how to hook up a second battery in my truck

I also ran a ground from the second battery to the frame. You should be OK with these two batteries. Leaving the switch open, or on, will allow the alternator to charge the aux battery through the isolator. Connect the longer wire to your second battery's positive terminal using the same procedure as with the other terminals. Clear and concise. If you have an inverter… at least the same size as the battery cable fitted on that. Step 2- Figure out where your auxiliary battery will be mounted. I have connected them in parallel as per your recommendation with + take-off from battery A and – take-off from battery B. If they are in series, it’s a bit lighter on cable. If you take the feed and return from just one battery you get differential voltage drops between the batteries on both charge and discharge. Each time you convert energy from one form to another you always get a loss. Then, take the length of red cable with lugs at both ends, and measure out enough cable to run from the centre of the mounting plate to the positive terminal of your main battery. As there will be less voltage drop when cranking the engine, the starting should be easier too. Tim. The only thing I would check out though is the alternator output. Start by deciding on a mounting position for the second battery in your engine bay. Hi, didn’t know about 2 different ah batteries in parallel. How to connect two batteries in parallel 01. Connect power wire from proper terminal of smart solenoid to auxiliary battery. Hello! There are no moving parts to break and because it is fully sealed it is water and dust resistant. I have been given your post on batteries from the Chausson Owners Group on Facebook and have read this with interest, I did have two questions if I may. Simon thank you so much for your time it explains loads you have been very helpful. Like most things there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it and one that I receive emails about is how to connect two batteries in parallel and get even more people finding the site by asking the question on Google. The connections are the same as shown in the second drawing above,but the chassis connection shown on battery A connects to the negative side of any circuits instead. Hang on though lets have a closer look. Say for example I have a solar reg which is running a charge to the batts, from e.g solar panel, do I connect it to the battery negative at the battery or do I earth the battery to the chassis and then just bolt my solar reg negative to the chassis somewhere too? There are other pre-built systems such as the T-MAX Dual Battery System and the WARN Dual Battery Control Kit. There are two separate pairs of +- cords – one pair for each battery. Step 6- Install ground wire from your auxiliary battery to a well grounded location. connect to the same cable that grounds the two batteries, right? Change ). My NNBS truck (2013) did not have the fuse holder next to the battery and no factory provisions to mount one. Install a battery isolator (a switch box for the batteries) into the vehicle. Given a choice of a 12 volt system or 24 volt system with a 24 to 12 converter… I’d go 24 volts every time. So If I connect like we’ve said above this will balance the system? and pre-charging, thanks for that. Thanks, Thanks. Ground the second battery by fastening a wire for the negative terminal to a metal ground like the chassis with a screw. The second cable is a ground cable, which connects the negative terminal of the battery to the body of the car. It might be worth investing in a smart charger such as one from the C-Tek range to fully recondition the batteries (do this individually) and maximise their charging. Thanks a million. I’m about to run this setup and I’m electing not to use a manual cutoff switch, as it is not necessary IMO. Or run an earth from aux battery no2 back to the starter battery. Unsnap both cables from the starter battery to shut off the car's power, disconnecting the negative cable first. Ideally 300 watts and you can put a little more back in to the leisure battery than the fridge takes. Now turn off the engine and take a reading from the main battery again. Which makes it a bit easier cabling. It would be non standard and something I would not recommend. Once these are done, you connect these two banks in series giving you 24 volts 500Ah. Hi Simon, The second drawing down shows three batteries connected this way. As far as the regulator that handles the output from the dynamo is concerned all it sees is one 12 volt battery… either two 12 volt’s in parallel or two 6 volt’s in series it’s all the same. Running two batteries in parallel gives you some resilience if one battery fails although the lights will go dimmer quicker, running in series with the same failure means the lights would go out. Will there be a significant voltage drop if I use the 7 AWG? Aren’t eddy currents a function of AC rather than DC? The method I outlined above is suitable for most boat, motorhome or caravan situations. It’s important to use a deep cycle battery because deep cycle batteries are designed to be run down and recharged over and over without loosing their ability to hold a charge. If you happen to drain your batteries, it can leave you stranded. I would not really recommend going for an alarm battery. The wiring error was as in your first example, the error that wasn’t an error if you like. If you were connecting a 3000 watt inverter, this could draw 250 Amps (P/V = I), so you would need to use cable rated for 250 Amps. We hope this site can help you plan your next road trip. And is a fuses needed from the 2 batteries Have a read through “Relay, VSR, SCR… what’s the difference?” to see if there is a better option that would suit your needs. Here you can see my two 1/0 grounds running from the battery (bottom of pic) to the head and to the frame. I have scene 2 batteries connected this way but no explanation as to why .. Click here to read more about our How-To terms and conditions. As you have had your two batteries for a number of years, they may seem to be charged up OK, but soon as any load is applied the voltage may drop below the pre-set level for the inverter. Hi Simon Could I fit a Solar Panel to keep a Battery connected to an inverter charged up .Cheers Tony. Having multiple batteries means potentially you have a massive amount of energy stored. You will need to disconnect the bank to charge with a bank charger so the batteries are individual units or upgrade to a smart charger that is capable of charging a battery bank of the total Ah rating of your batteries. How do I go about hooking another one up? First, great site! If you install a second battery in the caravan, link the two together as shown in drawing two, then connect the positive from your solar regulator to the positive on battery B and the negative from your solar regulator to the negative on battery A, that way any voltage drops will be equal between the two batteries. From what you say, that would seem to be OK? I would recommend fuses are installed at the +ve end of each cable. It would be more efficient to just add the additional batteries to the existing four rather than try to use these as an energy source to recharge your main bank. I think the electronic regulator was built in an original bakelite Lucas regulator box so it would look like an original item, I even think the wiring connections were the same. In a caravan it is usual to keep the 12 volt earths separate from the chassis as the caravan chassis is connected to the earth for the 240 volt system for safety. ARB Current 60Ah 80Ah 100Ah This smart solenoid disconnects your starting battery from the system when it drops to 12.8 volts and makes sure it never dies. (assuming 100% efficiency again). The difference here is that this car runs a dynamo, not an alternator. How to articles are usually in the form of step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a specific task on a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado. While setting up a dual battery system may sound like a big task, it’s actually not that difficult. Installing a B2B (battery to battery charger), Optimizing Your Camper Van Electric System, How To Calculate Wh For Each Electronic Device, over two years living in a DIY camper van. I would seriously look at Sterling Power products for your application. What is the best way to wire the system from the batteries? Getting it wrong will seriously hurt you. Thanks for that, do you need an earth to the chassis of the trailer to run my accessories? this however will still be almost 1/2 less than the time it would have taken to charge a single battery. Cheers. What would the procedure be to jump start the battery with some jump leads? The Ambulance is actually being converted to a mobile first aid unit, however still have blues and twos! Relay has moving parts; more things to break from use / vibration. There are many different brands to choose from and things to consider when choosing a deep cycle battery. Hi Simon, I have been reading some of your posts and they are really helpful. Only if you connect two 12 volt 90Ah batteries in parallel do you get 12 volt 180Ah capacity. Each battery because of its differing age will have a differing charge profile and trying to charge them in a bank will invariably mean one battery is not charged to the maximum it can hold.

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