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Enough room for a full size pistol, some ammo and a spare magazine, but that's about it. Many states actually have laws on the books that require guns to be locked up, even if there aren’t any children in the home. Savings and help. We know you worked long and hard to earn the money to buy the guns comprising your collection. If you plan to store your gun safe in a potentially moist environment like a basement or garage, you should add some type of moisture-controlling tool – such as a dehumidifier or silica gel cans – to the space for rust prevention. However, for added peace of mind, it’s a good idea to choose a safe that’s fireproof up to 2,300°F. This pistol safe is designed to give you instant access to your firearm in case of an unexpected attack. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior edges, handles, and locks to remove dirt and dust. It’s for that reason we ourselves work long and hard to make sure the gun safe you purchase from us is built to deliver the performance you demand—and then some. Our gun safes are made one at a time, to rigorous standards of quality that most other makers of gun safes can’t even begin to duplicate. Fingerprint-activated, battery-run safe with the added benefits of portability and quick access. The Gettysburg product line is vast. Easy to mount and conceal anywhere you need quick access to your pistol. Your firearms and other valuables will remain intact during a fire. A gun safe is a must-have purchase for anyone who owns handguns or other firearms. An extra-large gun safe that can hold up to 40 guns can cost as much as $3,000. The safe’s 38.9-cubic-feet interior can fit up to 84 firearms comfortably. BF gun safes have thinner steel and fireproofing, probably to save weight. To enhance security, this safe is equipped with four-way locking bolts. These locks tend to be more expensive, however. These offer a wider option of possible combinations, and they open much more quickly and easily than mechanical locks. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. The interior of the safe features adjustable shelving and includes four shelves for customizing it to your specific needs. LIVE NOW (877)411-3600, Tactical Lighting / Tactical Door Storage / Advanced (20) 1.5'' Locking Bolt System /. Sturdy, if not foolproof, locking mechanism with backup keys. There’s a vast selection of cost-friendly gun safe brands available on the market. This safe is equipped with a biometric locking system allowing you to access your guns at the press of a finger. A good gun safe with room for a basic gun collection and ammunition, marred by a janky electronic keypad. Lighting; Moisture Control; Storage Solutions; Security Solutions; Help Center. A drill-resistant hard plate further protects the lock. Consider the humidity of your gun safe’s location. The paint is covered for two years. We like the versatility of this safe as it provides impressive customization options inside. We love the easy-access, high-security aspects of this safe, as well as the adjustability of the interior layout, but we’re less fond of the capacity. New 2021 BR Elite & SD Series Gun Safe Promotion - 100% FREE Shipping - Free In-Garage Delivery* Financing Available - Low Payments. Now offering you EASYPAY 100% Interest-Free ZERO DOWN financing on your gun safe! New 2021 BR and SD Series Gun Safes, 2-Hour Fire 1880, $776 In new features, 100% Free Shipping, Easy Ordering Ships Direct within 24 Hours (in-stock Only). At 912 pounds, this safe has 14-gauge exterior walls to protect your firearms from any external attack. Save 33%. We don’t like that many users have complained about the reliability of the keypad. You can customize the safe to accommodate either 24 long barrel guns or 12 long barrel guns plus a few handguns and other valuable possessions. Most gun safes can accommodate other valuables as well, so you don’t need to purchase a separate safe to secure your most prized possessions. No matter what you want to secure in your safe – firearms, important documents, cash, or jewelry – Gettysburg has a gun safe designed just for you. : If your Gettysburg gun safe is damaged as a result of fire or attempted burglary, the company may fix or replace it. Home. LED lighting helps you see safe in low light. Gettysburg FG48F Biometric Fingerprint Safe. Gun safes vary in price based on size, capacity, gauge, and security features. They want to ensure you have great satisfaction when purchasing and using their products. We always buy our own products, which allows us to provide completely unbiased reviews. All Gettysburg gun safes are as of yet only available via Rural King, which is a bit of a downer, as we’re used to our getting everything we need and want from our favorite online retail company. In addition to firearms themselves, you can also store gun accessories – scopes, sights, grips, holsters, belts, and ammunition – in a gun safe. Want to see more options? The interior of the safe features LED lighting for easy visibility in the dark. Help Center Tales from the Vault. With the Gettysburg FG72, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a capacious safe at a reasonable price. Waterproof and … For a large gun safe that holds more than 10 guns, you’ll usually pay between $600 and $1,200. Gettysburg from Rural King is just one of these brands. Large safes can sometimes tip over. It also comes with a backup key in case the fingerprint sensor fails. © 2015-2020 Shooting & Safety. It is equipped with a UL-certified electronic lock to deter intruders. If you only own handguns and are looking for a space-efficient, secure storage solution for them, you may consider investing in the Gettysburg P2EA-B Biometric Pistol Safe. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews. 30% Off All Old Glory Gun Safes, All Tactical Upgrades INCLUDED:  Premium 2-Hour Fire 1880 degrees w/ Premium Double-Step Door Construction & 2 Expanding Gaskets. and give us feedback about your visit today. For a quick measure of steel thickness, check out its gauge. BestReviews wants to be better. A safe with better bolt coverage is harder to break into and provides a tighter seal in the event of a fire. Look for a model with ceramic or cement insulation for even more protection. Here are some of the warranties you may enjoy if you invest in a Gettysburg gun safe. Can be mounted anywhere and offers very quick access. Small size will not allow you to store more than one gun. Smart functionality. It can even withstand temperatures up to 1200o Fahrenheit for 75 minutes.

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