why is voltage important

This is called the piezoelectric effect. LED Parking Lot Lights - Starting at $139. Too wide variations of voltage may cause erratic operation or even malfunctioning of consumer’s appliances. Thus taking a shower will energize me whereas taking a bath will make me tired. Too wide variations of voltage may cause erratic operation or even malfunctioning of consumer’s appliances. Again you can test your water to see if it is an electron donor or electron stealer by simply placing the electrodes of the voltmeter into the water. What is welding cable? Thus the movement of our muscles re-charges our muscle batteries. As electric usage rises, such as on a hot day when everybody’s air conditioner is running, the current draw on the system rises. Moving air is an electron stealer. Not providing the proper voltage input to lighting controls like a photo sensor, can leave you with a premature failure or burn out the sensor resulting in the possibility of future electrical shorts. You will find there is much more voltage out in the sun. Keep in mind; older devices are typically rated specified voltages rather than multi-voltages. If the voltmeter shows plus voltage, the water is an electron stealer. If the supply voltage is above the normal, the motor may operate with a saturated magnetic circuit, with consequent large magnetizing current, heating and low power factor. Your email address will not be published. 12 Volt rated track fixtures require a transformer in order to “step-down” the voltage. On the other hand, if the supply voltage is 6% above the rated value, the life of the lamp may be reduced by 50% due to rapid deterioration of the filament. DC Ammeter : Construction, Working and Temperature Compensation, What is an Electrical Fuse? plus many of the things that we eat and drink can rob us of voltage. All rights reserved. Common ways electrons are taken from the human body. When talking about pain management and disease, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. Learn more. TENS Stimulation for chronic post-herpetic neuralgia, X-Ray paper with the Tennant Biomodulator. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. With no worldwide standardized voltage, the risk of frying your smart phone or lighting is not out of the question. In case of power load consisting of induction motors, the voltage variations may cause erratic operation. For example, a 208-240 volt electric car charger can be used on a 120 volt circuit, but it would charge dreadfully slow. The reverse would happen should the load on the system decrease. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. This means the US 240 volts transmits in the form of two 120 volt wires while European transmits 240 volts through one wire. When the load on the supply system changes, the voltage at the consumer’s terminals also changes. Each time this pump activates, it sends a surge of electrons through the body. On the other hand, if the voltage is too lov, it will reduce the starting torque of the motor considerably. Even though manufacturers are designing their products to accept multi-voltages, it is still best practice to check the label or manual of your devices. You can actual tell the quality of food such as vegetables by simply using a voltmeter to compare voltage in one product versus another. In a large electric system such as the national Grid, it is necessary to control the voltage because there is an inverse relationship between voltage and current. I am putting together a series of short articles to help you understand why voltage and electrons are so important for us to function. There is a pump within the skull and down the spine called the craniosacral pump. However there is also an issue of pure physics. The old SI definition for volt used p… Home Lighting, Lighting Tips. Understanding voltage rating and how it affects electronic devices can be a matter of life and death; for your cell phone that is! Do you have first-hand experience with professionally frying electronic devices? This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition, exercise and energy medicine. How to Test Percentage Impedance of Transformer. If you can’t wait and want to read Dr Tennant’s entire book you can purchase “Healing is Voltage” the handbook by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. We are designed to eat unprocessed food so that it brings its own electrons with it. The same concept is true for lighting applications such as wall packs, photo sensors, or track lighting. Thus voltage control is an important issue in the power system. For satisfactory operation of motors, lamps and other loads, it is desirable that consumers are supplied with substantially constant voltage. The same receptacle used to power washers and dryers is typically rated at 240 volts and would be the best option to charge the vehicle in reasonable time. Understanding voltage rating and how it affects electronic devices can be a matter of life and death; for your cell phone that is! The one of us with the lower voltage will get a donation of electrons from the other one. If you take the electrodes of a voltmeter and stick them into the dirt, you will measure voltage. Copyright © 2015 Tennant Biomodulator. In order to get an effective charge, the charger would require a higher voltage rating circuit. Welcome to my blog. What is Shunt Capacitor Bank? Once we process the food, most of the voltage disappears. Still water is an electron stealer. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. We tackled a more in depth explanation of this in our article about line voltage and low voltage. i 6% of the declared voltage). Sometimes our bodies run out of run out of this energy and then we become chronically pain ridden or ill.

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