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You should submit your work on time if at all possible BUT: Weekly Topics for Lectures and Tutorials: What do we mean by social policy and social justice? I will treat these on a case-to-case basis. I'm not sure if I have a username or not already. What theoretical challenges can be made to such an approach? allow you to use that account to log in to your University account. Canvas; Computer laboratories; Follow Me printing; Student email; Library resources; Internet and wireless; Top of page. So please talk to or email me if you are experiencing troubles finishing or submitting coursework. The University of Auckland offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Introduce students to concepts and categories central to contemporary debates in social policy and political sociology; Demonstrate that social policy issues are always complex and contested, as a result of different theoretical or value viewpoints about both the ‘problem’ and the ‘solution’; Encourage students to engage in a rigorous examination of contemporary social policy issues using critical thinking skills.,,      Office hour:  Tuesday 12-1,    Office hour:  Thursday  2-3pm,    Office hour:  Tuesday 10-11am,     Office hour: Wednesday 11-12pm, Political sociology theory 3: Neoliberalism, Third Way, environmentalism,,,,, Lecture notes will become available the Friday. Making sure you meet all the essay requirements – Please bring along a copy of the course outline. Brainstorming five essay topics – all questions. 7 August changes to S2 enrolments and 21 August for double-semester courses starting in S2), Incorrect enrolments should be assigned to. The course will conclude with a brief consideration of the potential for social policy to facilitate social justice. Tuakana mentor - Penina Clarke -, Workshops: Tuesday 2-3pm (in the Tuakana room, 201E-502), Tutors - Gene Kiely -      Office hour:  Tuesday 12-1, Joanna Tindling -    Office hour:  Thursday  2-3pm (tutor for offshore students), Erica Lee -    Office hour:  Tuesday 10-11am, Genevieve Grava -     Office hour: Wednesday 11-12pm. Case studies this year will include inequality, children and ethnic diversity. Ideally extensions should be requested before the due date.

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