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But, yeah, we had so much fun making this, and a lot of the cast is from New York and, of course, it’s a real love letter to New York. I do feel like I’ve been growing alongside all the work I’ve done and the projects I’ve done, and this one definitely feels like that. We also had female producers, we had a female script supervisor and Natalie was the glue sticking is all together - a lot of the people on set were women and it really did feel like this holy bond. “The Broken Hearts Gallery” is now playing in theaters. We Empower, Engage and Elevate, connecting them to an amazing network that inspires and grows each others' efforts.In India, millions of women are getting online with. 2 proud mamas!! Lucy is just a woman of today, and so am I. I’m really honored that, in my career, I’ve gotten to play characters thataren’t defined by their ethnicity. “The Broken Hearts Gallery” focuses a lot on friendship, as well as your character Lucy’s blossoming romance ― you know, similar to other romantic comedies, except you’re a woman of color at the forefront. I’m sure it’s a compliment you get frequently? lol And we spoke about how actually sample sizes don’t fit MOST women, even if they’re really thin. Definitely. Now, the 25-year-old is starring in Natalie Krinsky’s “The Broken Hearts Gallery,” and as a woman of Indian and Swiss descent, she joins the short list of actors of color who’ve headlined romantic comedies. , A post shared by Geraldine Viswanathan (@yoyogeraldine) on Jan 29, 2019 at 2:02pm PST. And I could tell that a lot of Natalie’s essence was put into Lucy. It’s very nostalgic. A screenshot from "The Broken Hearts Gallery" (Sony Pictures Releasing). Did you have someone that you watched and thought, “Oh wow, I see myself?”. I do think I've been lucky, and I thank my parents for this as they gave me a baseline confidence. Geraldine Viswanathan is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I met with the director Natalie (Krinksy) and that’s all her energy, too. Yeah, it’s definitely different. I’m sure it’s nice to get back in the saddle a bit and flex those creative muscles again? She’s really outgoing and can just make friends with someone instantly and has this real New Yorker energy that I really have always admired. She was born on 20 June 1995. The film follows the 20-something emotional hoarder, whose apartment is full of both sweet and unsanitary keepsakes from past loves, after she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend. We were also just really trusting of each other and there was always support at all times which was really comforting, especially when making a movie in a short amount of time can be quite intense.

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