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TV-MA DC Universe. With a little investigation, the women discover where Dr. Woodrue has moved his lab to–in the swamp. Television Networks Reveal Lineups For 2020-2021 Season, ‘Twilight’ Fans Can Now Tour Bella Swan’s House, 10 Lessons To Take Away From MTV’s ‘Awkward’, The Meaning Of Life According To ‘Boy Meets World’. If I wanted to subscribe to all the ones I wanted I’d be paying as much as I do for cable. Occasionally, she takes on the characteristics of the pterodactyl. The Green tells him that this is only one future. This is mistake number one. Avery leaves the doctor to begin his exploration. At the hospital, Daniel finally wakes up from his coma and he has a visitor. The two find the lab. Those were mistakes two and three. Caroline then reveals that the man in her dream that she saw was Swamp Thing. the agony booth © 2020. And that’s not me. He tells her to take her medicine and everything will be fine. It seems some scientists taught a planarian worm how to run a maze, then cut it up and fed it to other planarian worms, and right now I’m wondering what kind of sick minds come up with this stuff. August 2nd, 2019. And the trump card of this episode was the Blue Devil.. Meanwhile, Maria Sunderland (Virginia Madsen) is on the phone when Avery finds her in town. So Swamp Thing was about to be torn down to its roots and regrown. With a name like that, you might as well have called it EvilCo. There are dead bodies everywhere. To create a distraction, Abby cuts the power of the building. And also Phantom Stranger was there too.All in all a great episode. He races back to his office to call for help… and I do have to wonder whether or not there are other phones in this building? But before he can begin, Jason has to show off his credentials, and he pulls out an aerosol sprayer. …to perform an autopsy. While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing and makes an incredible discovery. A little achy and extremely naked, Daniel hightails it out of there. Regardless, he gets back to his office…. …and discovers somebody’s been doing some reading. All the while, Sunderland holds the threat of prison over Woodrue’s head if he doesn’t get results. Dr. Woodrue is gone with the samples he’s already taken. June 17, 2019. …graced America’s shores and provided us with miracles. ", Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), a recap (part 3 of 6), Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), a recap (part 1 of 6), Movie Duel: Snow White and the Huntsman vs. Mirror Mirror, A look back at Twilight Zone: The Movie, 35 years later (part 1 of 2), 3 lame Batman villains rescued from obscurity by awesome retcons, Thurston Moore cheated on Kim Gordon for years, and somehow it’s Jezebel’s fault. Abby and Liz find the lab and a trail of plant growth leads them in the direction of Alec/Swamp Thing, but guards are on them quickly and they hide in a utility closet. One, barely breathing, tries to get into the closet, mumbling about a devil and is then ripped away and killed. This episode was all I wanted in the show. But Sunderland sometimes insists Jason accompany him around the huge, empty building, talking about how way-cool it was to be able to manipulate everything from his office. Avery has brought some people with him and they take her away to an asylum. Abby and Liz follow him. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Swamp Thing Episode 9, “The Anatomy Lesson," now streaming on DC Universe.. Or he knows, but isn’t in a position to say. At the asylum, Avery visits Maria. He’s got a few things to attend to. Moore’s first issue was #20, cover-dated January 1984, where he had begun to wrap up old storylines, remove old supporting characters, and redirect new ones to future plots. Simply Legendary 0 . Cover: Tom Yeates. Aired: July 26th, 2019 @ 2:00 PM GMT on DC Universe. This was his revenge for her and Sheriff Cable (Jennifer Beals) trying to kill him. He’s sedated and locked down on a table. The episode begins with Dr. Woodrue getting home after capturing Alec/Swamp Thing. The Green flushed Daniel into a vision where he watches Abby and Liz get shot and killed by a group of guards at Dr. Woodrue’s lab facility. Later portrayed by the most excellent Keanu Reeves. She trusts Abby wholeheartedly. Alec/Swamp Thing looks at Abby after she helps him get free, and says, “You came.”. And still we haven't had any news related the 2nd season. Deconstruction was new and exciting. The guards still stand, still ready to shoot the two women, but a mysterious and terrifying creature rampages in and horrifically kills all of the guards. Liz and Abby visit Dr. Woodrue but find Caroline instead. This is simply one of the greatest single issues in the history of comics. Saga of the Swamp Thing #21: “The Anatomy Lesson ” Cover date: February 1984. DC Comics’ response was a bit vague, and even the producer James Wan (if the name sounds familiar, it’s because he directed Aquaman) doesn’t seem to know. Also, her condition is growing worse. Mistake number one was not letting Woodrue finish his dissertation, because if not-Holland is a plant, then not-Holland wasn’t killed by a bullet to the head. So Swamp Thing is not Alec Holland, but a creature who all this time thought he was. Daniel is disgruntled about all of this but eventually resigns to it. She reveals she had a nightmare. Season 1 Episode 8 Long … These sound like the sort of mad scientists who would sew people ass-to-mouth to make a human centipede. When he looks up he plows right into a bridge pillar. Alan Moore had worked for years in Great Britain working on periodicals like Warrior magazine, and it was there that groundbreaking stories like Moore’s Marvelman revival and V for Vendetta were first published. She asks where she can find Dr. Woodrue so that she can prevent him from hurting Alec, but Caroline is too far gone to be of much hope, but she tells Abby that the doctor isn’t bad, but too good. Oh, I’m so sorry. Daniel is horrified. The point is, the fallout seems to be that the whole DC Universe streaming thing might now be in jeopardy, and while I’m not a subscriber, I feel sorry for fans of Titans and Doom Patrol. 1. They finally show us the Blue Devil and hell he was crazy man!!! The Anatomy Lesson Swamp Thing : Season 1 Episode 9. Title: Rhoda was more beautiful than Mary, but she was the pathetic man-hungry on…. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a808419b73e17f8e528d7a349917c024" );document.getElementById("cc1b01bd1f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Kat is a writer. Ahem. Sunderland had Linda’s body exhumed, and discovered that while she was contaminated with the formula, it hadn’t affected her at all. The Green lays the Blue Devil mask on the end of the hospital bed. Honest. Has he killed off the old one and is giving us a new one in this issue? Right away, Moore has given us a mystery. So the Swamp Thing TV series just became a mini-series, and there seem to be conflicting stories as to what the hell happened. And he introduced us to John Constantine, one of the most iconic characters in comics today. …and while I’m loving Moore’s dialogue and the pacing of the story, all of this is aided by the magnificent art of Stephen Bissette and inker John Totleben. Abby and Liz tuck down, the only thing they can make out is bright blue fire coming through a vent in the door. Likewise, all his organs are in places where organs should be, but none of them actually seem to do anything. And now Woodrue’s job is to find out how Holland became a plant monster. Liz is stunned to see Alec/Swamp Thing in the flesh. Sunderland is rather proud of his skyscraper, as it’s fully automated, but Woodrue is less than impressed by both the man and his building. That night, Delroy’s is busy. It’s in this scene that we get a parallel to Frankenstein where it’s people that are monsters, not the creature. View production, box office, & company info, 2020 Hugo Awards - Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form). Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? cut it up and fed it to other planarian worms. The Saga of Swamp Thing #21 - The Anatomy Lesson by fallschirmjager on August 27, 2014. Linda died and Holland went running off into the swamp, covered in the formula and fire. Telling him about it: it was dark and she was looking for him, and then she saw a man who looked dead. Moore delivered a forty-issue run that turned what was a pretty basic Frankenstein-like monster into something far more fascinating; he delivered quality as well as creating a touching love story. Our story opens with a man monologuing as he stares off into the rainy night from an apartment, looking at the Capitol Building as he thinks about a man and a horrific murder he might succumb to. Meanwhile, Woodrue, in his apartment, assumes Swamp Thing will head back to the bayou. Let’s jump in and dredge up the bodies lost in the Swamp. In an effort to stay lucid, he turns on the radio, which pulses out what sounds like Sarah McLaughlin. So DC editors had on their hands a very talented, experienced writer who had worked in different genres and wasn’t above a little hero deconstruction, often for the better. I’d say it was cartoonishly evil, but I live in an age where Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox and nobody in government batted an eye. EPISODE LIST . Add the first question. Sunderland was responsible for hunting Swamp Thing and taking him down, and for new readers, Alan Moore was kind enough to bring people up to speed with issue #21. STREAM DOWNLOAD. Abby notes her medication on the counter. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Only, he finds that it’s gone. Next Up. “The Anatomy Lesson” shows us what is really inside a Swamp Thing and a lot of other stuff happens (seriously this was a rather packed episode). How f**king heartbreaking. Dr. Woodrue comes home with his samples to discover Caroline overdosed on her medicine. He knows him as the studio guy who got him his gig as the Blue Devil but who we believe is The Green, the spirit of the swamp. Swamp Thing #21 is truly a game changer and part of what was for DC a creative renaissance. And I can understand that. She promises that this isn’t over. Your email address will not be published. Sunderland is alone in his massive skyscraper again, and naturally he goes down to take a look at the corpsicle. Swamp Thing’s answer is to chase the old man through his empty skyscraper, bursting through sealed doors, and stalking him until Sunderland reaches the exit.

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