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He does not represent neither goodness nor kindness. At one point, the lieutenant governor declined The Tribune’s requests for an interview on his position. [1] He returned to New York in 2012, and appeared in the documentary film How to Survive a Plague. Spencer Cox now says he was joking earlier this week when he remarked that he has “no choice” but to agree with his boss, Gov. Fortunately, his family came to his rescue during this dark time, and he got through it stronger and with a deeply instilled desire to defend underdogs everywhere. I'm running for Governor because I believe Utah's best days are ahead of us. The oldest of eight children, Spencer learned honesty, responsibility and the value of hard work early. Lt. Gov. [12] Cox won the Republican primary election with 36.4% of the vote, while Jon Huntsman Jr. received 34.6%. — Spencer Cox (@SpencerJCox) October 20, 2020 "Although we sit on different sides of the aisle, we are both committed to American civility and a peaceful transition of power," Cox says in one ad. I think he's dangerous. Here is the hard one: Did that feeling change when you found out the shooting was at a gay bar at 2 a.m. in the morning? Then, the unexpected happened: Utah Governor Herbert called and asked the freshman representative to become his new lieutenant governor. No one laughed at the comment, according to a recording of the forum, although Cox and the moderator were the only people onscreen at the time. It’s curious that Cox, who leads Peterson by at least 20 points, would agree to do such ads because they elevate his opponent in a race he’s almost sure to win. After graduating with an associate's degree, he attended Utah State University (USU), where he obtained his bachelor's degree in political science and Abby obtained her degree in special education. [4] At USU, Cox was named Student of the Year and graduated with a 4.0 grade point average. But he and Abby opted instead for the smaller Washington and Lee University of Law “because it felt right,” where he received his Juris Doctor. In addition, as protests for racial justice have filled Utah’s streets in recent months, state leaders have been working with the Martin Luther King and Multicultural commissions to address police reform and systemic inequities, Cox added. He put his education on hold for a two-year church mission to Mexico, which taught him the compassion and drive to make a difference that only comes from seeing extreme poverty. Utah is the place where we do that better than anywhere else, and we have an opportunity to set an example for the rest of the country. [8], In October 2013, Herbert selected Cox to succeed Bell as lieutenant governor, following Bell's resignation. Following his clerkship, Cox joined Fabian and Clendenin, a Salt Lake City law firm. [18][19] He aimed part of his speech at the "straight community":[20]. FAIRVIEW — Spencer Cox once turned down Harvard for a less glamorous school and walked away from a lucrative job with a law firm to move back to his boyhood farm. He added that the state’s leaders must follow health experts and data in responding to the pandemic. In October 2013, Governor Gary Herbert selected Cox to replace Greg Bell as lieutenant governor, and he was confirmed unanimously by the Utah Senate. Spencer’s reputation for creating consensus, speaking his mind and fighting for what he believed proved to be just what the state needed—and contributed to Utah’s unprecedented prosperity and growth. (Spencer Cox), Well Fairview is a very special place for me and my family. (Abby Cox), It’s no secret that we have some problems in our country right now. He surprised many when he apologized for mistreating schoolmates and his lack of support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. [1] He also wrote for POZ. As governor, Spencer will also continue what he started on the campaign trail—help draw attention to the power of service and voluntary civic action. He returned to rural Utah and became a vice president of CentraCom. Cox was raised in Sanpete County, and graduated from North Sanpete High School. [8] His nomination was approved unanimously by the Utah Senate's Government Operations Confirmation Committee on October 15. I'm Spencer, and this is the website for my photography. All rights reserved. Utah’s seen a decade of incredible growth and prosperity. Sealing the deal to move back home, Spencer’s dad asked him to help manage CentraCom—the Cox family’s telecommunications company for over 100 years. Copyright 2019-2020 Cox for Governor. Herbert so far has declined to issue a statewide order on face coverings, even as coronavirus cases are surging to record levels in Utah. (Spencer Cox), But, the big stipulation was that we were going to stay in Fairview, we were going to stay in Sanpete County, which means he drives 200 miles round trip every day. But some areas of the state—especially those outside the Wasatch Front—haven’t experienced the same level of success. [4] He and his wife, Abby, have four children, and reside on their family farm in Fairview. As our state continues to implement our plan for health and economic recovery, Lt. [1][2], St. Luke's–Roosevelt Hospital Center (now Mount Sinai Morningside) renamed their HIV clinic, formerly the Center for Comprehensive Care, as the Spencer Cox Center for Health, in June 2013. After graduation, Spencer clerked for U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart and started a successful law career at Salt Lake City’s Fabian Clendenin. “I haven’t met a single Democratic politician in this state that supports that, and I certainly do not.”. If we expect politicians in Washington, D.C. to set the example for the rest of the country, it’s never going to happen. During that time, he also married his high school sweetheart, Abby, who also graduated from Snow College. Given those successes, Wilks asked the Democrat if he could outperform the Herbert administration in responding to the public health crisis. [4][5], After law school, Cox clerked for Judge Ted Stewart of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. We have the potential to show the rest of the country how to treat one another, reach consensus on difficult issues and build thriving communities. Getting the L.G. (Abby Cox), There’s a rootedness here, something very special. This is part of who we are. Swallow resigned before the release of the report. “And for those that don’t believe in science, I’m sorry, but we have to try to do everything we can to take care of one another. endorses Ted Cruz, condemns Trump's comments on Romney", "Trump's Appeal With Mormons To Be Tested In Utah", "GOP presidential debate in SLC canceled", "At Vigil for Orlando Victims, Utah Republican Apologizes to L.G.B.T. Teachers deserve to be praised and elevated. In 2015, I was chosen as Nature’s Best Youth Photographer for a macro photograph of a brown anole lizard in Florida. Cox said Friday that he and Herbert have had differences of opinion in the past seven years, but he didn’t give any examples. How did you feel when you heard that 49 people had been gunned down by a self-proclaimed terrorist? And having served as Lieutenant Governor during the most prosperous decade in our state's history, he knows firsthand what it takes to build a strong, vibrant economy in the wake of economic disaster. After high school, Spencer enrolled at nearby Snow College. Cox is the Republican nominee for the 2020 Utah gubernatorial election. On the other hand, Peterson has come out strongly in support of a statewide order on masks and doubled down on that position Friday. Patrick Spencer Cox (March 10, 1968 – December 18, 2012) was an American HIV/AIDS activist. He attended Bennington College for three years, where he studied theater and literature. Cox also agreed with Peterson about the importance of widespread mask usage but said Utahns are heeding directives about face coverings, adding that mask usage in the state is “up to 80% and climbing.”. And having served as Lieutenant Governor during the most prosperous decade in our state's history, I've seen firsthand what it takes to build a strong, vibrant economy in the wake of economic disaster. And there are institutional inequities in education funding that mean some of Utah’s students have more resources than others, he said. Spencer is running for Governor because he believes Utah's best days are ahead of us. [4][5], "Surviving AIDS, but not the life that followed", "F.D.A. [11], On May 14, 2019, Cox announced his intent to seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Utah in 2020. I'm confident that with the right leadership, we will do it again. Spencer is Utah’s homegrown candidate for governor, and his administration will make Utah our country’s most financially sound and self-sufficient state. We’re more divided than we’ve ever been at any time since the Civil War and, as we talk about solutions, it really is about all of us looking for ways to better our community. Spencer knows education is a state and local prerogative and that federal involvement in education should be minimized to the greatest extent possible so that teachers can get back to doing what they do best – teaching. As Governor, Spencer is committed to rebuilding our economy, stronger and more prosperous than ever before. “We have policy agreements, but we came together because we recognize there are some real challenges our country is facing,” added Peterson.

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