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You can read our monthly newsletters to July 2018 here. Complexity – six months of Kaikōura earthquake science, pushed the rocky seabed up by as much as 8 m, forming a vertical barrier between the shore and the sea in some places, moved parts of the South Island 5 m closer to the North Island, moved the land from Kaikōura to Cape Campbell north-west by up to 6 m. raised some parts of the region by up to 8 m. The earthquake happened in the evening on Wednesday 28 October at 8.09 pm local time at a very shallow depth of 4.7 km. And yet while drivers found themselves shaken from the road, most were able to walk away bruised and bemused. Independent agencies and local councils are providing support in your community. at 15:28 March 15, 2020 UTC, Location: Epicenter at -41.171, 174.903 The Main North Line, the South Island's mainline railway between Picton and Christchurch, had two large sections scooped into the sea by landslides. Note that the Canterbury Property Boundaries and Related Matters Act 2016 and rule 20 of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 only apply to surveys within greater Christchurch (Christchurch City, Waimakariri District and Selwyn District). This section helps you with decisions about the natural disaster repair work. The Hikurangi subduction zone – where the Pacific plate moves under the Australian plate – is to the north. The Surveyor-General’s guideline on rule 18 provides information relating to rule 18 and defining a boundary affected by ground movement. They surveyed 409 people from the coastally-located suburbs of Petone and Eastbourne three and a half weeks after the Kaikoura quake. A permanent memorial to the Kaikōura earthquake was unveiled outside the station during the Main North Line reopening ceremony. Epicenter at -41.933, 173.002 The earthquake, which the Kandilli Institute said had a magnitude of 6.9, struck at 2:51 pm local time in Turkey and was centred in the Aegean northeast of Samos. Curious Minds is a Government initiative jointly led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor. 14.2 km from GNS Science reports that the earthquake: Observations – from sensors in place at the time and subsequent data gathering – make this one of the best-recorded large earthquakes in the world. Scientists have revealed incredible new insights into the 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake, including the most violent ground shaking ever recorded in New Zealand. Marlborough wines are famous for their purity and intensity of flavours. Standing in cracks and clambering up scarps – what have our earthquake geologists been doing? Luckily, the larger slips that buried State Highway 1 occurred where the Main North Line railway tunnels through the seaside cliffs. Brooklyn Epicenter at -43.635, 172.544 One of the luckiest escapees was Wayne Sullivan. Popular tourist destinations – such as the Ohau Point seal colony, which was buried in a landslide – were deserted at the time. The PositioNZ-PP service can be used to generate post-earthquake coordinates at a location convenient to the user. Although both State Highway 1 and the Main North Line railway were now reopen, they were running heavily restricted services. Please ensure that contact is made with EQC directly If you have concerns or queries over your Kaikōura claims. GNS Science has tide and tsunami gauges installed along the New Zealand coastline. Matters were exacerbated by incredible storms which hit the region in the days following the Kaikōura earthquake. For some applications, such as adding new features to an existing spatial layer, it may be important that new data is spatially consistent with existing pre-earthquake data in that layer. From 1 July 2019, management of most outstanding Kaikōura claims moves from private insurers back to EQC. If these  surveys are returned on requisition and additional fieldwork is required it must be demonstrated that fieldwork or associated boundary definition is not affected by ground movement. ... New Zealand's Earthquake Commission and Geological Survey (GeoNet) reported a magnitude 3.0 quake in New Zealand near the village of Kaikoura only 28 minutes ago. Watch as NIWA scientists survey the coastal area around Kaikōura. Yet, with the locals leading an aid effort at local Takahanga Marae, heartening scenes of a “lobster breakfast” soon dislodged themes of destruction in the news headlines – it was a recognisably resilient Kiwi response. Users and managers of spatial data need to consider what impact (if any) the earthquake has had on existing data. (14.2 miles), 2019-02-23 20:56:54 UTC Information for surveyors about the 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes. Another KiwiRail employee caught in the Kaikoura earthquake was Paul Foskett. Epicenter at -42.613, 173.264 Created by local artist Ben Foster, the sculpture of twisted rails represents the destruction caused by the Kaikoura earthquake and the resilience and dedication invested by those involved in the rebuild. It was a phenomenal effort and an historical moment. The clefts made in State Highway 1 could have easily swallowed a bus. The NZ Kaikoura Earthquake (14 Nov 2016) Geodetic Marks layer on the LINZ Data Service provides post-earthquake coordinates at geodetic marks. For example, if data is accurate to 0.5m in an area that has moved by 0.1m, then there is probably no need to update coordinates. With the Main North Line reconnected, freight trains between Picton and Christchurch began operating overnight. State Highway 1, New Zealand’s main road on the South Island between Christchurch and Picton, was buckled, broken and buried in several places. 161.2 km from Epicenter at -42.296, 174.717 If the spatial data has lower accuracy than the size of the land movement in an area, then it usually does not matter whether the coordinates are updated to reflect the land movements. 22.2 km from If there is any evidence land has been subject to differential movement or surveyors have other questions then a “Survey_Earthquake Complex” e-request can be lodged through Landonline. If you enjoy world-class wine, great food and breathtaking scenery, this region is the perfect getaway. Surveys where all field work was completed before 14 November 2016 can be lodged without further work. Meanwhile, the future of the Coastal Pacific passenger train between Christchurch and Picton remained hanging in the balance. The Alpine Fault – a transform boundary, where the plates meet and slide horizontally past each other – is to the south of where the ruptures occurred. Blenheim (22.2 miles), 2019-09-22 09:58:54 UTC From 1 July 2019, EQC has been working closely with both private insurers and homeowners to resolve remaining Kaikōura Claims. Fortunately, the earthquake struck just after midnight. 41.2 km from Also see the information on referencing post-earthquake coordinates. The railway would need to be stable, smooth and speedy before passenger services could return. at 20:56 February 23, 2019 UTC, Location: (3.2 miles), 2019-08-11 20:44:35 UTC 36.2 km from Roads were torn, houses dismantled, a family of cows were stranded on “Cow Island”. We’ve developed EQC guides and resources to help you understand the claim process. You will also  need to confirm that the survey field work was completed prior to 14 November 2016 in your survey report. Users and managers of spatial data need to consider what impact (if any) the earthquake has had on existing data. New Zealand's Earthquake Commission and Geological Survey (GeoNet) reported a magnitude 3.0 quake in New Zealand near the village of Kaikoura only 28 minutes ago. Customer Supportcustomersupport@linz.govt.nzPhone 0800 665 463. those not updated for the earthquake) will be accurate enough. Where data is more accurate than the size of the land movement, then the application for which that data is used should be considered. Epicenter at -41.386, 174.444 Starting in Culverdon, 70km south of Kaikōura, the quake ripped across several fault lines, including one that was previously unknown. He was driving the KiwiRail freight train out of Kaikōura that night. The initial rupture started on a fault near Culverden and then jumped from fault to fault as it moved at a speed of 2 km/s. In scientific terms, the Kaikōura earthquake was a new phenomenon. Fees for land title products and services – consultation, Revoked Standards, Guidelines and Rulings, Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020 – 30 March 2020, Landonline e-dealing Compliance Reviews and Law Firm Audits on hold, Standards and technical specifications for our chart and hydrographic work, Attributing elevation or aerial imagery data, Geospatial data types - general guidance document, Privacy policy for the Geodetic Marks App, Client agency property management and disposals, Treaty Settlements Landbank and the Protection Mechanism, Status and location of Crown pastoral land, Accredited Crown Property service providers, Crown Property Disposals Portal for iwi users, Make a submission on a place name proposal, Approving recorded (unofficial) place names as official, Recent place name decisions and place names of interest, Valuation rules, guidelines and publications, Review of the Occupational Regulation of Valuers, Guidelines for General Revaluation deferral, Find out if you need consent to invest in New Zealand, Determine If a Person is Ordinarily Resident in New Zealand, Determining Ownership or Control Interest, Applying for consent to purchase New Zealand assets, Making a submission about another person's planned investment, OIO enforcement function and strategic priorities, Consideration of good character after consent has been granted, What you need to do if you are selling New Zealand assets to overseas investors (non-residential), Offer special land - foreshore, seabed, riverbed or lakebed - to the Crown, Legislation, Ministers & Delegated Powers, History of the Overseas Investment Office, NZ Kaikoura Earthquake (14 Nov 2016) Geodetic Marks, Rule 18 of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010, The Surveyor-General’s guideline on rule 18, Tenders open for LiDAR 3D mapping in Otago and Taranaki | 22 September 2020, Ministry of Justice provides COVID-19 property settlement guidance | 15 April 2020, Landwrap December 2019 | 10 December 2019, Landwrap November 2019 | 18 November 2019, Spatial science and surveying qualifications, Information for property owners and investors. The results of the data from this complex earthquake are making scientists reconsider the way they look at earthquake hazards along plate boundary zones. Geodetic Mark Coordinate Update - 1 December 2018. A service for homeowners offering technical expertise and legal advice. We recognise that things don’t always go to plan, so we have outlined an agreed approach to resolving complaints with private insurers. (22.2 miles), 2020-03-25 05:51:22 UTC

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