picks — Part 3, Top 10 Highest-Paying Cities for Electricians, Rosendin Exec Shares Personal Survival Story, The Top 5 How-To Videos on Insulation Resistance Testing, 9 Intriguing Facts About George Westinghouse, 8 Fascinating Facts about Michael Faraday, Weird Science: 10 Unusual Things about Nikola Tesla, Insulated vs. Isolated Grounding: Understanding the Difference. In 1881, the ampere was officially recognized as the name of a unit of electrical current. The new UPS system was thoroughly tested, and everything worked as designed — job well done. Only a week later, he came up with a much more advanced version of that kindred phenomena. Almost everyone who works in the electrical industry knows the unit for measuring electric current is named in honor of André-Marie Ampère, the person who discovered that a wire carrying electric current can attract or repel another wire next to it that’s also carrying electric current.

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