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Under SuperStream, contributions and identifying data are sent electronically. SuperStream legislation was passed in 2012 and came into effect for small businesses midway through 2015; it also applies to self-managed super funds and APRA-regulated funds, but the process is more or less the same for all three user categories. If you don't receive the information, ask the employee to complete a. Create the superannuation clearing house (e.g. All businesses are required to use SuperStream from 1/7/2016. By signing up, I agree to Canstar's on its ability to meet regulatory requirements) if the gateway were to fail. This is because the SBSCH is an ‘approved clearing house’ under government regulations. It does not require the actual purchase of assets, so long as such purchase is completed as soon as practicable and units (where relevant) are allocated to the member account at the price(s) prevailing on the day of deemed completion of the transaction. If you usually pay employees’ super to multiple funds you may want to … Visit the ATO’s website for more information on single touch payroll. You should check that your current payment method meets SuperStream requirements: If you aren't meeting SuperStream requirements, here's how you can: To meet SuperStream requirements, you need to pay super contributions and send the associated employee information electronically in a standard format. Where member choice of illiquid investments is involved, the three day performance standard does not apply provided the relevant disclosures were made and written consents obtained. The Data and Payment Standards - Rollover Message Implementation Guide forms part of the Superannuation Data and Payments Standards 2012 and so also must be complied with. Wherever an RSE licensee has outsourced its administration function, it should review its contract with its administrator to ensure that it makes specific reference to: Consistent with the risk management arrangements required under Prudential Standard SPS 220 Risk Management (SPS 220), APRA expects that RSE licensees will have addressed governance and operational risks associated with the implementation of SuperStream, and in particular the transition to handling inward and outward rollovers in compliance with the Standard. Click here for additional important notes and liability disclaimer. Some payroll systems cover both information and payments, but some cover information only and you may need to pay super contributions to each super fund separately. Some, pay and report super electronically in a standard format, ensuring you meet SuperStream requirements, check if employees are eligible to choose their own super funds provide eligible employees with a Standard choice form, advise employees of your employer nominated fund, also known as your default fund. Systems issues – the RSE licensee is making systems changes/upgrades they consider warrant an alternative date being approved. You have the option of using the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) which is a free online super payments service to help you meet super guarantee obligations. SuperStream is a Government reform aimed at improving the efficiency of the superannuation system. Here we look at the administrative, reporting and record-keeping obligations that trustees need to complete to ensure their fund complies with superannuation and taxation legislation. Performance information shown is for the historical periods up to 31/08/2020 and investment options noted in the table information. Under SuperStream, employers must make super contributions on behalf of their employees by submitting data and payments electronically in a consistent and simplified manner. Implementation date for SuperStream. Next steps: Use the SuperStream employer checklist to choose a new option. You will need to contact your employees’ super funds to obtain their Member Number and the employees’ Unique Superannuation Identification Number (USI) for each super fund. Find out more about superannuation on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website. Performance figures shown for Sponsored or Promoted products reflect net investment performance, i.e. Reconcile the figures between Wagemaster and Agrimaster. Learn more, Superguide Pty Ltd ATF Superguide Unit Trust as a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Independent Financial Advisers Australia, AFSL 464629, The Superannuation Standard Choice Form explained, Guide to SMSF administration, reporting and record-keeping. To be SuperStream compliant, a business needs to make its employee super payments/contributions electronically and in a standard format. The SBSCH makes it easy to pay all your super contributions online in one payment. Superannuation and retirement planning information. Employers will report their employees' payroll information, such as salaries and wages, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super information to the ATO each time you pay them. RSE licensees should determine whether a failure to meet the three-day rule during a peak processing period (or at any other time) is a significant breach and therefore required to be reported to APRA. Please try again later. If you have employees, you must use SuperStream (the superannuation data and payment standard) to pay super. APRA expects that the transferring RSE licensee will complete the transaction in compliance with the Superannuation Data and Payment Standards 2012. Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) must be able to receive employer contributions and the associated data electronically using the SuperStream standard. that an increasing proportion of rollovers will be processed within the required timeframe, even during scheduled peak processing times. Consider the product disclosure statement before making a purchase decision. Canstar may earn a fee for referrals from its website tables and from Promotion or Sponsorship of certain products. the names and ABNs of the RSE licensee and the RSE(s). There is a transitional period available for all employers. You are free to copy, adapt, modify, transmit and distribute this material as you wish (but not in any way that suggests the ATO or the Commonwealth endorses you or any of your services or products). Consider whether this advice is right for you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Regardless of whether you’re an employer or an employee, it’s important that your super savings are with the right fund. The RSE licensee is required to comply with the 3 day timeframe for completing a standard outbound rollover in all circumstances. For more detail in relation to the SunSuper for Life product please refer to the PDS issued by SunSuper for this product. On top of that, you also run the risk of financial penalties. If customers purchase a product after clicking a certain link, Canstar may be paid a commission or fee by the referral partner. In that case, however, the transferring RSE Licensee must ask for the USI (and any other information reasonably required to give effect to the rollover request) not later than 5 business days after receiving the request (SIS r. 6.33C). Make sure you have the information for the right year before making decisions based on that information. At a minimum, receiving RSE licensees with multiple USIs need to have a process to manage USI mismatches internally, and to interact with transferring RSE licensees and members to make sure their USIs are readily available (at the member level) so that a member-initiated rollover via a transferring RSE licensee can be performed within the three day timeframe. Completion of the transaction is considered to be provision of money to the receiving fund’s bank account and all requisite data required by r. 6.34B to the receiving RSE licensee. Use Sunsuper’s Employer Online (EOL) facility. APRA expects that RSE licensees will comply with the RSE licensee law. Prior to the introduction of SuperStream, employers could pay their super guarantee payments by methods such as cheque or paper remittance. Before calling us, visit COVID-19, Tax time essentials, or find answers to our Top call centre questions. On our ratings results, comparison tables and some other advertising, we may provide links to third party websites. Canstar is not providing a recommendation for your individual circumstances. a) If the transferring RSE licensee receives a rollover application directly from the member, and it is for the whole of the member’s balance, there may be a practical difficulty for the transferring RSE licensee. When announcing details of the SuperStream gateway network in early 2014, the Assistant Treasurer at the time Arthur Sinodinos touted SuperStream as something that would deliver “maximum benefits to employers, superannuation funds and fund members”. Sponsorship or Promotion fees may be higher than referral fees. Manually calculate your Superannuation for each employee. You don’t have to make super contributions to a super fund for yourself, however it is a good idea. If you're using a clearing house, check how long they will take to send the money and information to the super fund. the published transition-in completion date and date band on the ATO timetable and the alternative completion date and band requested. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement before making a purchase decision. SuperStream makes it easier to make super contributions. Learn about fund choices, making super contributions and using SuperStream. These results are general advice only and not personal financial advice. SuperStream is a package of super reforms and framework laid out by the Government to determine the way employers make employees’ super contributions; it is not a service to make super contributions. the steps the administrator is taking to ensure that it is able to deliver the required service, including any arrangement it may have with a third party gateway provider. SIS r. 6.34D requires that a receiving RSE licensee must allocate a rolled over amount to a member’s account as soon as practicable but in no more than 3 business days after receiving the amount and the data specified in SIS r. 6.34B(1) and as required under the Superannuation Data and Payment Standards 2012. The SuperStream reforms will provide a consistent and reliable method for sending and receiving superannuation messages electronically. The Superannuation Star Ratings in this table were awarded in March, 2020. 437917. The minimum you must pay is called the super guarantee (SG). It's still up to you to meet your super guarantee obligations by the due date. If your current super payment and information reporting method does not meet SuperStream requirements, your tax agent, bookkeeper or super fund can help you to become SuperStream compliant. See the provider’s Product Disclosure Statement and in particular applicable age groups for more information about how providers determine their investment profiles. the bank account details of your employee's SMSF. Find out what to do if you haven't made your contributions on time. Not all superannuation funds in the market are listed, and the list above may not include all features relevant to you. Batching – the request is part of a request for a portfolio of RSEs and/or products (could be within a group under one RSE licensee, or could be a portfolio associated with a single outsourced administrator). With only two more quarterly payments to be made, businesses need to be ATO SuperStream compliant by 30 June 2016. The request video could not be loaded at this time. Learn more about superannuation for the self-employed.

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