prs archon demo

In this demo Alex tries out all three amps included in PRS SuperModels: Archon, Dallas and V9/Blue Sierra. PRS SuperModels Plugin Demo w/ Devin Townsend. It’s also obvious a lot of time was spent on the actual feel of the amps – I'm thrilled to say that Waves and Paul Reed Smith got it really right.”, “Sometimes, with software plugins, the sound of the guitar gets buried. I got a handful of requests to do a demo with the Archetype Models in the Line 6 Helix so I slammed something together real quick. The Archon’s lush distortion and singing clean channel tones are all here in a … From metal to blues to jazz, guitar titan Alex Skolnick (Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio) is a revered master. Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. It’s so difficult with modeling to get that elusive ‘low gain’ sound, but I believe this is the best I’ve heard a digital modeler achieve and I’m very satisfied with it.". Archon has an insane amount of gain, but you can also get big fat warm jazz tones out of it. If you would like to download the patches you can get them HERE……GearZombie Archon Patches, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Diamond Nitrox Quick Demo Video with Ibanez RG Giger, Ibanez Gio Mikro and Line 6 Spider IV 15 Toontrack Superior Drummer Demo Video, Axe Fx II First Day Box Opening and Short Track, ← Line 6 Helix Rack High Gain Demo and Patch Download. /1lib/audio/prs/1-prs-archon-dev-crunch-devin-townsend.mp3||PRS Archon – Dev Crunch by Devin Townsend; /1lib/audio/prs/2-prs-archon-dev-clean-devin-townsend.mp3||PRS Archon – Dev Clean by Devin Townsend; /1lib/audio/prs/3-prs-archon-dev-writer-devin-townsend.mp3||PRS Archon – Dev Writer by Devin Townsend; /1lib/audio/prs/4-prs-dallas-crunch-picking-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Dallas – Crunch Picking by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/5-prs-dallas-vintage-rock-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Dallas – Vintage Rock by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/6-prs-dallas-singing-super-lead-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Dallas – Singing Super Lead by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/7-prs-dallas-phat-funk-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Dallas – Phat Funk by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/8-prs-dallas-clean-air-spread-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Dallas – Clean Air Spread by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/9-prs-archon-flat-line-rock-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – Flat Line Rock by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/10-prs-archon-7-string-scoop-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – 7-String Scoop by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/11-prs-archon-clean-boost-spread-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – Clean Boost Spread by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/12-prs-archon-funky-clean-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – Funky Clean by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/13-prs-archo-mid-pinned-lead-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – Mid Pinned Lead by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/14-prs-archon-jazzy-warm-neck-pickup-dave-martone.mp3||PRS Archon – Jazzy Warm Neck Pickup by Dave Martone; /1lib/audio/prs/15-prs-blue-sierra-v9-whipped-scream-harvey-mandel.mp3||PRS Blue Sierra/V9 – Whipped Scream by Harvey Mandel; /1lib/audio/prs/16-prs-blue-sierra-v9-lead-spread-harvey-mandel.mp3||PRS Blue Sierra/V9 – Lead Spread by Harvey Mandel; [ { "DocumentName" : "PRS SuperModels", "SKU_MSRP" : 129.000000000, "SKUPrice" : 59.990000000, "SKUDepartmentID" : 2, "CouponPrice" : 35.99, "Discount" : 72, "CouponCode" : "TREAT40", "Icon" : "/1lib/images/products/plugins/icons/prs-supermodels.png", "DocumentUrlPath" : "/plugins/prs-supermodels", "SKUNumber" : "PRSSM", "SKUID" : 669, "ReviewsTotal" : 316, "Rating" : 4.69, "Category" : "", "BadgeText" : "", "BadgeClass" : "", "CouponCampaignID" : 406, "SaleEndDate" : "12/9/2019 5:00:00 AM", "GSFCategory" : "Saturation & Distortion Plugins", "Note" : "", "VariantsMinimalPrice": 0, "SplititMinTotal" : 0, "SKUEnabled" : "True", "IsInventory" : "False", "IsPreorder" : "False", "Demo" : "True", "Upgrades" : "True", "ManualPDF" : "/1lib/pdf/plugins/prs-supermodels.pdf", "CouponStripeHTML": "%3cdiv+id%3d%22prod-coupon-stripe%22+class%3d%22box+add-to-cart-flex-header%22+style%3d%22background%3a+%23222%3bcolor%3a%23fff%3bwidth%3a+100%25%3btext-align%3a+center%3bpadding%3a+6px+0+4px+0%3bfont-size%3a+14px%3bline-height%3a+18px%3b%22+cssclass%3d%22add-to-cart-header%22%3eEXTRA+40%25+OFF+WITH+COUPON+%3cspan+style%3d%22color%3a%23ffc601%3b%22%3e%3cb%3eTREAT40%3c%2fb%3e%3c%2fspan%3e%3c%2fdiv%3e+" } ]. And they recorded it with cam mic so it's not post EQ that makes it so similar. PRS SuperModels Plugin Demo w/ Devin Townsend. You may find this content helpful: To be able to view it. Get the PRS Archon here: It's so similar that I think they just took the audio. Copyright © 2020 Waves Audio Ltd. All rights reserved. "Dev Clean:“I cranked up the master a bit here to get a cool touch sensitivity. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. He's insane. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 May 03, 2018 75,030 Views. "Devin also saved and gave us his amp presets for the PRS SuperModels Archon plugin, which you can get together with the plugin. Archived. I know I’ll be using them as my top amp plugin choice.”. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time!

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