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napa Animal Shelter Pet Care They even clipped my rabbit's nails for freeee!! Show your support with a magnetic ribbon. The receptionist and tech were very helpful with information and with my new puppy. I get it, it's busy. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly! She has been prompt, truthful, attentive, full of pertinent info, and just an all around wonderful person to be dealing with. THEN, the rude lady, Caitlyn, tells me to leave a voicemail next time I call.... um excuse me? Benefits for you and your pet That means that our rapid growth might cause the complete disappearance of certain types of animals. We rely only on the generosity of animal lovers to do our work. They had an organized manner of handling the pets and owners. 9.7K likes. I took her to my vet. The cat was embalmed with a sculpted wooden mask and the tiny mummy was placed in the family tomb or in a pet cemetery with tiny mummies of mice. Some species are slowly becoming extinct. I thought they were in the business of helping animals, not letting them die in the cold. The author of this will be your loving pet. All rights reserved. They not only explained the post-op care in great detail, but also gave me handouts including all the info in case I forgot anything they told me. ©2020 Napa Humane. Prior to them admitting my rabbit, the vet did a physical on my rabbit to make sure he was deemed healthy enough for the surgery, and he was. Pet Safety For more information please visit our website at Your companion will be less distracted, more easily trained, and a more contented member of your family. All for $50.00! The vet, the techs, the receptionists...all of them super sweet and professional. We know you have many options for acquiring a new pet. RUDE. Whiskers, Tails and FeralsNapa707.258.2287, We Care Animal RescueSaint Helena707.963.7044. Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in a community. Bunnies need blood work done to see whether they'll react negatively or not to the surgery. Sadie is doing well so far recovering and we're happy she can be healthy! And now what? “They even recommended a vet! Featured Pet Napa, CA 94558. The post-adoption time is a real treat for anyone that is looking for a furry companion. Napa Valley Humane Society Pets. Definitely worth the drive for the combo of safe & cheap! We have taken our cats and dogs to him over the past 5 years and each time its 10 Star Service, He knows what he is doing, and his pricing is very fare! Dog Boarding I felt very comfortable with my baby in their hands just from the assessment. The single most important thing that we can do to save cats and dogs from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes is to spay and neuter them. Post Office Box 695 Awesome crew of people working here. Napa Valley Adoption Options; Virtual Adoptions; Before You Adopt. Surely we, as responsible individuals, can do something about this. Or, complete our on-line form to request an appointment.Spay/Neuter Fees:Dogs:Male $90Female $129 Cats:Male $45Female $55 Rabbits:Male $75Female $75An additional fee of $30 will be charged for cryptorchid males (undescended testicle or testicles) and umbilical hernia repair.Vaccination and microchipping services are available at the time of spay/neuter surgery. My mom came home to Matilda back on her doorstep 3 weeks later. Removing Pet Urine Smell I cant say enough about Wendi. Frustration in resisting the natural urge to mate. I recommend this to anyone who does not have a lot to spend on medical bills for pets. Is a Female Dog who currently lives in California. Check out some top picks from our new Director of Barketing™, Maya — her favorite places, eats, treats, etc. 0 other reviews that are not currently recommended. Animal Shelter Facts If i was, I would have never took the risk. But you need to see this from a different perspective. 3.3K likes. Post Office Box 695 Napa, California 94559 Visit Website Local Phone: (707) 255-8118 E-mail: Napa Humane (the Humane Society of Napa County & SPCA) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1972. The only dog-friendly, passport-style wine tasting event in Napa Valley is back—for dog lovers who love wine and wine lovers who love dogs! Two months ago we ended up rescuing a 6 month old puppy that was left on the street to fend for herself. The odds of breast cancer and dangerous uterine infections in females and prostate problems and testicular cancer in males. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It was much more at the local vets. ID tags and microchips For more information please visit our website at, Wildlife living in forests are having a hard time these days, with clear cutting trees for new housing development that is going on. But after a week ish, I find out they are booked till October? You are basically the savior of that soul and you are responsible for his life from that point forward. That means that our rapid growth might cause the complete disappearance of certain types of animals. For more information please visit our website at, Shelters & Rescues > Great staff and the animals seem to be treated well- I wish all humane societies cared enough to serve their communities. Not of the human nature, but of the four legged type. Adopting a Pet from a Shelter They answered all of my questions/concerns over the phone and during my rabbit's physical examinations (which they perform before each neuter/spay to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery). I dont want to overstep my boundries here but if you have any questions about the adoption process, or when it is kitty season or proper age or whatever, please inquire at this business. Cause area (NTEE code) info. For many humane societies, losing their animal shelter, as. When someone says an animal is “fixed” or “altered” that means the animal has been spayed or neutered. They even recommended a vet! Show your support with a magnetic ribbon. Napa, CA 94559, 3265 California Boulevard Surely we, as responsible individuals, can do something about this. But you need to see this from a different perspective. Our programs and services are designed to address the needs of animals – and also to provide support, education, and assistance for all the people who care for and about them. I have heard horror stories of rabbit's dying due to reactions to the anesthesia​. All rights reserved. Stay Up to Date. ©2020 Napa Humane. This was our first experience with having to get pets neutered so didn't quite know what to expect. The following pets are available for adoption at the shelter. Local vets gave me price ranges of $200-400, a little steep for a college student and an elective surgery. Spaying and Neutering The Humane Society of Napa County and SPCA – now known as “Napa Humane” – is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1972.

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