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Atop the platinum colored leather rests a smattering of gleaming, faceted stones that are at once demure and chunky. The Months Now Consisted Of Twenty Nine And Thirty Days Alternately, To Correspond With The Synodic Revolution Of The Moon, So That The Year Contained 354 Days; But A Day Was Added To Make The Number Odd, Which Was Considered More Fortunate, And The Year Therefore Consisted Of 355 Days. Add about three extra yards for extremely odd corners and small mistakes. It at once appears from inspection of the figure of a non-singular cubic curve, which is the odd and which the even circuit. The binomial theorem may, for instance, be stated for (x+a)n alone; the formula for (x-a)" being obtained by writing it as {x+(-)a} n or Ix+(- a) } n, so that (x-a) n =x"- 1)xn-laF...+(-)rn(r)xn-rar+..., where + (-) r means - or + according as r is odd or even. Just as he took two steps, a large group of odd looking heartless began to come up out of the ground. 47. Even to this day, there is an odd romanticism associated with New York 's Italian crime families. Thanks to Jenner, Nelmes, Blossom, and Phipps (which sounds like a rather odd law firm), today we have the word "vaccine.". But also remember that your body is used to lying on the mattress you have owned for years, so any new mattress is going to feel odd, even if it's a good quality mattress. Brigstocke makes the odd interjection from his lofty perch, but all this means is the guests are forever craning their necks round. At the various churches such elementary schools as existed were to be found, but they did not profess to teach more than a smattering of the three " R's " and the principles of Christianity. What I love is leaving an odd banana to ripen on the trees that the birds can eat. The tappet adjuster would stick out and look odd, so I had some more thinking to do. The Latin Lives of St Olaf, Odd's in Latin (c. 1175), compiled from original authorities, and the Legendary Life, by another monk whose name is lost, are of the medieval Latin school of Sa mund to which Gunn]aug belonged. The odd tension was between them again, and she wondered what it was about her abductor that made her blood burn, especially when he was so unapproachable. Both Vader and Palpatine are dead; the greater part of their odd, unnatural, retinue of attendants is also dead. This was an odd way of proving something, for, as every one can readily see, it proved nothing. This is but a smattering of different collections and styles that Raisins has to offer. deluded ramblings of a rather odd person. at odd times in a sentence - Use "at odd times" in a sentence 1. Dusty studied him, an odd look crossing his face. You 're too busy to have any personal thoughts of fear, well, except the odd twinge. Yet it also boasts articles that range far beyond the odd incoherent rant directed at the board. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Pineapple juice might seem like an odd match for the berries and vanilla infused into Chambord, but the two are really a perfect combination. Overall impression was fab despite odd snort of laughter, particularly from boyfriend. 257. Table saws are great tools for those who need to accomplish a variety of woodworking tasks: from the complicated to the odd touch-up. He needed a distraction from the odd interaction with his brothers' mates and the thoughts of Jenn. Considering the amount of time he seems to spend jetting around the world saving souls, he must have the odd groat to spare. I think it's worth a consultation with your vet to see what he/she thinks about your cat's odd behavior, and if your cat is old enough and healthy enough to have the procedure. No one was able to guess, even in the vaguest way, the exact interpretation of these odd characters; but, on the other hand, no one could doubt that they constituted a system of writing, and that the piles of inscribed tablets were veritable books. Odd sentence examples. This was exactly the kind of effect that Mahomet desired, and to secure it he seems even to have invented a few odd vocables, as ghislin (lxix. At this spot there is a line of rather decrepit trees, bent at odd angles by the strong prevailing winds. MORE » The Exiles Four highly spirited and unusual (one daren't say odd! The multiples of 2 (including 1.2) are called even numbers; other numbers are odd numbers. considering the primitive arrangement of the columns as positive, then an arrangement obtained therefrom by a single interchange (inversion, or derangement) of two columns is regarded as negative; and so in general an arrangement is positive or negative according as it is derived from the primitive arrangement by an even or an odd number of interchanges. People would call at odd hours during the night. She forgot about the tarantula-cats and watched the meteor shower again, protected from the chill of evening by his body heat and the odd energy running between them. Add a large tablespoon of witty quick-fire dialog, a pinch of cinéma verité, and a smattering of lavish camera work. A non-singular cubic is simplex, consisting of one odd circuit, or it is complex, consisting of one odd circuit and one even circuit. Although you'll find a smattering of snowmen and Christmas trees in stores, a simple red, green or gold tie in any variety of patterns works well and can be worn all year long. You ever find it odd you feel comfortable waking up to find me here? Our objective was to study the odd landforms developed on the gypsum - deep tubes dissolved into the surface. The husband is decidedly odd and his absence at the time of the crime doesn't give him a watertight alibi by any means. shooting arrows into the dark, hoping for the occasional yelp when the odd dart finds its target. A tide of traffic sweeps along the ring road, pigeons fly about over town, along with the odd carrion crow. MORE » The Exiles Four highly spirited and unusual (one dare n't say odd ! One other posthumous production also (besides the tract on Heresy before mentioned) may be referred to this, if not, as Aubrey suggests, an earlier time - the two thousand and odd elagiac verses in which he gave his 1 The De medio animarum statu of Thomas White, a heterodox Catholic priest, who contested the natural immortality of the soul. Reviewed by Roger Greenaway: An odd combination of a very systematic approach mixed with an inspiring collection of creative ideas. Bruce 's Watson is a humourous foil to Rathbone 's intense seriousness - although Holmes himself is not averse to the odd witty quip. To the outer world the canton of Appenzell is best known by its institution of Landsgemeinden, or primitive democratic assemblies held in the open air, in which every male citizen (not being disqualified) over twenty years of age must (under a money penalty) appear personally: each half-canton has such an assembly of its own, that of Inner Rhoden always meeting at Appenzell, and that of Ausser Rhoden in the odd years at Hundwil (near Herisau) and in the even years at Trogen. Genetic characterization of the legs at odd angles angles locus, a new mutation causing motor neuron degeneration in a gene dose dependent manner. We've broken down the gift guide into three parts: some of the best new games to hit the DS, some of the greatest classic titles, and a smattering of accessories that any DS owner would love to receive. "No," she said, crossing her arms at the odd question. Fozzy on a Friday 10/06/2005 Odd places to read Scouting magazine I'll let you into a little secret. Fortunately, despite the odd blemish, this second installment of Folk Heartbeat has some very enjoyable moments indeed. An odd sense entered her mind, dulling her senses. World-class boutiques compete with Mexican craft shops, with a smattering of art galleries in between. at odd intervals. Jonny entered, his odd energy crackling around him. With regard to the inducements to this step urged upon the reform committee by the high commissioner, it is only necessary to say with reference to the first that the grievances never were considered, and with reference to the second it subsequently appeared that one of the conditions of the surrender of Jameson's force at Doornkop was that the lives of the men should be spared. Also many thanks for the attention Sue received from odd bods! It is odd that this irregular poem, with its copious and varied music, its splendid sweep of emotion, its unfailing richness of texture - this poem in which Tennyson rises to heights of human sympathy and intuition which he reached nowhere else, should have been received with bitter hostility, have been styled "the dead level of prose run mad," and have been reproved more absurdly still for its "rampant and rabid bloodthirstiness of soul.". Some of them asked odd questions. We will provide you with a smattering of tips, hints, tricks and strategies that will make you a Literati god in no time. That might seem a little odd here as we appear to repeat the same commands ad infinitum because the number of colors is fixed. Fodd bynnag, y ffaith amdani yw bod gormod odd bynnag, y ffaith amdani yw bod gormod o bobl yn wynebu gormod o broblemau. John's contribution much appreciated ), simply arranged, with the odd horn and little guitar twiddle here and there. In the same preface is included (a) the famous problem known by Pappus's name, often enunciated thus: Having given a number of straight lines, to find the geometric locus of a point such that the lengths of the perpendiculars upon, or (more generally) the lines drawn from it obliquely at given inclinations to, the given lines satisfy the condition that the product of certain of them may bear a constant ratio to the product of the remaining ones; (Pappus does not express it in this form but by means of composition of ratios, saying that if the ratio is given which is compounded of the ratios of pairs - one of one set and one of another - of the lines so drawn, and of the ratio of the odd one, if any, to a given straight line, the point will lie on a curve given in position), (b) the theorems which were rediscovered by and named after Paul Guldin, but appear to have been discovered by Pappus himself. The odd thing with radiators is that they are actually somewhat misnamed. "Can I ask you something?" Worth the odd few quid - don't you think? The odd sense of someone following – a sign she now knew was the phantom trailing them - returned. Of the 300 odd territorial sovereignties under the Holy Empire only 39 survived, and these were readjusted on the traditional principles of compensations, rectification of frontiers and balance of power. The odd carp is also being taken from the boats with the island being favorite. It has come to be fully accepted that when we use such a phrase as "the age of the world" we are dealing with a period that must be measured not in thousands but in millions of years; and that to the age of man must be allotted a period some hundreds of times as great as the five thousand and odd years allowed by the old chronologists. munching on the odd apple as we walked through the orchards. curry house has been a feature of the British high street for 40 odd years. Does he keep any mementos from those days, the odd crushed policeman's helmet? at odd times. at peak hours. Around the fields next to the house we see the odd few curlews. "Shame," he whispered, an odd note in his voice. We 've always found the stylings of the USM series to be a trifle on the odd side. But the odd little brick dimple here or a shiny stainless steel flue there are inadequate. There were odd wooden houses, with carved wooden flowers in the front yards. However, if you work odd hours, you will have better luck finding in-home daycare centers open early or late, versus the institutions who often have set hours.

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