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This was exactly the kind of adventure that she loved. She convinced them to let her stay, but Renée remained increasingly worried about her daughter's condition until Jacob made her happy again. They were married by a justice of the peace, with only Charlie's parents and three best friends in attendance. Edward's return made her daughter completely normal again, and despite this troublesome period, Renée shows nothing but support to Bella and Edward's rekindled relationship. FRANKIE Sims is the gorgeous yet unknown sister of Towie stars Chloe and Demi Sims. It describes how rotten she is (figuratively, and literally). At the end of the tour, Veruca was the third to leave the factory, with both her and her father being covered in garbage. Her spoiled nature is showcased all throughout the tour; her dersire to win the factory helped create a rivalry between Violet Beauregarde, and she repeatedly asked her father to buy something from Wonka's factory, including an Oompa-Loompa and squirrel workers. Her mom doesn't have any lines in the movie. As far as she knows, Bella is recovering from a rare disease that she picked up while on her honeymoon with Edward. Mr. Salt's becomes fearful when Wonka tells him that the garbage chute in the middle of the room leads to an incinerator, and Mr. Salt panics as Wonka tries to find the correct key for the gate. She and Charlie give Bella an antique hair comb containing sapphires for something old and something blue. Julia Winter joked that they chose her because she has an "evil spirit" inside of her. Even after his departure that rendered her daughter majorly depressed and in pain, she accepted him with open arms when he returned to their lives. Her focus was sharpened because of Phil's absence. De Sims Wiki is een FANDOM Games Community. It was filmed at the famous Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, U.K. Veruca has one pony, two dogs, four cats, six bunny rabbits, two parakeets, three canaries, one green parrot, one turtle and one silly old hamster. At first, Renée enjoyed the novelty of being married. The constant covering of clouds and rain depressed her, and Charlie's busy time at work and caring for his parents left her unhappy and trapped. When she took over the bookkeeping at age 10, their lives became much easier. The first time Renée meets Edward is in Twilight, after Bella was attacked by James, in the hospital. She'd always put her relationships with men over Bella, but she also wanted her to be independent. She hated the thought of letting Bella grow up in the gloomy town and begged Charlie to leave with her, though she knew that was not a kind thing to ask. Charlie Shear is een standaard Sim in Roaring Heights. The squirrels then let go as Veruca, screaming and crying, gets sent down the garbage chute to her fate. Zij gaan er dan ook vanuit dat Charlie geadopteerd is. She is portrayed by Julia Winter. She later tries to convince Bella to move to Jacksonville with her and Phil, only to have Bella refuse and decide to stay in Forks with Edward and Charlie. Volgens de familiebiografie is Charlie het gevolg van een wetenschappelijke doorbraak, zijn ouders zijn namelijk allebei van hetzelfde geslacht. Renée remains absent in New Moon, but has been mentioned by Charlie. When Wonka states that they are not for sale, Veruca becomes angry and tells her father that she wants one. https://davidevans.blog/2011/06/05/how-the-first-draft-of-charlie-the-chocolate-factory-was-wildly-different-including-that-charlie-was-black/, https://charlieandthechocolatefactoryfilm.fandom.com/wiki/Veruca_Salt?oldid=9347. She did not do well in school, despite the fact that she tested well. Charlie Sims (brother) Frankie Essex (cousin) Joey Essex (cousin) Career. Veruca, along with Mike Teavee, are the only children who are not directly mean to Charlie Bucket. The two were spared from being burned by the incinerator as Wonka had informed the last two families in the group that the incinerator was broken. Veruca and her father leaving the factory. They are each other's best friends, and Bella has always loved her. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Her parents divorced when she was still a child, and she never had much contact with her father. Renée and Marie weren't very close due to their different personalities and perspectives on things. While at Beau's funeral, Renée appears completely heartbroken and distraught. These are Veruca's new found friends, that she will meet as she descends, Veruca licking a swirlypop in the chocoate room. Renée becomes a grandmother during Bella and Edward's honeymoon, but she does not learn of the existence of her granddaughter, Renesmee, nor does she know that Bella has become a vampire afterward due to their worries about her being unable to handle the changes. Charlie was easier to live with than her mother, and his passionate adoration of her was quite pleasant. There is an error during her scene. After Renée married Phil, Beau moves back to Forks to live with his father to give Renée the opportunity to travel with Phil. Her unhappy time did not brighten up, though. Renée gave birth to Bella Swan on September 13, 1987. They had planned on marrying on a beach in Mexico, but it didn't go that way. It was first discovered by Edward Cullen, described in Midnight Sun as giving Renée a mental voice "so clear and strong that for a second I thought someone had come into the room without my noticing". She told Bella she noticed that Edward was very intense and protective around her, and she felt like she was missing out on something. She went on the trip with a few other girls, having no idea where she would live when she got back, if her roommate rented the space to someone else. She has a minor but important role in New Moon, because Marie's appearance plays a part in Bella's choice to become a vampire. Volgens de familiebiografie is Charlie het gevolg van een wetenschappelijke doorbraak, zijn ouders zijn namelijk allebei van hetzelfde geslacht. After Renée and Phil permanently relocate to Jacksonville, Florida, she tries to convince her daughter to move with them, but Bella decides to live in Forks to stay with her new boyfriend, Edward Cullen. In Life and Death, she is said to have a pointy chin and full lips. Unlike Charlie, Renée likes him wholeheartedly from the very beginning, because he makes her daughter happy.

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