bob uecker hall of fame speech

He talked about being a 19-year-old in the majors surrounded by famous players who were like big brothers to him and who took care of him. My career would not have taken me this far. There are a lot of people that we meet as we walk through these hallowed halls, but the things that mean the most are the friendships that you meet and take along with you. All of them are a big part of what I am. I was doing baseball. I never attempted to steal a base in the major leagues. In the front, it said ‘Pillsbury’s Best.’. I turned around and said, 'I don't want to play football. Tonight, I wore my Hall of Fame ring from wrestling. He came in the booth one day. Memorable quote: "I don't know if you figured it out by now, but I just gave you Prime. Baseball, Bob Uecker, which will air Thursday, July 17, at 7 p.m. I remember taking Dick ‘The Bruiser’s’ tights and putting them on. He can’t throw it. One hit a year, let’s leave it at that. Getting a hit once a month was OK. Send me up there without a bat and tell me to try for a walk. And I said, 'I'll come.' And I said, 'I'm not. Hitting .200, that was OK. Memorable quote: "You know, I could have been anywhere in the world. I couldn’t throw it. That's a tough combination to give up," said Bud Selig. It's fitting then—after compiling a laughable career .200 batting average with 14 home runs and 74 RBI over six major league seasons with four different teams—that Uecker, in his 44th year of broadcasting, is still sitting high in the Brewers' press box. But they were. Saturday Night Live. Jon Greenberg, I didn't even know you were here. It reminds me of myself when I was younger. Almost, we almost quit. ", Funniest line: "My mother-in-law who for 33, 34 years has been by far my biggest fan. Sooner or later, I was going to hit .200. Michael Clair It was unbelievable. He poked fun at everything from his .200 career batting average to setting a record for passed balls. The following is Uecker's entire speech at Saturday's ceremony, as transcribed by Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel. He said, 'Yes, we'll build a plastic cubicle for you because it is an infectious disease.' So when I decided to come back in 1995 and we played Utah in '96, I'm at the center circle and Bryon Russell is sitting next to me, and I look over to Bryon and I said, 'Do you remember this conversation in 1994, or when you said, 'I think I can guard you, I think I can shut you down, and I would love to play against you? I signed a very modest $3,000 bonus with the Braves in Milwaukee, which I'm sure a lot of you know. I was back there saying, ‘What’s he doing? He can’t throw it. Memorable quote: "I hope that someday the names of Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson in some way could be added as a symbol of the great Negro players that are not here only because they were not given the chance. Baseball shows us that Uecker isn't in the Hall of Fame because he's funny. The tone of the speech was more competitive than your typical Hall of Fame speech, as Jordan detailed some testy incidents with coaches and front-office personnel (namely former Bulls GM Jerry Krause) in which he was "correct." And I picked up a microphone one day and my mic had no cord on it, so I was talking to nobody. Talking iconic speeches delivered by young speakers, think @, Bob Uecker: 'My mother and father were on an oleo margarine run to Chicago back in 1934', Fricke Award, Baseball Hall of Fame - 2003. ← Bob Uecker: 'When he called me about wrestling, I didn’t really want to do it', WWE Hall of Fame: 2010, Phil Rizzuto: 'Any time you want to leave, just leave', Baseball Hall of Fame - 1994 →, Jon Stewart: "They responded in five seconds", 9-11 first responders, Address to Congress - 2019, Jacinda Ardern: 'They were New Zealanders. "Last but not least, the great Kobe Bryant, a guy that would push me. And Phil Jackson said, 'Welcome to the Chicago Bulls.'". And one of my first partners was mentioned earlier, Merle Harmon, and Tom Collins, he's here today. That’s why I didn’t want to play and get hurt. Your wife knows it. ", Funniest line: "There's no place like Wrigley Field. And when they threw it out into left field. I just so happened to live across the hall from absolutely, positively, the greatest women's basketball player ever. **SIGN UP FOR VIP ACCESS HERE**, Pro Wrestling Torch Reaches The Most Wrestling Fans Every Week: #1 in iTunes • #1 on iPhone and iPad • #1 on Android • #1 on Kindle, WWE News: Full transcript of Bob Uecker's "show stealing" Hall of Fame speech, CLICK HERE FOR EVEN MORE PW.NET HEADLINES, CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF UPCOMING PRO WRESTLING EVENTS, LATEST FREE AUDIO SHOWS - CLICK TO LISTEN.

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