fun facts to tell your teacher about yourself

The amount of prepping you’ve done for the end of the world/your strategy in the zombie apocalpyse. If you want to make the quiz less of a guessing game, give them an overview of yourself first. __________ is my favorite place to get coffee. And over three million educators teach at elementary and middle school levels. This is a bad practice, a damning prompt. Whether it’s life skills in general or something more specific — like budgeting or cooking for yourself — most of us can think of something we wish we’d learned before we started living on our own. Is there any cuter way to introduce yourself to your students? Maybe the thought of living without it makes you feel naked and vulnerable, even if being deprived of it wouldn’t actually kill you (not quickly, anyway). Or would you become a refugee, traveling through one country after another, hoping for a welcome from one of them? “If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be….”, 14. “ Whether it’s a hobby or just something you enjoy doing (for … Jill Staake is a writer living in Tampa, Florida. Or maybe you don’t. Use the free online tool, or mock up one on paper, sharing interesting facts, photos, and other info about you that you’re comfortable with kids knowing. Have you been to a concert for the same artist multiple times, or have you ever had a ton of concussions for the same reason? Name tents work in traditional or virtual classrooms. Or maybe you want to come back as a cat — or as a dragon. First off, if you've been skydiving and can't think of a fun fact then ~wyd~. The best thing about hypotheticals is that everyone can have one. facts. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. 3. Think of something you had to learn on your own that others your age seemed to already know how to do. Maybe you want to experience life as someone of a different gender. The trick is to make yourself sound interesting without bragging. 8. “We do a Get to Know Me in Pictures,” says Paige T. “I made one for myself and I introduce myself to the whole class using mine.” If you really want to get creative, make your collage in the shape of your silhouette. I love chilli but detest wasabi. The Original Beauty Influencer on Her Favorite Products. Sadly, I didn't make it into the episode, but I still have pictures with LL Cool J. ... I’m a teacher right now but I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Your best celebrity sighting. Money is no object, and you can have people over for dinner if you like.”. Everyone likes talking about their favorite moments from childhood. Have kids do the same, and put all the pieces together to make a terrific mural for your classroom. Your go-to comfort-binge TV show. What artist would grace your walls (if you’re leaning toward paintings or drawings)? “If I could keep any animal as a pet, I would choose…”, 25. Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project, The Social Studies World of Ms. J/Instagram. If you want to make a great first impression, having interesting facts about yourself is a good way to start. 1. Assuming you won’t consciously remember the life you’re living now, is there something you want to experience that you can’t experience in your current form? Whether it’s a hobby or just something you enjoy doing (for yourself or someone else), if it’s a favorite thing of yours, it says a lot about what matters to you. If you could make anything happen for them to instantly improve their life or open a door for them, what would that be? Don’t wait for the first day—give your kids an idea of what to expect over the summer instead. * Your hobbies and interest. If you can brag about it, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Because I certainly would have paid a whole lot more attention if my teacher had shared a few of these insights in class. Use pictures to make a collage that tells kids about you with pictures instead of words. Everyone likes talking about their favorite moments from childhood. For me personally, I had the opportunity to sneak into the background of one of the NCIS episodes in LA and managed to be one of the extras. Concentrating on the unnatural movements of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson will keep your mind from wandering. Pickled pigs feet? Here are some ways to come up with these ideas: If you’re having trouble thinking of enough fun facts to share about yourself, try some of the suggestions we've curated in this article. You’re about to embark on an adventure of sorts. I feel like my mental age is __________. What was it about that summer that made it so memorable? Your biggest (non-serious fear). Mapping is an excellent writing strategy, and you can teach the concept early on with a fun name map. If there’s someone you admire and want to emulate, this is the person you want to mention here, along with a brief explanation as to why. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Think of something that scared you — until you did it. 1707 Liked! *Alcune foto ritraggono personaggi intenti a promuovere prodotti ionizzanti alcalini anche di altri brands. The best options here fit in the Totally Kind of Hot category — not universal, but niche-relatable. Humans are great at making mistakes. But if you could collect something, what would it be, and why? And if someone asks for details, share them at your own discretion. Like finding out narwhals are a real animal, or finding the arrow in the FedEx logo. Via list25. But superpowers are always a fun topic to discuss. If you have volunteered — or if you currently volunteer somewhere — what do you do? She puts all the documents in envelopes marked TOP SECRET and stashes them around her room. 4. . Perhaps the funny things above are secrets that you haven't spilled before, but we all have secret longings, fears, and dreams as well. What personal traits do you attribute to the people with whom you were closest growing up? What is something you did as a kid (and survived relatively unscathed) that you now see as pretty hysterical. If you could earn plenty of money keeping a blog on the subject/s of your choice, what would you write about? If you had to be stuck in a movie or video game for a day, which fabricated world appeals to you most? 12. ), 6. That’s why it’s helpful to think of some fun facts about yourself before you enter a new social situation or write an engaging About Me paper. Hypothetical topics let others know what you care about, but don’t reveal too much about you. Kim Kardashian received a very special gift for her 40th birthday. Timothée Chalamet and Eliza González reportedly broke up — if they were ever really dating to begin with. And if you already keep a boa constrictor or a large, aggressive dog in your home — and you’ve always wanted a pet monkey — these would be interesting facts for anyone who might want to come over. Lisa T. does a slideshow about herself on the first day and then follows up the second day with a quiz to see how much they remember. “As a kid, I once did this really stupid thing, and it was…”, 35. The meal I look forward to most is __________. Or maybe you’d call the realtor for that house you’ve been sighing over for the past month. “If I could download a how-to book directly into my brain, it would be for… “, 46.

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