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Jonathan Bailey is openly gay. I know Diplo teased a possible coming out last year, but maybe he'll actually come out this year. Back the fuck up. In fact what he did back in the day was very brave because he was being promoted as the next best thing and coming out was a risk. They report back to Luella, but she is reassured by her fiancé, and the wedding occurs. [Quote] With his combination of stardom and masculinity, coming out would be very hot news. He was one of the most legendary twinks on Tumblr back in the day. Posted this in the 2019 thread since I didn't see this thread. Is Miguel Angel Silvestre gay too? Spanish teacher will be First Gentleman. Your doubts make no difference. R414 "aside from having cane face for days?" Orlando BROWN played a character on the Disney show "That's So Raven" that starred Raven-Symone. Miguel Angel Silvestre was at Therapy in NYC looking for Brian J Smith but he had just missed him so he went off to another place to find him. One of the actors / actresses who plays a lesser feline in CATS! Hell, wouldn't call him A-list now. Yes, you will lose some roles, but you are bound to lose some roles anyway (even if you are totally straight), [Quote] Yes, you will lose some roles, but you are bound to lose some roles anyway. That is my hope at least. Wasn't Miles pictured with Connor a few nights ago at some event? Brandon Flynn didn't come out as an ally, and he publicly date Sam Smith. Maybe in the 2025 thread... You know, I used to think that would never happen but it does appear like he's lost all interest in giving the appearance of dating women. Taking a look at the British acting pool, has Jonathan Bailey ever come out? It seems Leo Suter (closeted Victoria actor) bf deleted his pics with him (break up) or made his instagram private because I can't find anymore :(. I hope it's Oliver Jackson Cohen who has at least stopped bearding, but it'll probably be Victoria Pedretti coming out as bisexual instead, though she leans toward women heavily, so the DL won't care. I fucked Pedro about 10 years ago. Let’s see where this takes us! Harrison Osterfield and his beau Tom Holland. Somehow Bianca escapes claiming Curtis murdered, by stabbing, her husband and Keeler arrests Curtis after finding his fingerprints on the murder weapon. Lachlan is rather dashing. , [Quote]: To be fair with Maluma, unlike a lot of rappers he never refuted gay rumours being blatantly homophobic. He and his cousin were recorded masturbating to a woman in a c2c session. The star system is totally broken, there's no Leo di Caprio for young actors, and being on a frachise didn't guarantee anything once you are doing other films. He’s in Miami for NYE with fellow twinks Matthieu Lange, Harrison, Kyle Hanagami and Leroy Sanchez...And I’m sure Podwall has put them to work full time sucking Saudi billionaire penis. Julian Morris is set to produce a screen adaptation of an AIDS novel, so you may be right. R408 Definitely another Falahee. (probably his bf or ex). It’s great he decided to come all the way out. He doesn't follow one out guy and there isn't one single gay related post on his Insta either. R480 TSwift came out last a straight supporter. I've always been curious about Curran Walters (Jason Todd from Titans). I think he's gay as the day is long. I actually forgot that was him. You're repeatedly missing the point. Frank and Luella are employed by Julienne Fortby after she is injured during her TV show, a psychic show she co-hosts with her sister Marcia. And if we brought up some guy who is rarely linked to women, you'd say he's "asexual". (I think the novel is written by a heterosexual. I hope that a male celebrity who is at least B-List will come out. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. He’s actually a pretty high profile character actor. Using Sebastien's acting skills and computer nerd Spider they lay a trap that backfires leaving Frank to look for someone looking for revenge. Thanks, r212. And of course most of them are totally addicted to being on the top of the game and don't want to lose that status by any means. There's a blind item that says that the "relationship" doesn't end because she is going to tour this summer so a little bearding will help to spark interest (specially after her singles flopped big time). R259 It’s not about feeling comfortable—it’s about cross promotion. One wonders. He only follows women on Insta, mostly models. r409 I forgot about Leo Suter. My research over the last few years tells me that Matt is likely straight, honesty. He pings for me and he was very "convincing" as Leto (sp?) So he's gay and lies about it? The investigation reveals Mia's relationship with a man other than her boyfriend, whom she met in the gardens of her home. The police arrest Veronica. R123: And you are right about a thing, the coming out threads are never about John Goodmans. Tekler is murdered by poisoning and Frank and Luella investigate the relationships of Paula Stainton, Tekler's wife Cecillia, his son Milo, waitress Dita Pardy, and ex restaurant partner Trevor Cordiss, and the death of Tekler's brother, Michael who hanged himself 20 years earlier all seemingly connected. R319 have any of the SPN actors commented on it yet? No one wants him now. [7] These are guys who were either (a) Forced out of the closet because of a scandal / investigation or (b) Using their coming out as a diversionary tactic away from a criminal investigation or civil investigation. R322 he's been on Supernatural a few times. She calls her version Juliet and Romeo, and her character does not die. The power of good dick far outweighs his principles. They have similarly down turned / droopy eyes. He'll be there. He was liking gay posts at least a few times per week. This CDAN blind gossip item suggests that it is indeed a bearing arrangement: "This one named A-/B+ list actress keeps trying to make things look like dating with guys, but she would be much happier if she could reveal her girlfriend to the world." Maybe they can be his support system when he comes out this year. and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. Young actor. No matter how lowdown a man, there's always a woman who's lower (in self esteem). Big Sean? Give me a break. You posted his name in this specific thread, having never seen any implication he’s gay? [quote] James Franco is not gay. The review stated, however, that daytime television, where the series airs in the UK, "is not really the place for complexity or grit". Frank and Luella are employed by Melanie Montague, lessee of The Barchester Arms, to find a stolen photograph of Old Lil who is purported to haunt the pub since she was murdered 120 years ago. I find incredibly tiresome that nowadays there are people who feel the need of the i'm gay cover to say someone is out. Shawn Pyfrom and Charlie Carver don’t like each other. The director then reverts to Shakespeare's original play. Frank and Luella find a notebook with a verse addressed to one of the three sisters as P that makes them think the death was a crime of passion. I think too some of these guys like the mystique of sexual ambiguity while getting points for supporting LGBTQ people. I don't think so. Kyle Hanagami - A pretty effeminate hip hop choreographer. All the rumors about them sound ridiculous to me.". He doesn't own anybody to come out, but what he did looks very coward, R63: I remember Ben Platt and Connor Jessup coming out as gay, the same with Kerron Clement.

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