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Where to find AMP Codes: Visit the @AMPCodes twitter page (they will be giving out codes every week or so). List of Working AMP codes that can be redeem under settings in the game. AMP Codes (@AMPCodes) are redeemable codes that can be used to gain items on Pickcrafter. … ), Dinner is Served (Summons special friends to dinner), Leafy Explosion (Bursts of leaves causing an explosion of blocks), Spooky Flame (Hunt for Candy and break blocks with one strike), Eerie Light (Break blocks with one strike. Posted by 2 days ago. Updated . 48 minutes ago. You need to play coffee craze and get to the next area. PickCrafter Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pumpkin Chest – spoopychest. (Unleash youer hunger by boosting the Furnace! Upon entering them, they can award the player with a predetermined number of items or a certain type of chest. ALL AMP CODES FOR PICKCRAFTER [ENG] + how to use them. Alien Ooze – ooze14. (Hit your tree to summon Papa Klawz who brings a big gift of picks), Celebration (Break blocks with one strike), Falcon Broom (An astronomical block explosion), Snack Time (Tap on a bone to summon an explosion of blocks), Instant Craft (Complete's the current craft item in the Furnace = On Fire), Slow Jams (Slows down time and reduces the Boss Timer). The Runic Pickaxe is a different type of Pickaxe unlocked from buying Elite membership and is currently the only pickaxe you can't get without spending money! ), Land Ho! The name of AMP Codes has been changed to Support Codes. Each level may increase the critical chance. Summons paper where you can draw 15 different shapes for various boosts. Rare Spooky Candy – 2spooky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiQAc2vipzY, https://pick-crafter.fandom.com/wiki/Pickaxes?oldid=11260, Overheat (Create an energy storm that removes Common blocks from The Sun temporarily), Plasma Beam (Tap and hold to unleash your overloaded laser. The Plasma Pickaxe is a special Pickaxe in PickCrafter, you can tap and hold to activate a Plasma Beam which auto-breaks blocks, similar to the Laser Pickaxe. (Beverages are thrown across the screen. Watch Gameplay Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiQAc2vipzY. Tentacle Helpers (Summons tentacles to help you tap), Let There Be Light (Summon angelic rays to auto break blocks), Ender Nuke (Uses the power of Ender to summon a large explosion), Fire Rain (Calls upon the ancient gods to rain FIRE), Call of the Ancients (Summons 1 out of 3 random ancient spells), Piercing Strike (Breaks 5 blocks per strike), Shield Bash (Summon a flurry of shields that slam into blocks), Time Manipulator (Time slows down or speeds up), Abhorrence (Break blocks with one strike), Rainbow Burst (Blast of color causing an explosion of blocks), Lucky Activate (Activate a random ability equipped), Royale Victory Smash (Charge up an Epic explosion that leaves behind a, Carrot Barrage (Barrage of carrots to break blocks), Tactical Egg (Launch explosive eggs. The more you tap, the more it gets destroyed), Merry Pickmas! Tumbleweed! Each level may increase the critical chance. *Scaled Pickaxes have stats based on the strongest Pickaxe of the same level … Rare Spooky Candy – pspoopy. (Summons Magma Blocks! View entire discussion ( 1 comments) More posts from the pickcrafter community. Rare Spooky Candy – spooky. Favorite. Tap to deflect them to cause an explosion). (Extended On Fire and +1 Block Break), That's all Forks! (Deploy a magical Anchor that lasts for a while. Break them for a Coffee splat). Stream Jade – jade4. Award. Rare Spooky Candy – boo. You May Also Like: Roblox - Champion Simulator Codes (October 2020) Roblox - Saber Simulator Codes (October 2020) Roblox - Mining Simulator Codes (October 2020) Roblox - Candy Collecting Simulator Codes (October 2020) Fortnite - Chest in a … ), **All Powers break blocks in one strike unless otherwise noted. After prestiging, upgrades for the pickaxes become available. Favorited. Active. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Each upgrade adds the basic pickaxe damage by 44. These special codes can be found either in boss battles or in posts on AMP Codes social media pages. Rare Spooky Candy – creepy. 59. (Summon Acidic liquid to auto break blocks), (Burst of lightning causing an explosion of blocks), (After 3 charges, +1 block break for 45 minutes), (Vastly increases the Picks you gain from picking), (Harness cyclonic energy to accelerate break blocks with each tap), (Summon Fizzy liquid to instant break blocks), (Summon paper to draw shapes activating various powers. Mobs appear more frequently with this pickaxe equipped. After prestiging, upgrades for the pickaxes become available. Break blocks instantly and leave a crit damage bonus after), Hail of Arrows (Tap to fire arrows to cause a huge explosion), Catch This! Share. Leaves behind Plasma Decay), Quick Time Travel (Perform a quick time travel to the future), Tick Tock Clock (Stops time for a moment - instant block break), Enum Power (Break blocks with one strike), Void Clones (The Pickaxe will spawn 6 clones of itself and cause an instant block break for a short period of time), Nullify (Nullify everything and break blocks with one strike), Quintessence (Break blocks with one strike), Gamma Rays (Breaks blocks until it finds at least 5 rares), Blighted (Becomes more powerful with every Cursed Book you possess), Coffee Craze! All PickCrafter Guides! Created by ( _ ) Offline Category: Loot, Secrets. Light all the flames to refresh pickaxe power), Hocus Pocus (Casts a spell on your unlocked, TO ME MY MINIONS (Call forth the Mini Gingerbread-monz that can trigger a block explosion), 3..2..1.. (Unleash what's Inside by tapping on it! – tumble7 . Unfavorite. Share ; Cheat Codes. Continues to tap for you), Fiveamp Flurry (Instantly break blocks - also summon large Orbs to add to the explosion), Happy Birthday! By ( _ ) Here is list of all amp codes in pickcrafter for this moment! Languages: English. Discover them all! AMP Codes are redeemable codes that can be used to gain items in PickCrafter. Be careful with this one), Fiery Fish (Break blocks with one strike), Trident Overload (Disrupt the sea to cause an Ocean Storm! Meatloaf's Rage (Meatloaf is on fire! Each upgrade adds the basic pickaxe damage by 44. It used to be obtained from an AMP code. Posted . PickCrafter Cheat Codes.

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