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It has no one true form, ever-changing as it drifts through the air. Though these are probably best saved for his Yokai Realm phase to get him out of it as quickly as possible if you can save them til then. Comments on this article are now closed. He resides inside a burning forge at the end of the mission ‘The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames’. A yokai composed of smoke and darkness, born from the grudges of humans who met their untimely ends in the Dark Realm. How to get buttery smooth frame rates in Apex Legends. Persevere, and victory will be yours. Nioh 2's Enenra Yokai is a hulking demon of smoke and darkness, but it does have crucial weakness players can use to take it down. Since he is a fire demon it is a good idea to equip armor and charms which mitigates fire damage before taking on Enenra, should you have any at this point. Here is how to beat Enenra in Nioh 2. Whether it’s WWE news or something from across the sea, let’s talk shop. Enenra has just a single burst attack which is thankfully easy to parry with your own burst counter. The enemy called Enenra is located at the end of The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame main mission, and is the second boss encountered in Nioh 2. This one is really hard to time right for a Burst Counter. Enenras mostly reside in bonfires; when they emerge, they take human shape or form.It is said that an enenra can only be seen by the pure of heart. None of Enenra’s moves change in the Yokai Realm, what becomes extremely difficult is managing Ki with how fast he can move around the map. "lightweight-fabric smoke"), sometimes enraenra (煙羅煙羅), is a yōkai, or Japanese monster, that is composed of smoke and darkness.It was first featured in the Konjaku Hyakki Shūi, circa 1781.. Mythology. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Dodging to the sides or backwards out of the fire is often your best bet though sometimes, the bombs will miss or hit just based on bad luck. Pronounced “EHN-ehn-rah.” A yokai composed of smoke and darkness, born from the grudges of humans who met their untimely ends in the Dark Realm. You can also bait Enenra into attacking the pillars in the boss room. It emits smoke constantly, and is warm to the touch. This attack can be avoided by jumping backwards. Only one or two slashes mind, as any more will likely compromise your ability to get away or block his attacks. Be sure to dodge away from his basic three-hit combo (and keep an eye out for the lunging kick he will often follow it up with). Ki Pulse really becomes your friend in this case, as well as Burst countering any time he uses the massive tornado that can easily kill you. Just stand in front of a pillar and he will kick or punch it eventually. Enenra is the boss of the second Main Mission, The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. Get him to attack one of these and a huge barrel of water will fall on his head. He can teleport to you at any time making getting away never an option. Once you’re done, back off, as he’ll likely cause the floor to erupt in flame or attempt a devastating grab attack. He uses this attack as a finisher on many of his attacks, make sure you’re using Ki Pulse whenever near one to remove the pool. Everything you need to get started in Apex Legends. Play it safe and you’ll have much greater success! Don’t rush the dodge, just keep calm and dash to the side. Once Enenra’s flames are extinguished you are rewarded with some cool loot, a yokai core and a blacksmith who joins your growing gang of misfits. He’ll either go for some punches, opt for a kick or two, or mix and match. The last major trick he has up his sleeve is a flare attack that causes multiple flaming sparks to appear in an area and explode a moment later. If you have access to the Onymo Magic Skill Water Talisman, it can make this fight much easier, but it isn’t completely necessary. It can be a bit tricky to get the timing down but once you do this attack is easy to counter. As you might imagine from the name of the Main Mission, Enenra is a fire Yokai, and thus is weakest to water. Enenra is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. If you’re quick enough, you can leap in for a hit or two the moment his mines erupt. The onsen bath is behind a hidden wall at the back right side of the forge, on the ground level. Enenra is a Smoke and Fire Yokai that attacks with swift fire tornadoes and powerful blows from its large fists. He has a tendency to feign a conclusion. Jump backwards and wait for the attack to finish. Swinging several times Dodge backwards then to the side on the final hit, where you should be able to get a few solid hits in. Knocking down the pillars will cause a tub of water to fall down on the boss which both deals damage and staggers him. Single wrong move, got hit, staggered, got another hit, died. Get your dodges on as he’ll gain extra speed and ferocity during this stage. Unlike normal enemies, you’ll need to be quite aggressive with a boss to get it’s Ki all the way down, though it is possible, allowing you to get a Grapple for a good chunk of damage. In this guide we’ll provide you with plenty of tips and tricks on how to overcome him. - Be aware of the four pillars around the arena. G1 Climax 30: Was Kota Ibushi The Right Winner? Keep your distance, keep your Ki up, and punish Enenra each time he uses his two-handed slam attack, but make sure not to overextend yourself. Enenra (煙々羅, en'enra, lit. If you are too close to Enenra when he throws them, you’re literally toast. Our complete guide to how microtransactions work in Apex Legends. All Rights Reserved. Again, don’t overdo it though as he loves to throw out firebombs after he is staggered. While in the dark realm, his attacks will be faster and your Ki recovery will be reduced Try to stay away from him and wait for his Tornado Transformation to perform a burst counter. By far the worst of these are the firebombs. A Reddit community dedicated to Nioh and Nioh 2, action RPGs developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo (PC) and Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4) … - The clearest damage phase is after his melee attacks. Whatever its origins, it offers superlative protection and masks like this go for high prices thanks to their many devotees. Enenra is the second proper boss you will face in Nioh 2. Enenra isn’t a beast to take on in close combat as his powerful punches and follow up kicks will almost instantly drain your Ki. It has no one true form, ever-changing as it drifts through the air. He resides inside a burning forge at the end of the mission ‘The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames’. Enenra is fast and his attacks deal lots of damage. We cover gaming news, movie reviews, wrestling and much more. While it is possible to get some hits in between, play it safe and only strike Enenra after his two-handed slam attack, as he will be vulnerable while recovering. Kick then a possible second kick. Quick attacks and good ki restoration allows you to deal good damage while dodging his heavy attacks. Impatience is your main enemy in this fight, as getting reckless and trying to rush things will likely end in tragedy. This weakness to water shouldn’t come as a surprise as Nioh 2’s Enenra is a towering demon made up of smoke and fire. Nioh 2 – How to Defeat Enenra Similar to Mezuki , Enenra acts as less of a boss and more of a test of your abilities. At a distance, he is much more manageable and his only ranged attack is a series of whirlwinds that fan out towards you. You want to take a dip in the bath before proceeding to the boss as it grants regenerating health for a few minutes. Kick: He will use his legs to perform a forward kick. However, be on your toes, as once he has tossed the twisters, he likes to do a teleporting attack. Enenra is the second proper boss you will face in Nioh 2. Usually the heavier Armor the better. Instead, keep away and go in for a single slash or stab once you see an opening. You are given ample opportunity to dodge, but the timing can be tricky if you are also trying to dodge hurricanes. During his burst attack, he will wrap himself in a whirlwind and quickly move towards you. His other Burst Attack is much more predictable. Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide, Gameplay guides If you are further away, wait a sec or two until he is in the twister so that you don’t slash at empty air. by Ed Thorn, A burst of red light, and then Enenra will transform into a large tornado that approaches you. 20+ tries later i finally got the son of a *****, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Tornado Attack: He will transfrom himself into a tornado and rush towards the player. Toughness makes you deplete less Ki when Blocking, so if you wish to Block more often, consider wearing Armor that provides more. He will use this quite often, but thankfully, it is quite easy to avoid, simply back away or dodge horizontally to avoid the danger zone. One of the toughest bosses you’ll encounter early in Nioh 2 is Enenra, a Yokai composed of smoke and darkness. Be careful as this attack has a very long range, You can either use your guard or dodge backwards two times. This will grant you the ability to transform into a whirlwind and hit multiple opponents for some nice elemental damage. Like all boss encounters, Enenra will summon a Yokai Realm at various intervals, causing his attacks to inflict more damage and your own Ki regeneration speed to be drastically reduced. Ed will not rest until a new Wario Land is announced. Getting Enenra to hit these pillars will dump water on him, interrupting whatever attack he’s currently doing, as well as doing some pretty massive Ki damage. You can perform the burst counter while he is moving to you. Head Armor protects the head of the player, and can have varying degrees of quality and level, just like Weapons. This deals huge Ki damage which can really help if you’ve already done a fair amount yourself - it can be what tips you into stagger territory without having to do any hard work. Enenra is the boss of the second Main … The greatest enemy in any boss encounter in Nioh 2 is your own patience, just keep cool and you will be OK. That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Enenra in Nioh 2. Thanks for taking part! - Sometimes he’ll extend his arms before clapping his fists together. Enenra is a dangerous opponent, as he is both quick and powerful, whereas most of the lesser foes you will have faced by this point are either one or the other. Enenra Mask is a Light Head Armor in Nioh 2.

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