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The vast majority of waterfalls featured on this website will technically be truly perennial waterfalls (those that flow all year long), but some may see their flow dwindle greatly in the late summer months. Subsequently, the city of Granite Falls was named, also by Everett & Monte Cristo Railroad personnel, for the nearby falls. Consult the map to see when your Friday will be. Granite Falls is a town in Caldwell County, North Carolina, United States. Similarly, a waterfall with two drops separated by a pool, one with a true free-falling drop, and one with a Horsetail type fall will average the two, so while the Plunging drop has a Pitch of 90 degrees, if the Horsetail drop has a Pitch of 45 degrees, the total Pitch will be roughly 67 degrees. Closed on legal holidays. The falls are located about 1 mile north of the town of Granite Falls, along the southern reaches of the Mountain Loop Highway. The Run of a waterfall is a measurement representing the total linear distance on the ground between the top and bottom of a waterfall. Granite Falls is a city in Snohomish County, Washington, United States.It is located between the Pilchuck and Stillaguamish rivers in the western foothills of the Cascade Range, northeast of Lake Stevens and Marysville.The city is named for a waterfall north of downtown on the Stillagumish River, also accessible via the Mountain Loop Highway.It had a population of 3,364 at the 2010 census. 17 results. Maximum Width represents a hypothetical measurement of roughly how wide a waterfall could get during peak streamflow or flood conditions. Granite Falls, Washington detailed profile. While plumb uses eight distnct forms, we wanted further granularity and opted to break down the hierarchy twofold: first based on the overall pitch of the waterfall, and then based on what shape the fall takes as it makes its descent. Waterfalls with only one drop will of have the height of only the single drop listed here. Stream between two tiers of a waterfall is counted in its overall height regardless of whether or not that section of the stream would be legitimately considered a waterfall on its own right, were it to be isolated. Information found on is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. The Town of Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Facility receives wastewater through the Town's wastewater collection system and converts the wastewater in order to safely return the treated water to the surface waters. Like the Average Width measurement, this measurement will take into account the difference in width at the top and bottom of the waterfall as much as possible, but will often be made based on the width of the crest of th falls alone. The latest issue of the official city newsletter THE ROCK is available now. Payments may be made in the Town Office lobby or at the drive-thru window. This is helpful in determining whether a waterfall may flow more consistently during certain periods of the year - streams which originate in Springs, Lakes, or Glaciers will often flow more consistently throughout the year than those fueled by simply Runoff. County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. The falls are not very exciting, cascading about 40 vertical feet in about 300 feet of run - most of that in a 25 foot tall churn at the top of the formation - but during high water, the force exuded by the river is immense. Additional deliniation is then applied depending on characteristics such as the breadth of the falls, whether it splits into two or more channels, whether it falls in multiple successive drops, etc. We often utilize Google Earth to measure the width (where imagery is of sufficient quality and resolution to allow it. The City of Granite Falls Water Department strives to provide residents and businesses with safe, clean, softened, high quality, and fresh-tasting water. Hours: Open 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Thurs 8:30am-12:00pm Friday Closed on legal holidays. Call City Hall at (830) 598-2424 for municipal needs. In 2013, the City completed the construction of a new $10.5 million dollar water treatment plant which is capable of treating more than 800,000 gallons of softened water per day. It is part of the Hickory–Lenoir–Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area. The water is then conveyed through a total of over 13 miles of various sized water lines that supply service to … Facility: Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant, Responsible Entity: Town of Granite Falls, For questions concerning your utility bill, please visit our, p: 828.396.3131 | f: 828.396.3133 | 30 Park Square (P.O. This figure will not take into account the winter months when the waterfall may freeze, because in such cases the waterfall will very often be inaccessible. Popularity:#2 of 3 Water Departments in Caldwell County#118 of 148 Water Departments in North Carolina#2,480 in Water Departments. The population was 4,612 at the 2000 census. FOR AFTER HOURS WATER OR SEWER EMERGENCIES, CALL PUBLIC WORKS AT 425 583-1781 or call 911. Privacy Policy Come By City Hall - the Park area near the tennis courts. BOX 1440 Waterfalls with only one drop will have the total height of the waterfall repeated here. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . In 2013, the City completed the construction of a new $10.5 million dollar water treatment plant which is capable of treating more than 800,000 gallons of softened water per day. Dr. Hougen is running un-opposed for the position at the November 3rd City Election. © 2020 County Office. Rhodhiss Water Plant in Granite Falls, North Carolina, get driving directions from your location, Granite Falls drinking water quality reports. USGS Map:   Granite Falls 7 1/2". The Town of Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Facility receives wastewater through the Town's wastewater collection system and converts the wastewater in order to safely return the treated water to the surface waters. A general estimate of the best period of the year during which time the falls will be considered at optimal conditions, or flowing at their best. The Water Treatment Facility is located at 100 Lakeside Avenue on the bank of Lake Rhodhiss. Trunk or Treat at City Hall. To learn more about the rating systems which we employ and how they work. The Town of Granite Falls Water Treatment Facility draws surface waters from Lake Rhodhiss and converts the surface waters to high quality potable water for over 2,200 residential, 240 commercial, and 10 wholesale customers. Elevation:   363 feet In 2016, the Town invested over $1.8 million dollars to renovate and upgrade the facility. There is no guarantee that this figure will be accurate, and in cases where there is no USGS data to use, it may be a very, very rough estimate at best. For more information on our waterfall form classifications, see the Help page. 98252 BULK PICK UP CALENDAR 2020 AND RECYCLE Waterfalls with a longer Run will usually either be less steep, often cascading type waterfalls, or will feature multiple steps separated by shorter stretches of a more gradual gradient streambed. CITY OF GRANITE FALLS Entries which specify a Flow Consistncy of 12 Months should in general have an acceptable flow at any time of year (but may be better during certain periods - see below). The City of Granite Shoals 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road Granite Shoals, TX 78654 Ph: 830-598-2424 Business Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. A rough estimation of how many months out of the year the stream which produces the waterfall will actually hold water. It is 132% greater than the overall U.S. average. Personalize your online experience to stay up-to-date on news, events and other information. Granite Falls City Hall 215 S. Granite Avenue PO Box 1440 Granite Falls, WA 98252 Location Map. The volume of water present in the stream at the location of the waterfall. p: 828.396.3131 | f: 828.396.3133 | 30 Park Square (P.O. There may be variance within the range specified where the flow will be better or worse, but visiting at any time in the range specified (if available) will generally present the waterfall in its best light. Title VI Statement: The Town of Granite Falls does not discriminate on the basis on race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in employment or in the provision of services. Please collapse all large cardboard boxes and bundle your brush in manageable bundles. Lot / Land for sale. In 1986, the facility underwent a major renovation and upgrade, with the original plant becoming part of a 900,000 gallons per day oxidation ditch system.

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