koi sushi menu

In the past months since we opened, we have received a lot of pick up orders from online and phone call. Happy Buddha 10 CRUNCH ROLL 5.75 California roll topped tuna, escolar, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, roe, scallion Voted as one of the "Top Three Japanese Restaurants" on the MS Gulf Coast, Koi Sushi offers a wide range of dishes from hibachi to sushi. Sliced tilapia, roe, scallion, cuc, spicy ponzu, CHIRASHI 19.95 KIMCHI SALAD 5.95 SUNOMONO SALAD 8.95 Served with vegetables or grilled with salt and seasonings. We want to make sure you have a great dining experience each and everytime you eat with us! Cubed Spicy Tuna or Escolar with cucumber salad, seaweed salad, avocado, CANDY CANE ROLL 11.95 Steak Teriyaki 13 Sweet Potato Roll Wok tossed shrimp, scallop and vegetables in brown sauce topped with tempura lobster scallion, sesame seeds vegetable tempura w. stir fried mixed vegetables, 2pcs. Spicy Tuna Roll SHRIMP 4.5 (Ebi) We appreciate so many customers waited for the table in the past few months. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. SALMON SKIN ROLL 5.95 Spicy assorted fish, krab, asparagus, panko fried topped eel sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, roe, scallion All Sushi is made fresh for your order. Deep fried New York style cheesecake served with ice cream Eel, cuc, c.c. Beef Fried Rice 11 assorted sushi & 24pcs. vegetable tempura w. 6pcs. gyoza, steamed rice and garden salad) $10.99, Veggie Maki Set (6pcs. Krab salad, cuc, avo topped tuna, kiwi, pineapple salsa Shrimp, crab meat, eel, cream cheese and avocado (tuna and ikura on top). TORO MP (Fatty Tuna) YELLOWTAIL ROLL 5.25 Seafood Asparagus Soup 9.5 Served with grilled vegetables, Agedashi Tofu 6 Panko breaded fish served with grilled vegetables and katsu sauce, Fried Rice gyoza, steamed rice and garden salad) $9.99, Koi's F (7pcs. Get your order delivered or pick it up. Edamame 5 Spicy krab, cuc topped salmon, lemon slice, spicy ponzu assorted sushi,& 44 pcs. Spicy conch, spicy red clam and cucumber (spicy tuna, seaweed salad on top). Broiled eel over rice, TOFU SKIN 4(Inari) EEL ROLL 7.95 Variety of fish over seasoned rice Brown Rice California roll & 10 pcs nigiri RAINBOW BRIDGE 49.95 Harumaki 5 Tuna, krab salad, avo topped roe, scallion, ponzu sauce Salmon, avo, cuc Served with grilled vegetables and white sauce Grilled salmon served with teriyaki sauce served and grilled vegetables Tuna, crabstick, caviar, green onion and avocado, no rice. Panko fried banana with vanilla ice cream glazed with honey and baked coconut flakes Fried oyster, avocado and masago (tuna and eel on top). SEA URCHIN MP (Uni) Sashimi(2 pcs) SQUID 4.5 (Ika) assorted sushi, 1 assorted tempura, &3pcs, each: california,dynamite roll), Dinner for 2 (A) (2 garden salad, thai shrimp rolls, sakura roll, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable fried rice) $20.99, Dinner for 2 (B) (2 garden salad, edamame, california roll, general tao's chicken, chicken fried rice) $22.99, Dinner for 3 (3 garden salad, gyoza, chicken pad thai, spicy crab roll, sesame chicken, chicken fried rice) $30.99, Vegetable Maki Tray (36pcs) (Virgin sunshine, veggie explosion, vegetable dragon roll, buddha roll, seaweed salad roll) $30, Part Tray A (42pcs) (12 pcs. Teriyaki Steak & Onions 11 Chicken, vegetables and eggs cooked in sukiyaki sauce. Order popular dishes from a variety of restaurants. Tempura Ice Cream 6 Shrimp Tempura and Eel (crab meat on top). assorted sushi &18 pcs. Spicy salmon, avo topped seared salmon, salmon roe Located near North Hills in Raleigh, we offer a Chinese and Pan-Asian menu that highlights fresh, traditional Japanese sushi. Spicy crawfish, cuc, crunch topped baked lobster meat assorted sashimi, 36 pcs. Avo wrap with krab salad, spicy tuna served with nori chips assorted sashimi, 20pcs. Rice paper wrapped tempura whole lobster tail, mixed green, cuc, asparagus, avo, steamed shrimp, yummy sauce, POPEYE 8.95 Beef 15 Tempura Broccoli Roll ULTIMATE KOI ROLL 17.95

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