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New companies are offering policies with Medicare Part D, the Medicare prescription benefit, as of January 1, 2006. 1-800-922-7729 (outside Greenwood County), Region 3: Catawba Get Your Medicare Questions Answered by Tennessee’s State Health Insurance Assistance Program. SHIP & Medicare. The role of a SHIP counselor today, however, is far more complex and covers topics from traditional Medicare to the recent prescription drug plans. Call 1-800-551-3191. HICAP staff and volunteers, located in 28 Area Agency on Aging offices, are trained in all aspects of public and private benefits. SHIPs also assist beneficiaries with limited income to apply for programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program and Extra Help/Low Income Subsidy, which help pay for or reduce healthcare costs. How CLAIM Helps, Missourians let us know they need help in one of three ways: The purpose of these policies is to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and safety of SMP/SHIP services through the provision of guidance and direction to SMP/SHIP staff and volunteers. New York State’s HIICAP is a statewide network of Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Programs, headquartered at Area Agencies on Aging or their subcontractor non-profit agencies. Wyoming Senior Citizens, Inc. in partnership with the Aging Division of Wyoming and the Administration on Aging began a three-year project entitled Senior Patrol. 855-408-1212 (toll free) Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. 106, Serving: Chester, Lancaster, York, and Union, Region 4: Central Midlands 106 The Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) counsels Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers about Medicare, Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and long-term care insurance. Montgomery: 301-590-2819. SHIP has a centralized component of statewide assistance and a local component of county- and tribal-based benefit counselors. Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Wyoming – We all know that Medicare does not pay 100% of medical bills. SHIP counselors also conduct public presentations on Medicare, Medicare supplemental insurance, long term care options, Medicare Advantage options, Medicare fraud, waste and abuse and other issues of importance to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. The Center provides training, technical assistance, and additional resources in support of SHIPs across the nation. For information on Medicare+ Choice options, visit Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs, preferred provider organizations) For information on your local AAA, call 1-866-552-4464 (option 4). The SHINE Program assists elders and individuals with disabilities in understanding their Medicare and MassHealth benefits and other health insurance options. Our staff does not sell, endorse or recommend any insurance plans., he Montana State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a free health-benefits counseling and advocacy service for Medicare beneficiaries and their families or caregivers. Phone: 864-941-8061 (exit DHS). Counselors provide in-person and telephone assistance in a variety of areas, such as: billing problems; assistance applying for help for low-income beneficiaries; assistance with denials of payment, appeals and grievances; and advice on health care fraud and abuse. The State Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIC) offers free help with Medicare and other health insurance. Harford 410-638-3025 106 Counselors provide in-person and telephone assistance in the following general areas: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Program (Medicare Part D) Assistance for disabled Medicare beneficiaries (under age 65) Medicare is encouraging companies to offer the other options, such as HMOs, MSAs, PSOs, etc., but again, as of now supplemental insurance (Medigap) is probably the choice available in Wyoming. Referrals (connections to other agencies). We can help you put together the pieces of the senior health insurance puzzle! To be eligible for Medicare, a person must be a US citizen and resident of the U.S. or an alien living in the U.S. for five years who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence. Unbiased information providers, t: 800-224-6330 or 501-371-2782 f: 501-371-2781. We can provide you with accurate, unbiased and current information. Kim Reyes – Yes, SHIP counselors provide time and expertise at no cost to you. Elder benefit specialists, who serve persons age 60 and above, are available for every county and tribe. Phone: 803-775-7381 or (800) 948-1042 Free community presentations and much, much more! Disability benefit specialists serve persons with a disability age 18 through 59. SHIIP not only provides presentations at senior centers and other organizations, but also maintains a counseling program for Nebraskans who request one-on-one assistance. Link to Medicare 101. SHINE services are free, unbiased, and confidential. Medicaid Our volunteer counselors do not work for any insurance company. toll-free APPRISE Helpline is 1-800-783-7067. Volunteer counselors do not provide legal advice, sell, recommend, endorse any specific insurance product, agent, insurance company, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plan. It was set up to help seniors and others on Medicare understand their rights and answer their questions., Southern Nevada Toll Free Hotline: 800-307-4444 HICAP´s mission is to establish and maintain a comprehensive, coordinated and statewide system of health insurance counseling for older and disabled Texans. All SHIIP presentations and counseling sessions are free and unbiased. SHIP counselors are highly trained and certified to help Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers with: SHIPs were created under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. If you need an appointment, staff will refer you to the local Area Agency on Aging for your county of residence, and you will be put in touch with your local SHIP counselor. HIICAP also provides information on low income programs such as the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program, Medicare Savings Programs, “Extra Help” prescription assistance and pharmacy discount programs. Should I sign up for Medicare Part B? Primaris provides the services for the CLAIM program through a contract with the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP). Our mission is to educate, advocate, counsel and empower people to make informed benefit decisions. Trained counselors and volunteers are located in the Area Agencies on Aging. 106 Long Term Care Insurance Contact your SHIP for assistance. The SHIP mission is to empower, educate, and assist Medicare-eligible individuals, their families, and caregivers through objective outreach, counseling, and training, to make informed health insurance decisions that optimize access to care and benefits. Educate beneficiaries about their rights for quality care and options for appeals of Medicare decisions. Give information about and advocate for preventive health benefits paid by Medicare. It is our goal to provide you with up-to-date and objective information to assist you in making informed buying decisions. The goal is to educate and assist the public to make informed decisions on what’s best for them. Assistance for disabled Medicare beneficiaries (under age 65) What do I do next? 1-800-434-0222. They provide information and assistance so that you can make your own decisions. What is Medigap? Nationally, the SHIP oversees a network of more than 2,000 local sites and nearly 16,000 Team Members (staff, in-kind professionals, and volunteers). Baltimore City 410-396-2273 Medigap Supplemental Insurance Volunteer counselors, trained in areas of health insurance coverage and benefits that affect Medicare beneficiaries, provide information and assistance for dealing with claims and in evaluating health insurance needs. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) administers the SHIP grant programs nationally. Calling 1-800-390-3330. Serving: Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, The Senior Health Insurance Information Program was created to provide Medicare beneficiaries with the objective information they need to better understand Medicare coverage options, rights and benefits. Medicare Health Plans

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