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This may sound childish to you, laugh all you want, but the pinky - swear is sacred 3. Religion is generally defined as a belief system concerning the supernatural, While Odysseus was away praying, his men ignored the warnings of Tiresias and Circe and hunted the, Those in possession of the bundles were considered to have, The desired effect was to confirm the Han emperor's Heavenly Mandate through the continuity offered by his possession of these same, Many animal species have spiritual significance in different cultures around the world, and they and their products may be used as, The smaller island also contains Dwynwen's well, where, allegedly, a, The cause of terrorism and ethnic cleansing against all nonmuslims is misunderstood by jehadi terrorists to be sanctioned in their, For his first festival he was commissioned to write a, Quickly picking up on this, I observed that my full name was Albatross Heckler, obviously a synonym for an iconoclast or a ridiculer of, Authority on theological and legal matters is not vested in any one person or organization, but in the, A fine example of this is when the aborigine chief slowly approaches the unwanted visitors to Skull Island who are filming the natives', The result of the planned cuts will lead to, Religious traditions and truths are believed to be contained in its, All this royal pomp and circs and magnificence and significance and, But in the prayer-room there was no furniture at all, the ground was of course, There was considerable local variation in style, as Roman architects often tried to incorporate elements the population expected in its, Other changes included the adaptation of the Jupiter Column, a, The priests of the Germans and Britons were druids. Synonyms: holy, hallowed, consecrated, blessed More Synonyms of sacred The information in the Kabbalah follows the patterns of the, 257. Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints view the Book of Mormon as sacred scripture. , Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints view the Book of Mormon as sacred scripture. Grand visitors came then to honour the Lamaist Order in His, 251. Nothing is, The Aonian fount stood at the foot of Mount Helicon, not far from Thebes, and was, The doctrine of the earth's motion appeared to be contrary to the, There are some things too delicate and too, And, as faggery was an abuse too venerable and, Entreat the heavenes to send ther muses hether, To helpe your soules to write of, Many of the Germanic tribes actually revered forests as, Roman reports of the druids mention ceremonies being held in, He either ordered or connived at the widespread destruction of, Patricia Monaghan says there is no evidence that the shamrock was, They brought a pallium for Augustine and a present of, He was renowned in his own day for his piety and promotion of, For example, Jehovah's Witnesses object to blood transfusions due to their belief that blood is, The nature of these powers is written in the, Unlike in Greek mythology, the gods were not personified, but were vaguely defined, They brought a pallium for Augustine, gifts of, It has been argued that St Edmund's story was informed by common Celtic and Germanic notions of, The wicked knight leapt suddenly upon him, cutting off the top of the crown which the unction of, Most Hindu traditions revere a body of religious or, The Bhagavad Gita is an integral part of the Mahabharata and one of the most popular, Hinduism has a developed system of symbolism and iconography to represent the, Like combing hair, hearing and reciting the, The mandalas are concentric geometric shapes symbolizing layers of external world, gates and, The Roman architect Vitruvius always uses the word templum to refer to the, Messages to her scratched onto metal, known as curse tablets, have been recovered from the, It requires, however, the reader to have some insight of the Latin, Purcell now devoted himself almost entirely to the composition of, For some years after this, he was busy in the production of, Lloyd Webber had on a number of occasions written, It's said that when they gathered in the high caves of the, Some critical scholars oppose the view that the, The Theosophical Society popularized the ancient wisdom of the, According to Zohar and the Alphabet of Ben Sira, there were four angels of, Sacred ritual dances are performed only in Balinese temples such as, Alone he knelt in the presence of his God till the absolution has been spoken, and the, The nighantus, which are concerned with the interpretation of, In the Zoroastrian religion, the stoat is considered a, The boar and pig were held in particularly high esteem by the Celts, who considered them to be their most important, The site was Christianised during the Dark Ages, with the yew already full grown, perhaps because it was already a, The penitents form a procession and they walk together to a shrine, a church or any, Almost any place can become a focus for pilgrimage, but in most cases they are, Consumption of beef is taboo, due to cows being considered, As early as the fifth century living tableaux were introduced into, Though outarmed, Maccabee's forces pushed the enemy soldiers out of Jerusalem, and retook the, In Norse mythology, there are two swans that drink from the, In West African folklore, they were considered, In various Mediterranean ports during the classical period, Phoenician temples, Painted totems, wood carving, and show programs often accumulate as a, In 87, Vestal Virgins were found to have broken their, These regions have served as reindeer calving and summer grounds for thousands of years, and contain many ancient Sami, A common legal substitute for those who conscientiously object to making, There might not be alternative personal proclamations with no mention of the, Sikh clergy consists of five Jathedars, one each from five takhts or, In Luo's work, Admiral Zheng He sailed the oceans in search for a, On reaching the Yuan court, the Polos presented the, The symbolism for their residents is the same as for inhabitants of palaces and other, Silene undulata is regarded by the Xhosa people as a, From this point of view technique and ritual, profane and, Kente cloth is usually worn for festivals, graduations, ceremonies, religious and other, Moreover, his family name is associated with Regensburg, Europe's celebrated centre of, Thus it is an important contribution to the study of early modern, Ayurvedic medicine is said to have originated from the ancient Hindu, He holds a bachelor degree in English from Carleton University and a bachelor of, The Big Rip Off is a dizzying satirical novel, that makes medium rare barbecue out of, The story begins with a reference to the ancient Northumbrian legend of Linn Rorting, a girl who discovers a, Just because someone dares to criticise one of your, If you're of the same vintage as me, you know that this is the pinnacle of western civilisation, a cultural milestone and a, Style changes are rarely capricious, since change plays havoc with the editor's, We think of company-sponsored black tie dinners as the ultimate, Bastos Marques seems reluctant to sell CSN's stake in CVRD, which has become something of a, If our public services are to be subjected to market forces then there should be no, Around 500BC, he sat in meditation under a, Tree worship was perhaps more obvious in ancient Greece with its oracular oak groves and Rome with its, Particular objects become sacral symbols through a process of consecration which effectively creates the, One ritual involved seven princes with milk offerings who ascended the stairs with 20 female shamans and offered prayers, sprinkling the statues with the, Taboos in Thailand include touching someone's head or pointing with the feet, as the head is considered the most, Meanwhile, the city of Amphissa began to work lands that were, The practice of human sacrifice, often associated with, For example, the current Olympic Oath is really a pledge, not properly an oath, since there is only a promise but there is no appeal to a, Father Humberto Alvarez's uses unorthodox methods to reach out to churchgoers by spraying them with, This might mean an impasse to those with unwillingness to edify the dogma they see as untrue and those who decline to refer to, The reciter's personal views upon the divinity of the aspects considered, In addition to its appearance in her novel Lammas Night noted above, Katherine Kurtz also uses the idea of, Among other roles, the Sami Shaman, or noaidi, enabled ritual communication with the supernatural through the use of tools such as drums, chants, and, More than 600 valuables have been returned or seized by police, but a collection of gold coins, statues of, The Bayeux Tapestry, and other Norman sources, then record that Harold swore an oath on, However, jasmine is also often used as floral offering for spirits and deities, and also often present during funerals which gave it its mystical and, The expedition moved on to Crete, then Akko, where many men died of a disease, then on to Jerusalem, where the remaining men toured the.

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