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He is a producer and director, known for Screwball (2018), Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (2001) and Magic City Hustle (2019). I only knew the headlines when this story broke back in the day, so knowing the full story is totally crazy. Screwball (157) IMDb ... Billy Corben is a truly great documentarian. Among the other notable names in those records is the singer Jon Secada, who was treated by Bosch at Biogenesis. The filmmaker behind ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ turns his lens on the 2013 Biogenesis steroid scandal that rocked Major League Baseball and made a world-class villain of Alex Rodriguez. While Bosch's medical credentials may be lacking, his storytelling skills are first rate as he hilariously details the rise and fall of his "health clinic", including mob connections, financial chicanery, his cocaine habit, and Rodriguez's eccentric behavior. People have remarked on the fact Tony Bosch looks a bit like Michael Cohen. He’s this villain, this quote-unquote disgraced former cheater, and Alex is all good. Then everybody signs NDAs so there’s no transparency either. Was that your intention?Yeah. Alex is holding court at a back-center booth, on literally an elevated platform. Privatize profits and socialize losses. I make documentaries. An emotionally unstable deviant unwittingly becomes a significant male figure in a young boy's life while training him in baseball. Add the first question. They have their own internal law enforcement that behaves however it wants with no accountability. This weird world is the perfect place for a movie like “Screwball,” Billy Corben’s stranger-than-fiction telling of the Biogenesis scandal and a movie filled with enough memorable moments that it should please both fans of baseball and those who gave up on the sport years ago. In This Article: I mean it’s just too batshit to believe. And Canseco was the villain of this era for a long time. My mom knows who he is — she calls him J.Lo’s boyfriend. Everybody. But Jon Secada was not an athlete, you know? A-Rod was a marked man, though. In 1973, Hollywood actor Bing Russell starts an independent minor league baseball team in Portland consisting of outcasts and misfits, and turns them into unlikely overnight success. Corben and producing partner Alfred Spellman, best known for the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, an exploration of the Seventies and Eighties Miami drug trade, retell the story the MLB and Rodriguez want forgotten as a memorably madcap caper. Instead they made it a power lunch at [Coral Gables, Florida, restaurant] Hillstone’s at like high noon. Recounting the high-profile doping scandal that rocked Major League Baseball, director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys) takes us into the surreal Miami underworld that provided performance-enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and other star players. And if he had just continued to operate sanely, it’s possible he could still be going now, you know? And when a couple guys take too much vitamin C, they get dragged in front of Congress. We exist in the gray here. And now that Bud Selig’s gone, [current commissioner] Rob Manfred, who was responsible for this entirely botched, potentially illegal investigation of Biogenesis, ascends [within MLB] into a position of power and decides, “Oh, Alex is an ally.” They let bygones be bygones now? Screwball Boca Raton CSI When people ask me what I do for a living I’m like, “People lie to me for a living, that’s what I do.” I wasn’t offended or anything. This is the guy who was never beloved. Screwball’s release was planned to coincide with the start of baseball’s regular season, but it’s also following on the heels of A-Rod’s engagement to Jennifer Lopez. Rob Manfred, who led Major League Baseball’s investigation into Biogenesis, was willing to buy medical records he knew were stolen to get the goods on Rodriguez. So I don’t take it personally. Billy Corben is a truly great documentarian. He put Alex, he put A-Ro, he put A-Rod…. But I’ll say that Alex and J.Lo can be my guests to any screening they’d like. Billy Corben was born in 1978. Billy Corben’s new documentary, ‘Screwball,’ is the tale of a coke-addicted fake Miami doctor, his fake-tan-addicted steroid patient and the doping scandal that shook the MLB. He was booed by his own fans, for crying out loud. Like, when Alex was useful as a heel, he was the villain. In baseball and comedy, the term “screwball” has roughly the same meaning — something that breaks in a wildly unexpected direction. The film focuses on the misadventures of the shady doctor, Anthony Bosch; the angry whistleblower, a patient-turned-disgruntled-business-partner; and Rodriguez and MLB’s race to buy back the damning evidence. But when did you first decide this story was going to be your next film?In November of 2013, we got a call from Alex Rodriguez’s publicist, who said, “Alex would like to meet.” This was in the midst of his arbitration with MLB [over the length of his suspension, which was eventually reduced from 211 to 150 games]. Alex Rodriguez was collateral damage, as Porter says. He’s now this beloved pop culture figure. It’s what I call the “New American Values.” And where we used to teach our kids honesty, integrity, tell the truth, do unto others as you’d have done unto you, now the message is: “Lie, cheat and steal, kids, and you too can be the highest-paid player in baseball history”; “Lie, cheat and steal, kids, and you too can be the commissioner of baseball”; “Lie, cheat and steal, kids, and you too can be President of the United States.”. Sucked into ... See full summary », A documentary about the circumstances during a party at a University of Florida fraternity that led up to what may or may not have been a rape. Their business model has been, as with all the professional sports leagues, to go around pleading poverty to every municipality, to get taxpayers to finance venues, to get taxpayers to be on the hook for everything that they do. I'm biased being from Miami myself, but if you've ever lived in Miami this movie will blow your mind. I'm biased being from Miami myself, but if you've ever lived in Miami this movie will blow your mind. When Bud Selig needed to salvage his own reputation as the steroid commissioner and was trying some kind of redemption and legacy-saving measures, Alex was the villain. It always has been. The film’s tagline is “A Batsh*t Tale of Steroids, Schemers and Baseball Stars,” but when I spoke with Corben his description of Screwball (which is in theaters March 29th and available on VOD April 5th) was even more uncensored: “Florida fuckery distilled — like freebasing Florida fuckery and crony capitalism.”. But I think it speaks to the hubris. I think it’s going to be a PR case study that people will teach in colleges. But Bosch comes off strangely sympathetic, despite the fact he’s prescribing steroids to kids, cops and college and pro athletes, and blew the fortune he made on coke-fueled benders. And usually people have multiple hustles, and their side-hustles got side-hustles. Powerful interests would be happy to let this story slip from memory, but Screwball makes it unforgettable. To see what was going on in the 2000s in Miami with respect to doping was mindblowing on its own. Billy Corben was born in 1978. (2018). I don’t care about steroids. You’d made Cocaine Cowboys and the ESPN 30 for 30 film The U, about the sordid rise of the University of Miami’s athletic programs in the Eighties, so you knew about drugs and sports in South Florida. I said, “Oh shit, we can Drunk History this, and all the actors will be eight years old!” But the original inspiration was Spike Jonze’s video for Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit.” Jonze had an interesting challenge doing a video for a posthumous artist and his solution was: I’m just gonna do the video, straight-faced, Bad Boy Records, late-Nineties music video with all the tropes — the fancy cars and the mansion and the girls and the hot tubs and the Versace — but they’re all gonna be eight-year-olds lip-syncing the song.

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