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A natural rotation in the body begins at this point. In fact I think it has a lot of value as long as you don't let it trick you into rotating the palms past perpendicular to the ground on the takeaway. Simply put, the Peak Performance Golf Swing is just an easier swing. Matt has seen a remarkable turnaround in his career the last few years, and has become a fan favorite in the process. The idea is that you need to counterbalance your swinging arms like a hammer throw in the track and field or a place kicker/soccer player. The elevation of the hands in Tiger Woods' backswing allows him to move his body a little bit slower through impact and not put as much strain on it, while still generating more clubhead speed. While you can’t even see,,,,, Going back to our Stewart Cink/Matt Kuchar examples, you’ll notice they reach the top of the backswing in two completely different ways. I do find it good for tempo because it breaks down if any part of the swing is too quick. Don, They also are standing in almost identical parts of the tee box (but at different times of the day, note the shadows are a bit different). The easiest way to ruin a golf shot is to use your hands and arms to “place” the club in a specific position at the top. I agree. Like most things in golf, it PST. They all lean back, to "go around". He wraps the club around his body on the backswing, comes at the ball from the inside, and tends to play a draw. I could imagine what touring Pros go through as much as they play and practice. So one plane swing employs a lot more spine angle tilt to start with and then a one plane movement coming back where the top of the swing for Kuchar particularly the left arm sits below the shoulder plane. I've known him for many years as he and DJ have battled on the course many times, dating back to their collegiate days. Golf Swing Tip: Obsessed With a Straight Left Arm?, Simple Golf Swing Rotation Drill For Consistency Matt Kuchar is a great player. But they both hit the golf ball incredibly well! Backswing positions are important only to the extent that they enable you to have a powerful, correct, and reproducible downswing plane that allows you to release the club down the target line. What Matt has done is to match his body type and physical characteristics to a swing method that provides him with the greatest opportunity to combine distance and accuracy for success at his level of competition. Golfers who have more spine tilt at address, like. Matt Kuchar has one of the flattest swing planes on the PGA tour. I've been making my best effort toward eliminating all "crapolla" lately and hitting the ball the way I used to hit it, and better than I've ever hit it before. The simple description of a golf swing plane is the path, in space, that the golf club travels on. Any comments ? By sequencing the downswing properly, the swing plane essentially takes care of itself. Keep up good work His flatter plane will automatically launch the ball on a lower trajectory, which should minimize the wind's effect on his shots. I was asked to give my opinion on Matt's swing today, so I'll explain the difference between the PPGS and rotational swings like the ones many professionals use out on tour today. Iona Stephen breaks down two unusual quirks in Matt Kuchar's swing that have contributed to the American's incredible success. Cant wait until it warms up a bit. Many a golf swing is ruined with the idea that on the downswing, you must do something with your hands and arms to keep the club on plane. To compare the two swings, run these videos until the shaft is parallel to the ground. Kuchar tweaked his set-up following Azinger’s advice and after only a few minutes, had rediscovered his bunker swing. This gives a good indication of their respective backswing planes. To compare the two, we have video from the 2010 Masters, from the par three 16th hole (see the Master’s scoreboard in the background?). This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the swing plane. On a bright note. One thing Don did not mention relative to Matt's swing, is how tall he is. So it’s a very fair comparison. This swing change COMPLETELY saved and revived his carrier, to the point that he became one of the best golfers in the World. Since Matt Kuchar and Jordan Spieth are the main contenders in today's final round at The Open -- and I looked at Jordan's swing a couple of days back-- I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at Matt's swing.The photo below comes from a Golf Digest sequence of Matt's swing from 2010 (I think) but it's still accurate. I purchased a set of custom clubs from doc in Houston a few years ago. Matt Kuchar changed his swing to the really "flat and behind" swing, which (to my understanding) is complete OPPOSITE swing to your teaching. Sometimes it's best to just be stupid and play the game. Creating a consistent swing plane that can be relied upon under pressure is what separates decent players from those who make it to the next level. Also if not in SBG would it perform as advertised. *Matt Kuchar, 32, had 11 top-10 finishes last year, including his third win, and led the PGA Tour in money with $4,910,477. I was just wondering if using the Medicus club would aid us PPGS advocates. Take a picture of your swing at the top, and if your position at the top is somewhere in between these two, you’re on the right track. Then tell your friends! Howard’s Golf helps golfers of all levels in the pursuit of a better game. Or find a ground floor window at your house and use it as a mirror to check your position. What can the Occasional Golfer learn from this comparison? It will break down on a typical PPGS takeaway unless the takeaway is slowed down to a point where there isn't enough force for it to break while getting to the toe line. Haven't tried it but I know Surge has not endorsed it and only endorses two swing aids. There’s a lot of information out there about golf. He's 6' 4'' which enables him to have an extraordinary amount of leverage. This is commonly known as an over the top golf swing. In an interview with him about his swing he was saying that the philosophy behind him using his one plane swing was to rely less on timing and more on consistent rotational body movement. Steve Matt has a very unique swing. Crazy if he shoots another -9 63 in today's final round. The grip will determine quite a bit about your golf swing plane. Those who set up with flatter spines may have the club swing back more on an inside arc. For example, someone who sets up tall and upright (Stewart Cink comes to mind) will tend to have a more upright takeaway and backswing. It's true he went through a career revival after perfecting his new, flatter swing. Hopefully he'll get things straightened out soon. Hey Mike. Players who set up more upright will notice the club swing back while staying down the target line. as a case study. 2 bogie All that said, it's not the best training device if you really want to use a PPGS. Each week it all comes down to who is making the most putts. Now the club is allowed to follow your rotation. You’ll establish the proper swing plane and be a more consistent ball striker. While you can’t even see Kuch’s right shoulder at the top. Here is what I noticed with his swing, when has addressed the ball and prepares to do his back swing he will shift his balance on his heels which looks like he is leaning back right before he make the swing. Golf Swing Tip: Eliminate Lateral Sway by Fixing Your Takeaway Like Sam Snead, Golf Swing Drill: Master the Minimalist “No Backswing Golf Swing” Like Justin Thomas, Golf Swing Tip: Use Light Golf Grip Pressure To Improve Your Golf Swing, Golf Swing Tip: The 1 Key to “Head Down” vs. “Head Still” Demystified, Golf Swing Tip: 4 Ironclad Chunking Fixes So You Don’t Hit Behind the Ball, Golf Swing Drill: Stack and Tilt Your Way to Unexpected Consistency, Golf Swing Tip: Master the Proper Right Hand Grip to Improve Your Swing Like Adam Scott, Golf Swing Drill: Use a Narrow Golf Stance Width Hack for Sweet Balance and Rhythm, Matt is lined up at the target or slightly closed, Fred is lined up open to the target (alignment shown with the, Matt’s takeaway and backswing plane is low and flat. Freddie Couples has a high, abrupt takeaway and an upright backswing plane. Despite their very different backswing planes, their clubs are now in very similar positions. Matt Kuchar is certainly one of the best players in the world. The pin is in the same place, since the video was shot on the same day. And the angles created by your hips, shoulders, and spine dictate how the club will swing. Going back to our Stewart Cink/Matt Kuchar examples, you’ll notice they reach the top of the backswing in two completely different ways. If you add struggling on top of it like DJ it has to wear on you mentally and physically. The really extraordinary thing that few people mention is smart he plays; how well he reads greens and putts, and how good his short game is. Photo 2: At the top, Kuchar’s left arm is much more horizontal than the typical pro’s. = 27 under par. Today I'm going to talk about one of the great players on the PGA TOUR right now, Matt Kuchar. And the angles created by your hips, shoulders, and spine dictate how the club will swing. If they start the downswing with their shoulders, the club will swing steeply from the outside in. The club shaft will be pulled by the centrifugal force, squaring up the golf swing at impact before releasing through to the finish. He has certainly mastered it though, as his results clearly show. Yet, so much of an incredibly important aspect of any well-rounded golf swing, The simple description of a golf swing plane is the path, in space, that the golf club travels on. Copyright 2011 - 2014, 2015 by -, Swing Surgeon - Don Trahan Peak Performance Golf Swing,, Fundamentals of The Peak Performance Golf Swing Package.

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