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Mike stays lean all year around because he has guest poses every other week around the word. He’s got the best natty arms I’ve ever seen, thick pecs and a ripped midsection. Height: 6 ft 3. If this were the case, in my opinion this would make Mike O’Hearn more genetically gifted then Ronnie Coleman, the most dominant bodybuilder ever. Mike stays ripped most of the year round using his standard diet that works for him. Weight: 247lbs. If you’ve ever seen pictures of Buendia in the of season and compared it to when he’s in competition shape, you’ll see  dramatic difference. At 13 years old, Jamie already had exceptional muscularity for his tender age. “This one is my passion, anything I can do to help misplaced dogs. Do you know someone who deserves to be on this list (who you think is natty)? It seems statistically unlikely that Mike O’Hearn is natural. You could see already that if Mike kept developing at this rate he’d evolve into a BEAST. He used to resemble a skinny pretty boy, now he’s transformed into a jacked alpha male. Mike gets trolled daily by people calling him a ‘fake natty’, however there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he’s telling the truth. 1) Mike O’Hearn. He is the creator of the Iron Chest Master home workout machine. I found out about his love for dogs and Although he never captured the title of Men’s Physique Olympia, Sadik Hadzovic also holds one of the most impressive resumes on this list, earning runner-up in both 2014 and 2015 as well as 3rd overall in 2016 for Men’s Physique at the Olympia. Donte Franklin is what some like to call “a genetic freak”, with his muscle-building DNA being 1 in a million. Several of his videos have gone viral and received millions of views online. Of course, in the absence of seeing test results, we will never know 100%. The average height and weight for the top 15 natural bodybuilders are 6 ft and 202 lbs. The progress kept on coming as O’hearn grew and grew, not only in size and strength but also in popularity and fame, and this is his story: “Don’t just accept where you are at in life. “My diet works great for me, but may not work for anyone else. And he hasn’t grown much since he finished puberty, giving more credibility to the fact he’s a natural bodybuilder. When he gets serious n bodybuilding, his genetic ability son became obvious. This is another indication that he’s a natural bodybuilder, as guys on the sauce will retain large amounts of fluid. No trace of steroids on Sadik whatsoever. If someone’s already had their newbie gains and they blow up by 25-30lbs, it’s normal to be suspicious but Ryan’s gains aren’t dramatic. That way he is more marketable as a natural bodybuilder. Top 15 Natural Bodybuilders in the World FAQs. It’s true what they say, it feels good to give back.” Among all of this, he’s known for being an easy going guy who’s always available to lend a helping hand. However, even in his skinnier days, where he was barely eating any food, he still had ripped six pack abs and some lean muscle. Mike O’Hearn, though he may not have the shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a comparable amount of muscle mass. Ron Williams is the most decorated natural bodybuilder in history. On top of this, his vacuumed waist would be very difficult to maintain after several years of juicing. When you combine this with a warrior-like work ethic, it’s not hard to work out why he’s such a formidable champion. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jeremy Buendia was running some type of steroid cycle. One of the biggest signs of someone being a natural bodybuilder is that they fail to grow much after their initial growth spurt of going to the gym. He’s also know for working with “Just Keep Livin.” where he raises money and guest speaks to help inspire others to achieve things that the possible thought they couldn’t. As for reps and sets, he uses a huge amount of volume in his workouts. Steve also puts this myth to bed, having tree trunks for legs…yet still in proportion to the rest of his body. “It’s nice to be in a position where people look to you for guest speaking, and teaching the youth of today how I’ve succeeded in my career, stayed on a good path, and lived my dreams. In this article I’m going to list the 14 best natural bodybuilders in the world. Though just an inch taller, he has more muscle on his frame that Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. In 2004 Anton started lifting weights and began eating more food. 100% natty. We’re a team of dedicated and honest writers that offer a no bullshit guide to health and supplementation. If he has achieved that naturally, then it’s truly incredible and, had he chosen to take steroids and the like, he would likely be the largest most dominant bodybuilder of all time. He eats 8 meals a day, the first 4 he’ll eat 30g of protein in each meal and 50g of carbs with some fats. Much about people and there goals Then for the remaining 4 meals he’ll remove the carbs and add in vegetables. All signs of a real natural. Apart from his hard and aggressive nature in the gym, Mike’s a stand-up guy. Mike is an absolute icon. “You must do the things you think you cannot do!”. I just have a bond with animals, but especially dogs.… Mike shared the wedding vows with Midajah McCullum. The LBM* of the two athletes is as follows: *LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.). Some gym rats have called Brandon out for taking steroids, however after analysing his body composition ever since he was 16 years old, it’s clear he’s only made small and gradual gains ever since. He rarely ever bulks up and gains body fat, staying lean all-year round. It’s all on you. Almost every bodybuilder on this list has been accused of taking steroids at some point, however these claims have no substance. Mike gets trolled daily by people calling him a ‘fake natty’, however there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he’s telling the truth. However, this is only 10 or so pounds of muscle. All Right Reserved. As well as having a massive physique, Mike is also extremely strong. The top 15 natural bodybuilders on this list have competed within practically all bodybuilding federations around today. He lives for the weights and the beauty and he looks like an overall fantastic person. He hasn’t got much bigger since he started pumping iron and quit booze in 2007. Chris Jones is the bodybuilder behind the YouTube channel Physiques of Greatness. Lift heavy and go big. Although now retired from competition, Ron has won more than 250 natural bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. Natural World, Mr. Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural Universe. Plus Sadik has no signs of steroid-use including: balding, acne, steroid gut, gyno, 3D delts or huge traps. Mike O’Hearn – 235lbs/107kg (96% of 245lbs) Arnold Schwarzenegger – 223/102kg (95% of 235lbs) If you’re juicing you’ll fail at least one of these tests somewhere along the line. Nowadays if anyone has a good physique comes under accusations. A phenomenal natural bodybuilder. He may not be the most shredded dude on the planet, but he’s got plenty of mass. “Nutrition first, recovery second, and training third. Working for charities and helping others to achieve their goals, we can learn a lot from him. His height is 6’3 (190.5 cm) Mike O’Hearn owns four husky dogs. His entire family were either bodybuilders or powerlifters, including his sisters. It is there same sites in your muscle that steroids, SARMs, pro hormones bind to. They conduct multiple tests at random times throughout the year to catch out any potential steroid-users. However, on the preponderance of evidence, I have concluded that that are natural. © 2020 Greatest Physiques. What a great guy, Physique Coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, Fitness Model, Cystic Fibrosis Trainer, Online Coach, Trainer, Posing Coach, WBFF Muscle Model, Director, Men's Physique Bodybuilder, Fitness Model. So, what do you think. May God bless you, champ, in everything you do. Mike started working out because of his father being the main influence of the family. Secondly, even if by a miracle you didn’t, you wouldn’t risk it in the first place because they have a ‘hall of shame’ page on their website where they list athletes who’ve failed their tests. At 20 he was even bigger. At 16 Simeon was already a beast and was yet to finish going through puberty. So you tell me, if I didn’t start, what the heck was I going to do? They are the exception rather than the rule though, and it is more likely that he, like many others, uses performance enhancing drugs and denies it. This shows how good his genetics are; where guys of a similar size have needed to bulk up for in order to attain this much mass. He is one of the leading life and fitness coaches in the United States, being an expert in physiology, diet and nutrition, and fat loss. Firstly, you’d never compete with the INBA to begin with (if you were on steroids) because you’d get caught.

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