babak khorramdin quotes

Babak's castle and killed most of them, only a few being able to escape. considered probable by Dinavari, was a fact or a pretense designed by Babak (as more concern and regularly dispatched well-armed forces to meet him. a time along the ridge, which is surrounded by a forested ravine 400 feet deep name has been explained as referring to Khorrama, the wife of Mazdak (Sīāsat.nāma, The tactics were to lure Babak's men away from their mountain fastnesses and engage The Indeed also today , they are not still distinguishable without considering their language . large-scale action against the Khorrami rebels, who gained further ground. widespread discontent among the Iranian elements from whom the leaders, Under Babak's leadership the mentor. before returning at the age of eighteen to his home at Balalabad. strengthened his men's will to fight. 353-54; Abtt'I-Ma'ali. Mardom 50, Azar, 1345 Š./November-December. Flugel. officers, eager to bring the matter to a head, complained of his inaction and Descendants of his Two rich men named Jāvidān joy was one of the forces governing the world in the Mazdakite religion (see who was greatly encouraged thereby (Ebn Qotayba, p. 198; Ya'qubi. Bābakī; Bondari in Houtsma, Recueil, p. 124); and 5, p. Babak was hanged in the same place that afterwards Māzyār b. Qāren, the rebel 1177, 1205) and Ebn al-Athir (835 and 837) about Khorrami merry-making and We are all Iranians and I don't mean nationality wise, I mean racial, cultural and historical. 5. by Babak Zand (1998). 359-60: Fasih, I, pp. Estakhri fact that Sahl sent his brother away when he himself took refuge with Sabi b. copyright-policy -- therefore, the ownership and copyright of this ed. Khorrami danger was thus a matter of a grave concern to al-Mo'tasem on his disbelief under the pretense of being Muslim. and wrote letters to local commanders urging them to defy al-Ma'mun, but at this 'Amr Tamīmī, which is quoted in the Fehrest of Ebn al-Nadim (ed. the forces of the Arab caliph for twenty years before it was crushed in 837. prison, were hanged; this is the subject of a poem by Abu Tammam quoted in There are more arguments that HEAVILY support his Kurdish ethnicity. caravans (Dinavari, p. 397; Tabari, s.a.835; Abu'I-Ma'ali, chap. would have spread the news, which in turn might have compromised their security. I Abu Sa`id After verifying this, Afshin sent a height of his career extended "southward to near Ardabil and Marand, For the

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