nux mini studio vs mooer radar

Thank you for your support! Edit:from a user on that other site, HPF is adjustable from 15Hz in 5Hz steps. I sold the Nux and still have the Mooer. I have a quick question. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The NUX Solid Studio looks interesting too: Torpedo CAB does a lot more, to be fair. *very powerful eq, that unfortunately comes after the cab sim, *Usable power amp sim, I never ended up using it but it wasnt that bad. Since in the end it will mostly come to finding/creating a couple of presets, one for bass and one for guitar, either is probably fine. Speaker Cab simulators - Mooer Radar & Nux Solid Studio. Would buy again for sure. I'm sure it would have done well, but whatever. The thing is... the more I look at the Nux, the more I like it: it may be simpler, but all controls are there on display easily., Got the Mooer and the Nux now... and I like them both. I like using both the cabinet and amp setting. The main source I can see it Thomann. I actually wish it were bigger with a larger screen and a couple more buttons. Compared to other model d.i. You discovered the ToneLib software for PC editing your MS-60B I hope? Hi guys. The one we tested is 1024 samples.Sampling rate: 44.1KSampling accuracy: 24bitSignal to noise ratio: 100dBFrequency Range: 20Hz~20KHzPower requirements: 12V DC Only use the power supply providedCurrent Draw: 300mALatency: 2 msSolid Studio:IR sample length: 46ms (2048samples) Sampling rate: 88.2KHzSampling accuracy: 32bitSignal to noise ratio: 100dBFrequency Range: 20Hz~20KHzPower requirements: 9V DCCurrent Draw: 240mALatency: 0.7 ms Bypass EQ in radar. I chose this over the mooer radar just due to the knobs vs having to scroll through menus, even though this was a little more. It actually made my sound clearer and just better in that setting. Ha I'm mainly using it to record to my computer DAW. Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing fees in the Classifieds, get instant Keyword Alerts, and get Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, NUX Mini Studio Amp Simulator IR Loader (S), See all details for NUX Mini Studio Amp Simulator IR Loader (S), © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I suspect it'll be fine with 250mA or a little less. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. This page works best with JavaScript. I have a historically important Traynor Mono Block B any comments. Impulse Response Loader comparison.We set SM57 in center position with EL34 power tube. It has a "passable" speaker Sim that definitely works fine but ir's are a massive step up, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. I play at church weekly and in gigs and record with my band and at home. Entirely circuit dependent so impossible to generalise regarding power supply requirements. You don't even need an amp at all. 5 band eq has sweepable mid points. Ah, I'm with you on that one. The gfi looks super cool, if you have the ability to capture it in stereo. Mentioned this in the HPF+LPF thread the other day after running into it on that other site. Bypass EQ in radar. If you want an entire guitar rig that can fit on a small pedalboard, get the Radar plus whatever Mooer mini preamp pedals you want. All very tweakable: type of valves, type of cabinet, microphone model, placement, distance from speaker... the EQ section can be either graphic (6 band, I think, where the centre frequencies are user-defined) or parametric, and it has an adjustable HPF *and* LPF (although the LPF only goes as low as 3000Hz, I think). Hopefully this comes in handy with anyone looking into getting an ir loader, Just for a bit of "backstory", my signal chain as of now is roughly something like warmoth built with p90's>st300 tuner>eqd tentacle>custom fuzzface-ish thing I made>blatant Jan Ray clone i made> thorpy the Dane>supro drive>cali76 cd> chasebliss wv>two notes le clean>source audio ventris > ir loader> audient id14. Has some nice tonal varieties but emits a high-pitched whine especially when the amp simulation is on. It’s all there at my feet and honestly I found my sound really quickly and haven’t really bothered adjusting it cause it just works. I've got my eye on the RADAR, but am holding out for just a short time until the NUX Solid Studio pedal is released to the market. I'm using a Mooer Radar right now, and definitely experiencing the clipping issues you've mentioned. Where did you pick the NUX up? Love the fact I can change to 8 different amp sounds so quickly. Gold Supporters see zero ads! Reviewed in the United States on … EDIT: just looked at the manual and it's 12v center negative supply so might work from standard pedal supply with enough juice. Has anyone else experienced this? Fortunately I have some flexibility on my PSU (MXR IsoBrick) in terms of voltage and current output so it should be able to handle this without too much effort (it's the Helix Stomp that I'm going to need to use its own power supply with!!). I bought it, however, to use at church, buuuuuuuuuut then covid-19 hit. $99.00. I'm not a big knob-tweaker :p, This is interesting, Mooer Radar vs Nux Solid Studio comparison. But really, I don't see myself using more than 2-3 different options, so it should not be hard to remember... (I hope!). The IR's I used to A/B them was the celestion creamback 1x12 open back sm57 balanced, available on celestions website. So, I play ampless 99% of the time, so cab sim is a pretty important thing to me. By It works equally well with electric and acoustic instruments running out through the Katana's clean or acoustic channels. I wanted this for my silent rig; a stripped-down rig that I can take to a club that has a full PA with many monitors, so I don't have to bring any cabinets. Upload or insert images from URL. So versatile for loadbox work! It feels like a real amp playing through it and the fact that you have 8 REALLY EXPENSIVE amps basically at your feet with the twist of a knob ON TOP OF having all the mic options and preamp section options... dude.... technology these days... unreal... or should I say too real! The Mooer presets are a bit on the darker side, in general, although its extensive EQ should take care of that. I am in the market for a cab IR loader. Dont recommend. A Two Notes would be killer but way out of my price range. Paste as plain text instead, × at the end.   Your previous content has been restored. Looks very decent, too! This allows you to go direct and have all the options of mic’d amps you’d ever need and it fits on your pedalboard.

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