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outswing vault doors level ii 80×30 Outswing Vault Door Level II – 10 Gauge – 1 Hour @ 1200° Fire Rating. Each level … Presenting MOEM’s MH-Series Vault Door – designed in accordance with strict international standards and test specifications, this range of vault doors exceeds international banking and commerce requirements against sophisticated burglar and fire attacks. From Add to cart. offer Canada's new cannabis industry time tested security products The Toronto vault doors installed by our specially trained team create a highly-protected entrance to your vault or security room. Read about the new legislation and International The Light Vault Door comes with a 3/16” door skin with an overall thickness of 2 3/16” and a 2” channel iron frame. The #1 #1 Light Vault Door. Sale! Why you need to buy a gun safe, Safe maintenance for financial institutions in Canada. Some have interesting original graphics on the fronts. What you probably didn’t know about environmental friendly companies, Environmental-Friendly Safe Company In Canada, Fireproof home safes - Be prepared for the worst, Exploring Fireproof Doors | Safety & Security Specialists | Canada, Floor Safes | What is a Floor Safe | Types of Floor Safes | Security Company | Canada, Gun safes and Home safes – what you need to know before purchasing one, Own a gun? Our security products come in all shapes and sizes, contact us for a quote to match your needs. Do you want to make your vault door look unique compared to all the other vault doors out there? At International Vault, Inc., we solve one problem: keeping your wealth and sensitive possessions secure. Often the bolt works on … construction and advanced locking mechanism, the Adanac Security Vault Door provides excellent protection against fire and the knowledgeable hands of a skilled burglar. This door can be mounted to however thick your wall is with a minimum of 3.5”. Sale! contact form today. Changes in Cannabis Regs in Canada. including, but not limited to: wire caging, mesh partitioning, vaults, vault Why Buy New When A Refurbished Safe Is Better Than New? Some have … Vault Door can be fitted with grille gate to allow for ventilation of the vault during operation hours. To protect your collection, Vault Doors feature high-end security, fire insulation and the flawless finish that Browning ProSteel safes are regarded for, and they are available in a variety of finishes to match the interior of your home. Because a vault door creates the protected entrance to an entire vault room or security room it provides the necessary space to secure large volumes of Learn More. 931.842-6445 Aaron says, "Planning to build a VAULT ROOM? Visit our At International Vault, we protect more than wealth. Because of its sturdy If you are looking to secure large quantities of prized possessions and valuables, you need no less than the highest standard of security to contain your assets. They were used in all kinds of places — banks, factory tool cribs, fur storage vaults, churches, etc. The next level up from there would be the AMSEC NF Vault Doors, followed by the Fort Knox Executive, AMSEC BF series and finally the Liberty Vault Door with 18 1/2" thick military locking bars. Check these out: "unbelievable" Price. OFFER VAULT DOORS FOR SAFE ROOMS AND ADDED SECURITY FOR TORAGE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. Worldwide, financial institutions turn to International Vault for the highest level of security available today. Military, Police, and Correctional Institutions rely on our affordable munitions stations and modular gun vaults. doors, day-gates, and more. Antique vault doors usually have plate steel fronts from ¼” to 1” thick, but no fire protection. facilities and industries: The Adanac vault door is designed to retrofit a standard 80 inch by 30 inch door. This door is designed to replace a closet door. We are also a vault doors installer in Toronto! Rated 0 out of 5 $ 2,099.00 $ 1,799.00. Check out the links below and give us a call to discuss what level of security will best fit your needs. MH-Series Vault Door is available in high quality painted finish and also available in stainless steel finish to accommodate userrequirement. Why you should consider buying refurbished safes. A Vault Door creates the wonderful opportunity to turn any room or closet into an easy-to-walk-in security centre. Secured by two mortice locks. Buying refurbished safes is always cost-effective. Our vault doors also feature a range of protective door thicknesses that range from 25mm to 115mm. Web design Toronto by NOVA Solutions. Toronto Vault Doors Distributor: The Safe Depot is a Toronto vault doors supplier. Vault doors from our Toronto vault doors store can serve a broad scale or functions such as a barrier for filing rooms, precious stones storage, computer storage or anything else valuable that one could think of! A vault door creates a secure and protected storage room and serves a broad spectrum of functions across a wide variety of businesses, Large collections of guns and valuables call for a walk-in gun room sealed with a Browning ProSteel Vault Door. This vault door weighs in at around 300 lbs and has 8 13/16” locking pins on it. Parker's offers high-quality vault doors with many options including in-swing or out-swing openings, ceramic fire cladding, commercial grade hinges, plate steel doors and more. Legalized Cannabis in Canada and cash and a large number of valuables needed to be store in one place. Our vault doors outperform and provide the most effective security for your most valued property. © 2010 Safe Depot. Copyright © 2009 Adanac Security :: All material. WE legalize the cannabis industry by July of 2018.A step beyond medical Quick View. When you choose International Vault, our modular, customizable solutions provide hardened security without scrimping on the aesthetics of artful presentation. A guide to choosing the right safe maintenance company. If you need a vault doors installation in Toronto for your business or company we can help you. Our Toronto vault doors provide the necessary security for you and your employees to deal with large amounts of currency and any valuables that need protecting. All Rights Reserved. Value. At International Vault Inc., we have the answers...  All vault doors can be fitted with a grill gate providing additional security for the main door. If you are in need of a vault doors installation in Toronto please contact us and our service department for information about how we can serve you and your company. To learn more, call 844-311-3132 to speak with one of our Vault Architects, or complete our Vault's response in our articles Vault doors The Chubbsafes' range of vault doors offers certified protection against attacks from a variety of sources: crowbars, high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches, explosives, diamond-core drill bits and more. packaging, and the like.At International Vault, we are positioned to The vault doors from our Toronto vault doors store are extremely durable and are constructed with advanced locking systems that will not only keep skilled thieves at bay, but our Toronto vault doors will also help protect against fire and smoke damage. Military Applications page to learn more. Champion vault doors are constructed of two thick, A36 carbon steel panels with sandwiched fire insulation. At International Vault, we are positioned to offer Canada's new cannabis industry time tested security products including, but not limited to: wire caging, mesh partitioning, vaults, vault doors, day-gates, and … If you need a vault door installation from our Toronto vault doors supplier we can help. Quick View. The doors can be … Whether your need is to store 30 rifles or 3000, we have a field proven, General Services Administration approved vault waiting for you. military munitions, we have custom and modular solutions that meet the needs of the largest financial institutions, the most discriminating estates, and even the security demands of the Pentagon. Learn More. Learn More, Our modular vault solutions are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified and General Services Administration (GSA) Approved. Cost-effective pricing, along with the highest quality standards - including a GSA approval rating and UL underwriting- make International Vault the leader in modular vault technology. Whatever your specialist needs are, MOEMSafe is here to cater to them. Antique vault doors usually have plate steel fronts from ¼” to 1” thick, but no fire protection. Because of its sturdy construction and advanced locking mechanism, the Adanac Security Vault Door provides excellent protection against fire and the knowledgeable hands of a skilled burglar. Vault Doors and Safe Vault Doors in Ontario Canada. Our vault doors also feature a range of protective door thicknesses that range from 25mm to 115mm. Adanac Security is an eco friendly safes company. If you are looking for a vault doors store in Toronto you need to look no further than The Safe Depot, your Toronto vault doors distributor. The professionals at our Toronto vault doors store have been in business for over twenty years and we can help you turn nearly any room or closet in your home of office into a highly-protected security center.

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