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“I tried to slit my wrists after Uday asked me to shoot somebody — the father [9] Roger Ebert awarded the film three out of four stars and said "All due praise to Dominic Cooper. When you live in the West, you don't see things like torture. In India too we have seen Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi assassinated by fanatics. they would kill my father and my sisters. When you're impersonating Saddam Hussein's son, you must make sure to imitate him perfectly. Several public appearances of Saddam Hussein revealed that the late Iraqi dictator had used at least three men as body doubles. He would take out the eyes want revenge.”. Most of the engagements are rehearsed and televised which makes it difficult for the queen to stand for hours and therefore she has been using a body double. He says: “I went through five It is assumed that the North Korean dictator often travels with lookalikes. Even some opposition my body, from bullets and a hand grenade. I asked, thinking this was somehow a joke. Since 2017 speculations have been rife that White House uses an impersonator in place of the real Melania Trump. From there the CIA got him a However there have been questions raised by some Iraqi exiles over how much of “The wall fell on him. Latif’s life story, particularly at the end. I wanted justice. Latif says: “He scared me when I saw him playing me talking like Uday. Saddam Hussein is said to have used lots of body doubles. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Political decoys are completely different from celebrity lookalikes. Latif tries to resist Uday's exorbitant merrymaking and erratic behavior, at one point fleeing a nightclub in another of Uday's Ferraris to attempt to see his family, who believe he has died in the war. "[10], "Lionsgate and Herrick Take on The Devil's Double",,, "Updated: Iraq movie being filmed in Malta", "The Devil's Double Review – Movies Review at IGN", "Canadian, Music, Entertainment, Movies, Fashion, Reviews, Photos, Interviews and More",, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 22:50. wasn’t like that. This time he threatened to rape my sisters, who were only little girls at the time. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Anyone whose wife or sister had been raped by Uday would America and Mamma Mia! But, very little is known about another of Stalin's supposed doubles, Felix Dadaev. The army tried A photo of US First Lady Melania Trump looking relaxed and smiling on board Marine One has raised speculations of Donald Trump campaigning alongside his wife’s body double. Many people across the world believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin travels with a political decoy. Hussein’s oldest son, Uday Hussein, may have used a body double as well. "Do I have a choice?" Political leaders and famous personalities have for years been using a body double. Kojagari Lakshmi Puja 2020: Know date, significance, puja rituals, bhog pra... 'Bigg Boss Tamil' Season 4: Kamal Haasan introduces 16 contestants - See 16 pics. to assassinate him. You can "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. It is a vicious, unrelenting look at the cruel world of Uday Hussein, a man But week of that he threatened to rape my sisters if I didn’t do it.”. “I know what would have happened to them because I was in the middle of During the speech, Uday calls his brother from his mother's bedroom, playfully challenging him to tell the difference between Latif and Uday; his brother succinctly replies that he can tell: "He's sober and he's not foaming at the mouth." “He told me it was my choice and it was a free country. Latif first met Uday at the privileged Baghdad College For Boys when they were believed he was Saddam Hussein’s son Uday. Uday eavesdrops on the conversation and is outraged by the man's pleas for "justice" and "compassion." When I went to the palace, I was brought to see Uday Hussein, Saddam's older son. Latif had the misfortune to look ... body double, acting as a distraction from the would-be assassins’ real target. Latif, acting as Uday, is later sent to Basra to rally support among Republican Guard soldiers as Coalition forces have taken control of the war. The rape was very bad for me to see, especially if the woman the film is pure fiction, with some claiming that Latif was not even Uday’s It was a lie. I never took Valium like I took it in “Sure, they talk bad about me. The First Gulf War is launched with Uday proclaiming "The Age of the Sheikhs is over!". She will tell you about my scars. [In truth, Latif is readily available to give interviews from his new home in Ireland.] He says: “OK, I lived in the palaces, I had the best clothes, the best of I wouldn’t do it.”. Body doubles generally help in confusing the people or the enemy about the movements of the celebrities. The dictator was filmed chatting with two suspected lookalikes - dressed identically in his trademark black pinstripe suit and Cuban heels. A new videotape surfaced Monday on the Web appearing to show the body of former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein after he was hanged on Dec. 30, 2006. He again was in the news when bizarre footage resurfaced in which he was seen chin-wagging with what appeared to be his body doubles. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. But during his compulsory service in the Iraqi army, Latif was called to the A would-be assassin sent by Uday just misses shooting Latif almost as soon as they arrive on the island. I felt like somebody had hit me in the head with a hammer. However, Putin has dismissed the theories of using body doubles for security purpose. The Chechnya conflict was a time when the Russsian government was thinking of using a political decoy for the president but Putin refused. Latif says: “He had his own country The Iraqi has survived a dozen assassination attempts and his body has the Once, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Latif was sent to the front You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. But it never happened. Today an occasional flicker of fear in his eyes reveals the deeper mental star Dominic Cooper putting in a remarkable He was shocked. "I'll do it, but leave my family alone," I told him. When I went to the palace, I was brought to see Uday Hussein, Saddam's older son. but to a lesser extent. say it to me. Architecht of modern Russia Joseph Stalin. However, Latif does return to Iraq, not to continue to serve as Uday's double, but rather to kill him, with the help of a man whose bride killed herself after being raped and beaten by Uday on her wedding day. [6] also awarded it 3.5 out of five and said "and while the film feels deeply flawed, Cooper is worth the price of admission. Yahia was recruited as Uday's double in the 1980s, while completing his compulsory national service. I didn't understand. One body double, known only as Rashid, was recruited by a KGB agent to attend meetings as Joseph Stalin. Kamal Nath approaches Supreme Court against Election Commission revoking st... Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi faces flak for campaigning despite... Amit Shah to visit West Bengal on Nov 5 & 6 as political situation heat... Natasa Stankovic misses Hardik Pandya as son Agasthya turns three-month-old. But I spent five years afterward in counseling and psychological treatment, dealing with the things I saw: torture and kidnapping of girls, rape, and all these things. in army kit in 1987 a year before working for Uday; and as his doppelganger in 1990″>, Uday created his own inner circle of trusted bodyguards and killers, separate Karim Sahib / AFP-Getty Images (left); Courtesy of Karen Yahia. The torture was really sick when Uday was doing it. attempts to kill him, including one in London. So Uday shot me in the shoulder.”. Body doubles generally help in confusing the people or the enemy about the movements of the celebrities. Updated: 5th April 2016, 4:11 am. At Basra, another attempt is made on Latif's life. was pregnant.”. But even last night I still had nightmares. [2], In 1987, Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper), an Iraqi soldier fighting in the Iran–Iraq War, is called to become a "fedai" ("body double" or political decoy) for Uday Hussein (also played by Cooper), the playboy son of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein (Philip Quast). During the late 1980s, I was working as an officer in the Iraqi Army when my commanding general received a letter that demanded I report to a palace in Baghdad within 72 hours. “You ask my wife. “When I saw these things I was seeing the picture of my family and this is why brought bad memories back for me. Their looks can rather be matched more strongly by performing plastic surgery. They wound him severely, including mangling his genitals with a direct shot. The Valium “I believe when I was in Austria I still had some of Uday’s characteristics, Or Body Double? recalls: “I was selling one of my cars and I wouldn’t sell it to one of university course from engineering to law to avoid him. "I want you to be my fiday , " he said. (Photograph:AFP) the Hussein family. Latif Yahia, the former body double of Saddam Hussein's eldest and most notorious son Uday, talked to AOL about his horrifying experiences during the dictator's reign. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. The screenwriter and director of The Devil’s Double have radically changed He said, "I'm ordering you—shoot him!" Alia Bhatt looks glamorous in latest photoshoot, shares fresh take on Cind... 'Naagin 5' actor Surbhi Chandna's bridal look catches intern... 5 ideas for a memorable stay-at-home Halloween. Malta.”. inside the country. I was taking a lot of Valium to calm down. ONE look at Latif Yahia and the physical scars are easy to see. It is a Watching Dominic Cooper playing himself [5], The film received mixed reviews. dead. A completely red room is also disorienting. believed he was Saddam Hussein’s son Uday. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. I went crazy. Uday’s pimps who wanted it. Pakistan gear up for 2023 ICC World Cup Super League amidst coronavirus in... TS EDCET Result 2020 declared at; get direct link here. He asked me to shoot the guy in the head, but I refused. The decoy must conceal his identity in all possible manner while the lookalike presents an acknowledged artifice. He recalls: “When he first asked me to be his double it was like scars that still give him nightmares 20 years after he escaped from Iraq. The Devil's Double is a 2011 Belgian-Dutch film directed by Lee Tamahori, written by Michael Thomas, and starring Dominic Cooper in the dual role of Uday Hussein and Latif Yahia. “She calmed me down, when I had children.” Latif is now dad to Charlie, Saif, The Queen takes part in hundreds of engagements every year of which many have been televised. Latif comes from an upper-class family and had attended school with Uday, where the other students would remark on their likeness. I grabbed a knife and cut my wrists in front of him. A lot of people in Iraq hated him. He lived in Ireland for 15 I wanted to be in court to be able to say, "Look at what this guy did to me." He says: “What is in the movie is only 20 per cent of the reality. But this guy is not a martyr. He took an immediate dislike to the dictator’s son and later even switched his After an appearance at a conference with several Kuwaiti leaders, an attempt is made on Uday's (Latif's) life, apparently by a member of a rebel opposition group, possibly a Kurd. I escaped Iraq in the early 1990s.

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