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Though Mr. Vasquez was best known for his love of rainbows (“You can’t look at a rainbow anymore and not think about me,” he told CNN), he used his platform to share his appreciation of nature at large. He called Vasquez an “amazing character” who was always enthusiastic about the world. It’s a sad day, but the wholesome double rainbow video is still available on Paul’s YouTube channel, so you can remember him in all his glory one more time. Although none ever garnered as much attention as the “double rainbow” video — which has over 47 million views as of publication — Vasquez seemed more than content with that. He was 57. Then, in January 2010, Vasquez posted a video on his YouTube page of a sprawling double rainbow in Yosemite. "It's my art and it's my memories. Viral internet sensation Paul L. Vasquez (aka Yosemitebear or ‘Double Rainbow Guy’) has sadly died at the age of 57. he whispers in the video before letting out a full-bellied yell. He was 57. Why is Hollywood so obsessed with bad celebrity biopics? His cause of death is currently unknown, but he recently posted about getting tested for COVID-19 on his Facebook page, revealing he found out about another health condition during testing. … This was something bigger,” Vasquez told the Daily Dot in 2016. But within days, it had racked up millions of views -- and today, it's got 47 million and counting. Vasquez thrived in the California wilderness. The world may never have known him if not for a, Vasquez, the portly man whose cries of exaltation at a double rainbow. He shared the soul-baring clip on YouTube with little expectation. Mental fitness claim halts 2nd federal execution. “I never heard the term ‘viral video’ until Paul.” The clip has been viewed nearly 48 million times. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Red Velvet's Irene Apologizes After Verbally Attacking Fashion Editor | Billboard News, Aaliyah Book 'Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah' Dropping Next Year | Billboard News, Here Are the 11 Sexiest Lyrics on Ariana Grande's 'Positions', EELS Frontman E Talks About Finding Hope After Heartbreak, Passing on Protest Songs and Admiring Taylor Swift's 'Lover'. Known affectionately as 'the double rainbow guy' following his enthusiastic response to seeing a double rainbow, viral video star Paul "Bear" Vasquez has died at 57, according to CNN. "I'm the world's authority on rainbows," he told. His unbridled joy at the sight of two concentric rainbows made him a YouTube star. “It’s starting to even look like a triple rainbow,” he marveled at one point. Paul Vasquez in the YouTube video "Double Rainbow Explained," posted April 23, 2012. who used Autotune to turn Mr. Vasquez’s spoken words into a song. }. “A lot of people in the beginning were like, ‘Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame,’ and I knew it wasn’t that. The song became available on iTunes, and the Gregory Brothers performed a version of it live in 2011 at VidCon, an online video convention in Los Angeles. He worked in a variety of roles at the national park and later out of the park as a cage fighter and truck driver. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. According to The Modesto Bee, Vasquez died at the John C. Fremont Hospital in Mariposa, California Saturday afternoon. }. Oh, wow!” Mr. Vasquez shouts in the video before breaking into tears at the double rainbow’s beauty. }. In, It wasn't as removed as his mountainside home had been. 'Double Rainbow Guy' of YouTube fame: Where is he now, man. "[Making videos] is fun for me, entertaining for me," he said then. “Our urban lifestyle is disconnecting us from nature. She is based in Brooklyn. Naturally, he recorded it. “His ‘Double Rainbow’ basically wrote the book on what a viral video was,” Vasquez’s friend, Robert Borchard, told the Bee. ‘Behind the Seams’: Why Keira Knightley is the queen of costume drama. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Mr. Vasquez’s marriage ended in divorce. Sign up with your Facebookor Linkedin account, Please select at least one of the following options to continue. 'Double Rainbow Guy' Dead at 57 Paul Vasquez had just found out about an unspecified ailment By Newser Editors and Wire Services Posted May 11, 2020 4:20 AM CDT. Paul "Bear" Vasquez, aka the Double-Rainbow guy, has passed away. He was 57. He became one of YouTube's first viral hits when he posted a … By all accounts, Vasquez lived a remarkable and impressive life. His success came with all the trappings of early 2010s internet fame — the “double rainbow” video was auto-tuned and even covered by Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young). "When you live alone like this, you connect to nature on a deeper level," he told CNN nearly five years ago. He told CNN that his solitude allowed him to connect to nature on a deep level and gave him a freedom most people could never understand. ‘Double Rainbow Guy’, Paul L. Vasquez, Dead at 57. He also worked as a cage fighter and a truck driver. MARIPOSA, Calif. (AP) — Paul L. Vasquez , the burly mountain man whose awestruck reaction upon seeing a double rainbow propelled him to internet stardom and turned him into a folk hero, has died in Central California. “I’ll get my results in two days, however at this point I’m fairly certain that I don’t have it,” he wrote. “Helping our culture reconnect with the world around us, that’s what his videos were about,” Mr. Borchard said of his friend. His fame didn’t make him rich — according to CNN, he was making only $6,000 a year in 2015 — but he said he was able to keep costs low by living off the land. He is survived by a daughter, Irene, and a son, Paul. All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Paul L. Vasquez, the burly but big-hearted nature lover who became an internet sensation in 2010 after posting his awe-struck reaction to a double rainbow, died Saturday in Central California, The Modesto Bee reports. Paul Vasquez was born in 1962 in East Los Angeles. ‘Double Rainbow’ guy of viral-video fame dies in Mariposa. Facebook Paul Vasquez, otherwise known as the double rainbow guy, has sadly died. But his sincere love of nature -- and rainbows in particular -- endeared him to millions. Mr. Vasquez was nominated for viral video star of the year at the People’s Choice Awards in 2011. The video didn’t go viral immediately, but by the summer, Vasquez had become an internet sensation, thanks in part to Jimmy Kimmel, who shared the clip on Twitter and later invited Vasquez onto his show. © 2020 Billboard. It was Vasquez’s reaction. The recipe tweak that ruined McDonald's fries “My life is almost exactly the same as it was before,” he said in the 2015 CNN profile. Paul Vasquez, Viral Video Sensation Known As The 'Double Rainbow Guy,' Dead At 57 His video went viral in 2010 after talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted about it. “You can’t look at a rainbow anymore and not think about me,” he said. According to the caption, “it was rainbowing for at least an hour” when Paul captured the footage on January 8 2010. For most of his adult life Mr. Vasquez lived in a small mountainside home just 10 miles from Yosemite park and grew his own food. He was 57. Paul L. Vasquez, the burly mountain man whose awestruck reaction upon seeing a double rainbow propelled him to internet stardom and turned him into a folk hero, has died in Central California. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { “I’ve always been someone who’s fearless and immensely confident,” he told CNN in 2015. Hospitals Reflect Next U.S. Crisis: Virus Update, Costco drops Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of forced monkey labor, PETA says. Vasquez went on to be one of the first examples of a viral video star, resulting in appearances on prominent television shows and advertising deals with major companies like Delta Airlines and Microsoft. There, he took on various park concessionaire jobs — security guard, emergency medical technician, firefighter — and eventually joined the National Park Service. He was 57. Paul L. Vasquez, who shot to fame after a video of his emotional and awestruck reaction to seeing a double rainbow went viral in 2010, has died at age 57. Mr. Vasquez became so inundated with requests that he hired an agent. After Vasquez’s 2010 double rainbow video went viral, he started appearing on talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and did a commercial for SmartWater. (2015), Kanye West gifts Kim Kardashian West a hologram of her late father, Food writer serves teeny, tiny tacos to chipmunk, Kim Kardashian West shares birthday photos from private island, Chrissy Teigen opens up about losing her son, These voters are dancing their way to the polls, Kevin Hart shares why he revived MDA telethon, Matthew McConaughey reveals the origin of his catchphrase, Elton John inspires new look for iconic toy, Jimmy Kimmel picks on Donald Trump's debate lines, This beetle can get run over by a car and live to tell the tale, Stephen Colbert moved to tears by Dolly Parton's voice, Bruce Willis reprises iconic role for commercial, 'Legally Blonde' star says iconic scene was cut short, Kim Kardashian tears up recounting Paris robbery. Paul L. Vasquez, the 2010 internet sensation whose astonished reaction to seeing a double rainbow went viral, died on Saturday. Despite being an open cannabis user (and grower), Vasquez repeatedly asserted that he wasn’t high during the video, and was merely enjoying the true beauty of nature. “Everyone in Mariposa is connected to Paul in some way,” Mr. Borchard said. The Mariposa County Coroner's Office confirmed his death to CNN. “[I]t’s a long story that ends with me not having Coronavirus but a ticking bomb in my chest that could go off at any moment,” he wrote a few days later, clarifying that it didn’t have to do with his heart. Vasquez, the portly man whose cries of exaltation at a double rainbow turned him into a viral star, died at 57 on Saturday. Vasquez, the portly man whose cries of exaltation at a double rainbow turned him into a viral star, died at 57 on Saturday. ", He was open about his health troubles in his videos, too. He was 57-years old. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"news","amp":false,"article":"double rainbow guy dead","article-tags":[],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"1"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-1816764983"} ); He continued to document his daily life (and the fantastic sights from his stoop) on YouTube up until his death. Vasquez won our hearts back in 2010 when he shared a video of a double rainbow on his YouTube account. Paul Vasquez, the man whose video of his own awe at seeing a double rainbow in the sky turned him into one of YouTube’s early viral stars, is dead. Paul Vasquez, who shot to viral Internet fame when he saw a double rainbow in … No, it was Paul’s incredible reaction that quickly went viral for its wholesomeness. He also guest starred in an in-flight safety video for Delta Air Lines. 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