average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment in atlanta

The bulbs cost more to buy, but they last 10 to 25 percent longer, so you’ll save in the long run. Average Electric Bill For 1 Bedroom Apartment In Atlanta. Where you live, the type of heat in your building and even the time of year will influence your average electric bill. Location influences heating and cooling, as well. It will help give you an idea of where your state falls on the spectrum. Energy Star estimates that leaving on a light bulb for eight hours a day costs almost $20 a year. Some cities enjoy lower energy costs than their neighbors. Less energy will be needed to keep you warm or cool in one or two rooms in your apartment. If you’re using much over the US average (30 kWh) a day, and you’re not using an intensive appliance all day, such as the dryer, for multiple days, you should look into what appliance in your home is using excessive energy. Hawaii has the most expensive electricity out of any state, with each kilowatt hour costing 32.47 cents. Average electric bill for a studio apartment, Average electric bill for a 1-bedroom apartment, Average electric bill for a 2-bedroom apartment, Average electric bill for a 3-bedroom apartment, Moving to Seattle: Everything You Need to Know, 7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home Office Decor This Fall. Most Americans find their electricity usage is 41% heating and cooling, so that’s often the biggest expense. When combined with data detailing average apartment size, we’ve used it to provide a baseline for estimating the average electric bill for several apartment sizes shown below. If you have roommates, this cost may go down to about 10 percent. This article fits under the following categories: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience and so that third parties can show you more personalized ads. The appliances you use, the way you maintain your living space and your electricity usage patterns make a big difference. Depending on how much … Calculating an apartment's average electric bill is important, since electricity is a major line item in any household budget. States with the lowest electricity consumption tend to have higher-priced electricity, whereas states with higher electricity consumption have cheaper electricity rates. The size of your home, its location and the way you use energy all come into play. If you find that your electric bills are higher than they should be for an apartment of its size in your state, there are several ways in which you can work to save electricity in your apartment while benefiting the environment. Average Electricity Bill By State. Apartments that measure between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet typically cost $0.08 per square foot. Last updated: February 2020. A really easy way to save electricity is to get into the habit of turning lights off when you are not in a room and properly turning off or unplugging appliances and electronics when you are not using them. Many modern appliances and electronics will take in electricity even when they are not in use, i.e., in ‘standby.’ In fact, electronics on standby are responsible for around 3-10% of the energy used within a home.

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