engineering team structure

Updated: May 27, 2020. We removed the legacy developer and tester stereotypes, hiring and training full-stack developers to cover both areas. We didn’t feel like we were getting the delivery volume or speed we needed to satisfy growing business demands. When did you know it was time to reevaluate the structure of your engineering team? Carrie has an ability to gel with the team, perform multiple tasks by properly prioritizing and organizing them, and strong communication skills. The model was fragmented and required coordination to move simple changes from inception to production. We involved the entire team through the process. We figured out the technical architecture that we were all aiming to achieve in order to maintain sufficient autonomy while maintaining consistency. Team structure makes a huge difference! Before moving desks, however, he shares the plan with engineers to ask about their work and preferences. We explained the need for product and platform components. Since the team was about to grow four to five times in a year, we had to future-proof our organizational structure. A lack of direction? 27(3). We also wanted a structure that provided great growth opportunities for engineers to try and learn new things. In order to prepare for future growth, we decided to redefine our software delivery model. While we were an extremely efficient yet small team at the time, there was clearly a directive from our board to leverage that capital, hire great talent, and help broaden and deepen the service and do so quickly. How did you determine the right structure for your team, knowing that team would see growth in the coming months? We obtained feedback on the new team operating model from key partners. The team’s broad scope and its large number of key stakeholders made it very challenging to scale as a single team. In other words, though the triad model works well for these organizations, generally speaking, all continue to iterate to balance trade-offs around speed, scale, autonomy, and people. Carrie earned her Bachelors’ degree from San Diego State University and a Master of Arts in Business Marketing from USC. As Steven Chen says, “We do a mini-reorg every year. “It’s always a tradeoff. We had time to think about the split and allowed our engineers to have a say in the vision of the reorganization before we shared the new team structure with others. We recently split into squads within our interoperability team. We created a few teams which are solving a common class of user problems. To hit those goals, his engineering team has embraced pods to help ensure cohesion, while remaining cognizant of team size so as not to stunt velocity. Generally, a platform-oriented team will include full-stack engineers, SDET resources (often matrixed across teams), UI engineers and assign TPM and PMs (also, matrixed between teams). We presented it to the team, gathered feedback with individuals, addressed their concerns, executed the changes and communicated them with our stakeholders. When I joined Brex and assessed the company’s data needs and its growth projections, I was certain we would have to design a better organizational structure. Responses have been edited for length and clarity. When I joined Electric, the top priority was to reshape the Engineering organizational structure in order to prepare the team for scale. Picture a startup in the middle of hyper-growth. When reevaluating team structure at VillageMD, leadership took time to learn which engineers wanted to try a hand at leadership roles and which wanted to continue being high-performing individual contributors. While the product teams are focused on customer problems and the speed of delivery, there is a need for a normalizing infrastructure and processes to maintain high quality. That team primarily owned the business logic for those product solutions, and were primarily back-end teams. The analytics and data platform teams are “platform” teams.

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