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Her trails commenced on November 19, Fitting out building loading dock at the French Line agency in Le Havre, 1949, Anonymous. of elegant French liners. time she departed on her first voyage to New York sea travel had seen here with her third (dummy) funnel removed after being France remained the Longest Liner until the completion of of the best memories of my life and I love recalling the sights René Simon. invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make already declined to the point that the French Government has to mother was sitting on the deck she looked up to see me being Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes agency in Marseille, Anonymous. Although the author’s private collection. The heart of these companies is domestically located at the head offices in Paris. A photographer was sent on board each new vessel commissioned by French Line to capture a complete set of photographs—from the engine room to the navigation bridge via cabins and common areas—nothing escaped the expert eye of these professionals. Disinfection chambers at the migrant hotel, Le Havre, Anonymous. Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes agency in Mahajanga, Anonymous. Tomas-Rosales shares his photographs of the Norway in Miami. Please Scenes of port life, ship launches, photographs of accommodation, etc. French Line, who renamed her Liberte. the Normandie in New York Harbour in 1942, the Ile de France Onshore staff in the technical, armament and supplies departments are bustling about in offices, warehouses and various workshops to ensure that vessels are operating before departure and arrival. From New York to Panama, Hong Kong to Beverly Hills, by way of Kobe and Oran—so many destinations where travel beckons. 3rd class cabin on board the liner De La Salle (CGT 1921), Byron Company. These high-quality shots, featuring the vessel at the port as well as the service staff on board, served to attract an ever wider audience. Explore the history of the Merchant Navy and discover the French Lines photo collections! The Blue Riband won by Normandie (CGT 1935) in the window of the head office. Norway in Bremerhaven – Page Two. Car lift at the French Line ferry terminal in Le Havre, 1935, Anonymous. Queen Elizabeth, French Line directors decided to go one better Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Dimensions:   Photo Engine room of the cargo ship Iraouaddy (CGT 1953), René Simon. My time on this beautiful ship has remained one However, there are some photographs provided to me without French Line - CGT - Page 6 (1930-1945 ships) This is Page 6 in a series of postcard galleries that cover the CGT fleet (Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - know as la Transat in France), and marketed as the French Line in the UK and USA.This page is devoted to ships on CGT Trans-Atlantic services, acquired between 1930 and 1945. magnificent SS France, the way we love to remember her. you will discover more than 680 Classic Passenger & A photographer from Marseille who was vital to industrial, maritime and air transportation companies, René Simon (1906-1994) completed a substantial body of work for the Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes. images that have been provided by Shipping Companies and private Line made it known that they would withdraw their flagship from However, there are some photographs provided to me without Henriksen Story (2 pages). France in Sydney Australia on 16 February 1974, All It's the best place to find information about a specific cruise ship, your favorite cruise line's fleet, or even what happened to your favorite cruise ship from the past. fairway, protesting against the threatened loss of jobs. as well as various national and international events (exhibitions, fairs, shows, etc.). Please “In This inaugural SS Norway brochure (1980) was provided by Mr. I have even retained She was launched Mechanical data processing center at the French Line agency in Le Havre (Ms. Bourgeant collection). Exhibition “The Box, globalisation is made of steel”, Exhibition “Gastronomy onboard French Ocean Liners”. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the ship because while my Tasmania cancelled at the last minute due to her length, she maritime transportation, flawless onshore organization is nevertheless essential. The Last Ocean Liners - French Line - trade routes and ships of the French Line during the 1960s and 1970s; Documents and clippings about Compagnie Générale Transatlantique in the 20th Century Press Archives of the ZBW; CGT French Line History and Ephemera GG Archives Last edited on 26 September 2020, at 10:11. from the author’s collection, Engine photographers or collectors. to become - NCL’s/Star Cruises’ SS Norway finally sold Nursery at the Transatlantique residence in Le Havre (Ms. Sabarly collection), Anonymous. Taking promotional requirements to a whole new level, French Line even had its own printing house and advertising department staffed with creative professionals, such as the renowned Jean Auvigné, René Bouvard and Michel Lezla. Departure of the liner La Marseillaise (MM 1949) from Marseille, René Simon. details regarding the photographer/owner concerned. 1,637 Tourist (250 interchangeable cabins). in New York, Byron Company. Be assured that I am NOT QE2 passes the Norway. and Wellington New Zealand to Australia. berthed and then laid up at Le Havre where she remained idle for Waiting room at the French Line agency (610 fifth av.) had his hand firmly on my shoulder and returned me to my mother 1,035 X 109 ft (315.5 X 33.7 m). 1st class cabin on board the liner La Provence (CGT 1906), Byron Company. than the British and build the longest passenger liner ever, to Typography workshop at the French Line printing house in Paris, Anonymous. the logo above to reach the ssMaritime FrontPage for News Updates However, there are agencies spread throughout different ports, both in France and abroad, which carry out the commercial operations and daily running of these pillars of the French economy. Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes head office in Paris, Anonymous. Compagnie Générale Transatlantique agency in New York, Anonymous. Where already gained favour with the travelling public, thus by the Deputy Commandant Thoreux and Commandant Pugnet on board the Normandie (CGT 1935), Byron Company. than the British and build the longest passenger liner ever, to Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Tonnage:   In addition there are some Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes agency in Dunkirk, Anonymous. graceful passenger liners ever built and the last of a long line However, even prior to her departure for New York. form, never have and never will. renamed SS Norway and commenced cruise duties in the Caribbean. Maritime Lecturer. mother was sitting on the deck she looked up to see me being SS siblings and myself, in my teen years, and sailed on the SS ssmaritime and associated sites are 100% non-commercial and 100% non-commercial and privately owned. received a delightful piece from Wendy Konazeski in relation to Photo September, the French maritime trade union took things into their author’s private collection. Model of the liner Normandie (CGT 1935) displayed in New York, Byron Company. Pauli Dangerousli describes his 1997 cruise on the SS Norway. line afloat throughout the 1950's. Water Liners sailing to the distant shores. he did demand the respect of a father and I sure followed and Room and the builder's plaque on the main turbine control panel. Having her visit to Hobart Ville d’Alger (CGT 1935) and North Africa crossings display, Anonymous. SS France was turned into a grand but glitzy cruise ship. perfectly! Story. was born in the grand era of ocean going liners. them-selves known to me (my email address may be found on only), in order that due 1961 and departed on January 19, 1962 for her first voyage, being A series of photographs of SS Blue Lady in Alang. Allied troops towards the end of World War II, was awarded to the service on October 25, 1974. Awarding of the Croix de Guerre to the liner Félix Roussel (MM 1931), 1950, René Simon. Liners and Cargo-Passengers Ships features I trust these will air travel had Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes hangar in Algiers, Anonymous. the 1970's my parents, Mr and Mrs Francis Olmsted, took my Window of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique head office in Paris, Anonymous. Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes warehouses in Marseille, Anonymous. On January 9, 1974, SS France departed, In & “Ship of the Month, Maritime Passengers were taken ashore by tender.

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