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Folks in the Beehive State are most concerned about someone breaking in when there’s no one at home, but they think it’s more likely that someone will break into their car. Dips and spikes could be due to inconsistent reporting by hospitals. Heber Valley - lodging, activities and food. A guard dog or other animal is the security measure used the most across Utah, with 36% using one. West Valley City is the second largest city in the Utah State of USA. Although Utah’s violent crime rate is lower than the national average (2.3 compared to 3.7), the percentage of people reporting a personal experience with violent crime over the past 12 months climbed by 13 points. (This information will not be shared). Road map of Utah with cities. Some prefer to also look at it this way: In famous ski resort painter Jim Niehues' map, north is located at the bottom and south at the top. Weeks without a reported case are shaded gray. For per capita: Parts of a county with a population density lower than 10 people per square mile are not shaded. Experience a winter wonderland in an idyllic alpine valley. Burglary made up 12% of all property crime reported by the safest cities and 13% of all property crime in Utah. US Census Bureau, “American Fact Finder” That’s higher than most other states. , and reported experience with crime also exceeds national averages. Southern Utah - lodging, activities and food. All cities came in well under both state (2.3) and national (3.7) violent crime rates, with the highest rate being 1.4 incidents per 1,000 in, 13 cities (65%) limited violent crime to less than one incident per 1,000, with Highland/Alpine boasting the lowest violent crime rate (0.2), followed by. Description: This map shows cities, towns, counties, main roads and secondary roads in Utah. And lastly, the biggish cities you do find in Utah punch way above their weight class — the Wasatch Front has things to do, see and eat on par with the world’s much larger, much less convenient metropolises. Claim this business Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics ... You can customize the map before you print! Learn how we identified the safest cities on our, Best Home Security Systems for Pet-Owners, Everything You Need to Know About Home Security, How Much Does a Home Security System Cost, How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe from Hacking. Orem, a city in Utah County, is home to a population of 88,328 individuals. Data acquisition and additional work contributed by Will Houp, Andrew Chavez, Michael Strickland, Tiff Fehr, Miles Watkins, Josh Williams, Shelly Seroussi, Nina Pavlich, Carmen Cincotti, Ben Smithgall, Andrew Fischer, Rachel Shorey, Blacki Migliozzi, Alastair Coote, Steven Speicher, Hugh Mandeville, Robin Berjon, Thu Trinh, Carolyn Price, James G. Robinson, Phil Wells, Yanxing Yang, Michael Beswetherick, Michael Robles, Nikhil Baradwaj, Ariana Giorgi and Bella Virgilio. Sexual assault by a stranger was the second most concerning crime in Utah, with 37% of respondents saying they are highly concerned about it. Link to 30 Ways to Save on Your Utah Ski Vacation article, 30 Ways to Save on Your Utah Ski Vacation, Connecting Utah's Central Resorts On Skis, 8 Reasons To Choose Utah for Your First Western Ski Trip, Less Hassle, More Time on Slopes: Utah Easiest Ski Trip. Overview Map of the Southwest Other state maps: Arizona, California (North), California (South and Central), Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Wyoming Delorme Utah Atlas This is the best atlas for driving in Utah, showing all roads, paved and … Map of West Valley City is given here, it will help you in your trip to West Valley City. Parts of a county with a population density lower than 10 people per square mile are not shaded. Mar 4 2018, Photo West Jordan has a mixed economy. Do we have your attention yet? If that's not a reason to book your trip, how about the fact that 10 Utah resorts sit within an hour of Salt Lake City International Airport, and there are 98 non-stop flights offered daily? Fun to say and as breathtaking as they come, Mt. Locals' Knowledge, Locals' Knowledge Both laid-back and wonderfully crowd-free. Her safety expertise is sought after by publications, broadcast journalists, non-profit organizations, podcasts, and more.

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