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So, to better understand how his swing evolved from this point, I assigned Hogan a Swing Index with the help of the same AI technology powering our Swing Index App. The club is past parallel, but his lead arm path and the shaft are dead on plane. Don’t let this deceive you. It’s evidence of just how aggressively Hogan moved and rotated through the ball and into his follow-through. Lee Trevino Golf Swing Analysis- Craig Hanson Golf - YouTube Joe Plecker is the chief swing officer of Swing AI, a company part-owned by GOLF’s parent company, 8am GOLF. Here take a look: First of all, lets give Lee a break, he is 72 years old. Cringing About a Bent Left Elbow? To get your Swing Index, sign up and download the app today!. This is the key to his consistent ball striking — he is able to keep the clubface square to the target line for an incredibly long time with this unique golf swing release motion. Lee was, and is, regarded as one of the games all-time great ball strikers. GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, Golfer Ben Hogan, demonstrating his golf drive. The mental image can help you out the next time you are on the driving range. To receive GOLF’s all-new newsletters, subscribe for free here. It’s how he perfected that now-legendary Hogan fade. Did you like this article? There's only one really reliable way to curve the ball: Change your hand position at address. I really like how Hogan turns his right shoulder ahead of his left hip to end his swing. I recently read an article in Golf Digest that compared the current swing sequence of the great Lee Trevino (one of my all time favorites) to his sons swing sequence. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/jim-hardys-tips-widen-your-swing-lee-trevino Take a strong grip. Trevino follows the first two steps, but swings down the target line rather than with his body. Trevino's swing is something which produces a very consistent fade, but the way he sets up and the way he swings is sometimes contrary to what you'll consider needed to play a consistent fade shot. Chi Chi Rodriguez had as good a pair of hands as anybody I ever saw, and more shots than you can imagine. Hence, he can hit the ball with a very shallow descending blow, another key for consistency. Keep your head centered over the ball, clear your hips, fire through the ball, extend the clubface down the line after impact  — do it like Lee. Now, I’m not suggesting you drop your head on the downswing as much as Lee Trevino. Only a few dinks for some alignment and grip issues at address. To study his release a bit further, study the swing sequence from (0:38) to (0:42). Don’t let this deceive you. Trevino liked to talk to his playing partners - or anybody - during rounds, joking, laughing, chatting throughout. Trevino, the winner of six major championships, had a home-made swing that looks a bit odd and awkward at first. Think of Trevino’s golf swing release as a caricature of what your release could be. Read This! 01 The easiest shot is the best shot. A model to emulate, an ideal to strive for. Like, Tweet, Email, Pin below! Let's have a real in-depth look at Lee Trevino's golf swing and why it is so unusual when compared to many of his peers. What difference does this have on distance? Swing Index, sign up and download the app today! He didn’t hit it far, but he did hit his ball straight down the middle, so to speak. His weight has released onto his left side, but there’s no imbalance. This is rock- solid stuff. So, strictly speaking, Lee does not keep his head still at all during the swing. But Chi Chi had a habit of turning simple shots into difficult ones. Ben Hogan’s ball striking was legendary, perhaps the best the game has ever seen. Let’s have a look at Lee hit a few balls: Some notable things about Lee’s motion are that he has a pronounced starter move (for example, 0:05, 0:24, 1:05), a fairly short backswing, and a huge down-the-line clubhead release. With a stronger left-hand grip and less body rotation, Hogan’s clubface in his earlier days was often closed at impact.

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