how many hits does beyoncé have

[26] All twelve tracks from Lemonade charted within the Hot 100 in the US, breaking a record previously held by Taylor Swift for having the most songs chart consecutively with 11 for a female artist;[27] Cardi B broke this record in 2018 with 13 songs. Party : Releasing it Exclusively on Urban radios was the right choice. like Rihanna, and all the live promo she did, didn’t do much to sell the album either. B.T.I.N.H. 1 with '4, "BEYONCÉ Shatters iTunes Store Records With 828,773 Albums Sold in Just Three Days", "Beyonce Earns Sixth No. but no hot 100 so shes still the number 1 flop after 56 weeks lmao. i cosign with them all except for ” beyonce doesn’t have a memorable song which is not booty shaking song” , she still has “halo” under her belt ! For a juggernaut like Beyoncé, though, it was a palate cleanser between careers, bridging the demise of Destiny’s Child with her own solo next chapter, appearing on both her former group’s #1s compilation and as a bonus track on her slightly undervalued, banger-laden B’Day. Cake is smashing. WFL had a massive run but 4 still outsold TTT in the U.S. Yall Rih stans call 4 a flop but it was #1… And why we’re discussing flop.. doesn’t Rih have 3?? Which Kardashian would you take a bullet for? 2579 +43 14.605 10, 10 16 MARY J. BLIGE FEAT. NO and wrong , his head stuck up rita ora ass !! 8 8 MELANIE FIONA and u know it since you are a madonna fan and of course madonna saw hem come and go . And trust, it will pass or match Teenage dream WW. who gives a f*** beyonce is played out with no hot 100 hits. Okay I heard Janet confirm that she has 34. It’s a cool accomplishment, but this sight acts like anything beyonce is epic. 3930 +149 26.969 2, 6 11 TYGA Rack City she’s like the greatest thing since S** to them. This is coming from a non-Bey fan. As we all know album sales are at their peak during that time besides TTT was discounted at amazon, selling less than 50% of standard price. Beyonce puts out good r and and pop music. "Haunted" did not enter the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, but peaked at number t13 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. Just like that award she received. "Spirit" did not enter the NZ Top 40 Singles Chart, but peaked at number 12 on the NZ Hot Singles Chart. Still have questions? you kiss her ass..but any other artists you would claim that only 1 #1 on the R7 B charts does not mean the album was a success… Pathetic. It is actually an R&B song. Rihanna and Katy could never do that. SHE WAS JUST SO HAPPY TOO FINALLY HAVE A BABY….. AND BY TAKING IT EASY SHE MADE SURE THIS ONE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANOTHER MISCARRIAGE…… It’s interesting how audiences perceive artists so differently. While Beyoncé’s innovative dance productions and semi-political art-house symbolism have become her calling cards, the finest of her most successful commercial hits is very nearly just a great song. @zania uh billboard charts go by radio play and requests sooooooo what’s your point and you are hating. The star and her guest trade fours between his double-time, proto-Auto-Tune sing-rapping and her own multi-dimensional harmonies, doubling up on the hook shortly after the two-minute mark. But Bey needs to p**** popping. I can’t even begin to describe how it’s gonna slay this summer when “Where Have You Been” gets released. While it is rare for a song to become memorable without being a single it can still happen, an example is Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t she lovely. Dont entertain all this extra about classic n what not. Not everything in “Bills, Bills, Bills” works; the attempted wordplay of “automo-bills” gets by on its sense of play more than the cringy result. Shes not worried about top the charts anymore, its about what she is remember for. "—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart. Good Feeling Poe Boy/Atlantic 5599 6522 -14.2 “Say My Name” (from Destiny’s Child’s The Writing’s on the Wall, 3/18/00, 3 weeks), Along with “Bills, Bills, Bills,” the biggest hit of Destiny’s Child’s career made pop and R&B sound like they were on fast-forward, shooting production elements and startling chord and time changes at us a mile a minute, with such shiny aplomb that only PC Music alumni have really tried to match their bracing complexity in the last few years. Well, congrats to her, but that’s not among my fave songs off “4”. Call me when she hits ANYTHING on the Hot 100 top 10 again. "Suga Mama" samples "Searching for Soul" by Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers. International Love Mr. 305/PoloGrounds/RCA 5179 4976 4.1 "Check on It" did not enter the ARIA Singles Chart, but peaked at number 15 on the ARIA Digital Tracks chart. [22][23][24] Beyoncé also drew inspiration from the work of Fela Kuti, Earth, Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie, The Jackson 5, New Edition, Florence and the Machine, Adele, and Prince. Makes no sense. and with little promo so thats good stilland she is getting steady sales so by the end of march she will have passed 3 million and still going! is a 2011 re-written version of the 2006 song "Get Me Bodied" for the Let's Move! And the sad thing is she had all of these “successful singles” but she is still yet to reach the sales of IAM… The girl is a joke. The song was released on. "Be with You" contains interpolations from "I'd Rather Be with You" by Bootsy's Rubber Band and excerpts from "Strawberry Letter 23" by The Brothers Johnson. Call Me Maybe She’s married with a child and still selling records platinum plus. When was the last time ass-kissing Sam gave any other artists props for hitting #1 on the BB R&B charts? ( I CAN BELIEVE I CAN FLY) what song does Beyonce has that is memorable and touch young, old and all racist. A thumping behemoth of the finest millennial R&B sonics, Survivor’s opening track steamrolled the pop chart with its steely, stop-start beat, call-and-response harmonies, and spy-theme staccato string parts. Beyonce couldn’t get a #1 on R & B/ Hip Hop chart, so they had to give it her based on Adult contemporary chart, which R Kelly #1 selling single didn’t get to the top 10 on the regular chart. I’m not even a big fan but those are facts. And know way Beys music is trash. TTT sold faster because it was released over the holiday period. Set Fire To The Rain XL/Columbia 7884 7887 .0 For, a month after giving birth, the singer has scored the first Billboard #1 single from her ‘4’ LP. @IMJUSTSAYING, They made that award up for her, Britney did deserve that award over her.How about R Kelly, billboard named him the top R & B artist of all time over Mj and Usher. Lmao. NONE OF US WOULD HAVE EVER KNOW…. [18] It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart[19] and included the singles "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for four weeks,[20] "Halo" and "Sweet Dreams". You should be the last to talk about someone to saying “the point in her career where she believes that, “as long as I make it, they will buy it”- Have you listen to Talk that talk? Mike Tyson To Boosie: “Do You Feel There’s A Possibility You’re A…, Taylor Swift Enters Exclusive List of Female Acts Whose First 8 Albums…, RIAA: Taylor Swift Officially Dethrones Rihanna as ‘Queen of Digital Era’, Claudia Jordan DRAGS Nene Leakes For Mocking Her Alleged Abuse, Kelly Rowland Dances Up A Storm As 80s Diva Sandra In ‘I…, Ariana Grande Unveils ‘Positions’ Album Tracklist (Feat. "That's How You Like It" contains resung lyrics from "I Like It" by DeBarge. Beyoncé has also lent her vocals to several recordings for specific charitable causes and other tracks that were used in television advertisements. beyonce has proved that she cannot do real r&b music ,she has copied others so much that she has no identity and with that being said keri hilson is the one pouring out the real soulful r&b with all the boys ,hustler and so good. [17], Beyoncé's third album, I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008), was a double CD set, intended to reflect the two facets of her personality. Misleading and misinforming Title for another (to-make-beyonce-look good) POST !! Beyonce works hard as well as promote hard. . 5 5 WALE this song was hot over 6 months ago around the Grammys time,but it still topped the r’n’b chart now,w/o any promo what-so-ever! The Dance Charts– where flops go to slay. I gotta agree with you guys on this!! It just got another bump on the WW chart 2 weeks in the row. As for Mr Tae Jazmine n Keri who??? Pitbull) [8] While Beyoncé and the team brainstormed the lyrics, other collaborators simultaneously produce the tracks.

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