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Review dividend history, information on the dividend reinvestment plan, access your share account online and more. miraqle Login. Telstra Corp. Ltd. engages in the provision of telecommunications and information services for domestic and international customers. Manage and transact your Employee Equity Plans. Find out how we're helping you during this time. Understand the key aspects of our corporate governance framework. Plus, enjoy exciting membership benefits. For new customers. The Link Investor centre is a simple, convenient and secure way to administer your investments online. Now rolling out in selected areas on selected plans. You should also provide a copy of this information to your tax agent or the person who prepares your tax return. The depositary bank plays a key role in issuance as well as cancellation of ADRs. The TESOP tax guide provides an overview of the taxation implications applicable to most employees' participation in TESOP 97 or TESOP 99, including receiving Telstra dividends and the disposal of shares. T3 Terms and conditions for downloading the Prospectus, T3 Share Offer Final Canadian Offering Memorandum, T3 Share Offer Final Institutional Offering Memorandum, T3 Institutional Investor Roadshow Presentation, Telstra 3 Institutional Offering Memorandum, Telstra 3 New Zealand Investment Statement. Keep an eye on our deals page to see the latest. When cancelling ADRs, the investor’s broker will instruct the depositary bank to cancel the ADRs and release the underlying shares to a broker in the Australian market. dashboard. Trading on OTCMarkets occurs via a network of dealers who carry inventories of securities to facilitate the buy and sell orders of investors. The postal address is outlined on the form. Once you have registered your portfolio, login to view all your holdings in one place. Please update your relevant browser settings from the list below to enable it. Offer ends 2 Nov 2020. This page provides a graphical presentation of Telstra's share price details (both TLS and TLSCA) from 1999 to the present. Sign in. Manage and transact your Employee Equity Plans. TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED . .highlightContainer .tcom-highlight-container .category { Telstra Corporation Ltd shares have outperformed in 2020 despite broad market volatility. - They simplify the trading and settlement of foreign equities. Contact details for ADR investors and brokers: Contact details for registered ADR holders: For further information please refer to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is the depositary bank for Telstra Corporation Limited’s ADR program. The investors broker will contact a broker in the Australian market who will acquire shares in Telstra. Dividend payments on the underlying shares are converted into US dollars by the depositary bank. The OTCMarkets is a decentralized market for securities that are not listed on a stock exchange. Speeds experienced may be lower due to various factors including in-home setup and wiring. Security Code . All material copyright © 2020 Link Market Services Limited, Accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet, Benefit from an enhanced ability to update your holding details online, Create custom views and groups for large portfolios. Join Australia's largest mobile network, view our plans for NBN broadband internet, mobile phones, 5G & on demand streaming services. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. The prospectuses below are for historical purposes only, so the information may be dated and doesn’t accurately reflect Telstra’s present state. Forgotten password? Australia, Telephone: 1800 880 679 (Australia only) The Investors page is a dedicated resource for our shareholders and potential investors. Therefore when Telstra's share price is quoted 'ex-dividend', the dividend belongs to the seller, not the buyer. Access information on results, annual reports, our borrowings, and investor presentations. Information and portfolio management details for investors. The Australian broker will then sell the shares on the ASX and proceeds will go to the US investor. .tcom-promo-container.tcom-promo-container-wide .tcom-promo-content { Contact our share registry on 1300 88 66 77 (Overseas +61 1300 88 66 77) or email us. If you buy shares prior to the ex-dividend date, then you are entitled to the recently announced dividend. How many Telstra shares represent an Telstra ADR? Login. The broker can purchase existing ADRs or can arrange for the depositary bank to issue new ADRs. It also provides a Share Price Calculator for you to determine the value of your TLS or TLSCA shares. Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Scripting > Active Scripting, Tools > Options > Content > Enable Javascript, Spanner > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > JavaScript, Safari > Preferences > Security > Enable Javascript. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is the current depositary bank for Telstra Corporation Limited’s ADR program. Off Market Transfer – to notify the Share Registry to transfer a shareholding from one party to another. Log in to check or manage your shares online. All information provided is of a general nature only and circumstances may vary greatly between participants, therefore you should seek independent expert tax advice before preparing your tax return. Voting rights are not extended to ADR holders. We are committed to providing the … T3 Institutional Investor Roadshow Presentation (PDF, 3.8MB, 55 pages), Telstra 3 Share Offer Prospectus (PDF, 4.2MB, 69 pages), Telstra 3 Institutional Offering Memorandum (PDF, 2.4MB, 449 pages), Telstra 3 New Zealand Investment Statement (PDF, 1.2MB, 49 pages), Telstra T3 Share Offer Appendix (PDF, 416KB, 33 pages). .highlightContainer .tcom-highlight-container h3 { ADRs trade and settle just like US securities, i.e. - ADRs are denominated in US dollars. Min cost $2040 when you stay connected for 24 mths and may change if the mth-to-mth plan price changes. ADR holders are entitled to dividends payable on the underlying share and to have these paid in US dollars. My Shareholding provides background information for shareholders on major issues, Shareholder Updates, e-shareholder information, Share Price details including share price calculator and Telstra share charts, Dividend history including franked and unfranked amounts, Share offer prospectuses for T1, T2, T3 plus presentations and speeches made by management over the last year. HINT: Have your holding details (HIN/SRN) handy to register. This Canadian Offering Memorandum constitutes an offering of the securities described herein only in those jurisdictions and to those persons where and to whom they may be lawfully offered for sale, and therein only by persons permitted to sell such securities. in US dollars with settlement in the US. Email. View and export this data going back to 1994. }. For all other forms please visit Link Market Services. We regularly offer special deals on devices, plans, accessories and more. Select the relevant link below and follow the instructions on the form. 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