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Browse Knowledgebase articles, manage support cases and subscriptions, download updates, and more from one place. I painted on a scaffolding directly in the very space of the building. She has presented several talks and workshops at Wikimedia, Mozilla, medicine and TED conferences. A few years after Miró’s 1918 Barcelona solo exhibition, he settled in Paris where he finished a number of paintings that he had begun on his parents’ summer home and farm in Mont-roig del Camp. Jul 28, 2012 - Pinterest Red Hat Ladies. Megan started a leadership retreat for women in technology and open source to help more women find the support and fellowship for having successful careers in open source. Read on to learn how these inspiring women are changing the world. By applying Anything you want is going to have technology in it. Summary of contributions: Ashley picked up open source in her first software engineering role in 2010. The range of engineering is so wide, and so varied, and I think that’s what I want to tell kids, and inspire them: This is what you can be. Saumya has served as a Google Code-in mentor with Systers for the Mentorship System, an Android application which matches women in tech to mentor each other on career development. Summary of contributions: Lydia was inspired to get involved in free and open source software by the ability to create something large together with a worldwide community. As the Manager, Research & Operations at Google Open Source Program Office, Megan works across Google to aggregate resources and lessons learned and share them with the industry to further strengthen Google’s open source citizenship and commitment to making open source more sustainable. She has also translated Mozilla projects into the Malayalam language. Zui Wikidata is used far beyond Wikimedia. She trains high school teachers on how to use open source tools for education, sets up local open source meetups across Asia, and organizes UNESCO hackathons for the UN sustainable development goals. Megan brings her passion, experience, expertise, intellect, and skill at networking to open source. We looked for women who make important contributions to an open source project or the open source community, including: We announced winners during Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience. Summary of contributions: Saumya is a full-stack Android developer. She is a winner of Smart India Hackathon, Delhi Police Hackathon, and Connect With Google Social Challenge. Niharika is working on multi-class fleet management at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. What she hopes to accomplish in the next year and beyond: Netha plans to defend her Ph.D. thesis in May 2020 and continue as a researcher in the area of virtual reality technology and movement analysis, performing assessment and rehabilitation in individuals after stroke. Two of Miró’s first works classified as Surrealist, Catalan Landscape (The Hunter) and The Tilled Field, employ the symbolic language that was to dominate the art of the next decade. In addition, she would like to focus on the development of the MovingPandas library, including building a user and developer community, acceptance of MovingPandas into pyOpenScience, and integration into QGIS. The peasant's other hand makes the Republican clenched fist salute, and his face was contorted into a cry of despair. Anita published several books about QGIS, including four editions of “Learning QGIS”, two editions of “QGIS Map Design”, and the “QGIS 2 Cookbook”. She has been an invited speaker at dozens of international events, including scientific and technical conferences. Saumya is a core member of Women Who Code Delhi. For example, it's used in Google's knowledge graph and when Siri answers a question. When Megan is at a code sprint or working with the community, you can see the level of caring that she has and how much she wants to support all community members by providing a solid foundation for them to continue their software, documentation, support, or other contributions to open source. Miró moved with his family to Paris in 1936 to escape the Spanish Civil War. Summary of contributions:Seeing how open source was helping with the rapid education and skill development in her native Vietnam encouraged Hong Phuc to explore further. Limor was named a White House Champion of Change in 2016 and was on Forbes magazine’s list of “America’s Top 50 Women in Tech” in 2018. She recently co-founded For a Living, a new open source platform that will allow students to learn about different careers by interviewing professionals based on jobs, interests, and skill sets. Jessica won the Women in Open Source Community Award for her efforts to create more inclusive environments in open source communities and the technology industry. She is now an intern with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, contributing to the Fluentd project, which is a cross-platform open source data collection software project. As a biomedical engineering major at Duke University, She also mentored at Season Of KDE, Learn IT Girls! Megan Byrd-Sanicki, manager of research and operations at the Open Source Program Office at Google, and Netha Hussain, Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Gothenburg, are the winners of the 2020 Women in Open Source Award. Anita Graser won third place in Schneider Electric’s 2018 Go Green in the City international competition. She has played a pivotal role in growing and developing the company’s open source community, with SuiteCRM contributions from the community growing by more than 750% between 2015 and 2019. Documentation, tutorials, and other communications. And it’s really a testament of that #WeAreNotWaiting the Open Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS) community, a free and open source software (FOSS) project What she hopes to accomplish in the next year and beyond:Lydia will continue to support the thousands of editors of Wikidata and contributors to KDE in order to ensure that we all have open software and data to rely on for the technology we all use every day. She also runs events such as OpenTechSummit in China, Science Hackathons in Vietnam, and Jugaadfest in India. More open source projects could become stronger and more enduring with the leadership and guidance from Megan. The full text of the article is here →, The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers (from the Constellation series). Limor won the 2019 Community Award for her leadership and advocacy in the open source hardware community. As a part of her Ph.D. work, she writes code for movement analysis. A concrete sculpture by Alberto Sánchez Pérez, El pueblo español tiene un camino que conduce a una estrella ("The Spanish people have a path which leads to a star") was displayed outside while Alexander Calder's Mercury Fountain and Pablo Picasso's Guernica were on display on the ground floor. She believes that free and open source enables sharing and collaboration across borders, regardless of language, race, religion, gender, background, or skills. Their work impacts areas ranging from open source education to web literacy and learning technologies. Every year she organizes the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit in Singapore, an event where open source contributors from around the world get together to share, collaborate, and build a bridge between the East and West. Muskan Khedia She hopes to have more people from underrepresented groups participating in technology and is continuously working towards it. Summary of contributions: Niharika was an Outreachy intern with the Fedora Project and worked to integrate internationalization (I10N) with Modularity, which allowed Fedora packages to be read in different languages across the world. she got her start in open source using a mobile development kit for health applications called Sana. Megan continues to show her care for people’s wellbeing by addressing new challenges presented by COVID-19. For example, she would like to collaborate with Systers, an AnitaB.org community, on wooSTEM, an Android application for encouraging women in STEM. Ashley is a co-founder of the Scotland Open Source Users Meetups (SOSUM), which have over 100 members. Being part of Google Summer of Code program multiple times, Shah contributed to three open source organizations, Systers- an Anita Borg Institute, BRL-CAD and STEPcode. She then became a Google Code-in and Google Summer of Code mentor for Public Labs and a GirlSript Summer of Code mentor for OpenGenus Foundation. Until 1937 Miró had maintained a mostly apolitical stance, but he had Republican sympathies, and the mural was intended as a protest against the violence wracking his home country. She is working to inspire others by sharing her work and experiences through blogs, code sharing on GitHub, organizing code labs and tech talks, leading teams of women in major hackathons, speaking at conferences, and participating in mentorship programs. We believe open source is the future of technology. See more ideas about Red hats, Red hat society, Red hat ladies. Sert said in 1968 that Miró's work was inspired by a Catalan song, "Els Segadors" (The Reapers), which eventually became Catalonia's national anthem.[1].

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